Lillycat Tinycherry Aglae, Lulu & Colline discussion part 1

Sep 28, 2013

    1. I found out that Dearmine Dearpet clothes fit. The sleeves are a tad short but the dress and underwear fit.


      She’s wearing the Cool Storm fullset.
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    2. Aww, she looks so cute! Cool to see that there is more options for clothes which fit.

      My Poulpy arrived! I kind of regret not getting a face-up for her.

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    3. *stealthily comes in*
      *spams with some freshly arrived newt*
      *furtively retreats*
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    4. She is beautiful @Litzski - did you get her from the stock sale? I just received mine and I'm so in love!!

      She was a bit of an impulse purchase for me, although I had thought she was cute in the past. Her size is just amazing, I love that she can wear my Bratz tops, and slim MSD or some Barbie bottoms, so I don't have to buy more clothes!

      Her sculpting is lovely, resin soft and now I'm going on and on :D Pictures to come! I think I might be getting rid of my MSD's now I've met her.
    5. @Tappy_paws Yes I did! It was sort of an impulse buy too. I’ve wanted to buy from Lillycat from quite some time, but I always either missed the preorders or talked myself out of it. Newt was a good candidate for shelling the Rose to Iplehouse’s Little Prince (KID Fay) that I had ordered a couple of months beforehand, but I didn’t expect her to be available so soon!

      They make a such a cute couple! My goal for this summer is to sew her a bustier with a rose petal skirt, and make her a wig.

      I totally agree with you on the size. It’s the first time I have dolls in-between YOSD and MSD, and it’s definitely my favorite size!
    6. She was an impulse buy for me too. Wasn't overly impressed with images of the MSD sized Newt but I just HAD to have her in this size and I am totally in love!!! (I have two now and I can't stop making them stuff <3)
      Your gal is beautiful - I always happy dance when I see a new Chibbi Newt out there!
      [​IMG]Leah by Ban, on Flickr
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    7. I'll just leave a picture of my Aglae here and come by next time with a photo of my green Moon Ella ^^.

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    8. I had my Poulpy for some time now and she is still naked. So question: Does yosd sized dress/tops fit her? I am mostly interested on dresses and coats/jackets. Or any companies which cloth (dresses) would fit her. My Poulpy needs some clothing and I have been too lazy to make any.
    9. Hi! I’m on the same boat... I love my two Poulpy girls, but I find a bit hard to find clothes for them. I’ve checked Etsy several times, but there is very little offer. Other than that -maybe it’s just me- I haven’t found other places to buy clothes for them... And I find it really strange, as Poulpy seems to be a more or less popular doll :(

      On the other hand, did any of you see the chibi Poulpy at Rachelle’s Instagram stories some days ago? I’m thrilled... (my piggy bank is quite scared, though) :celebrate
    10. My Poulpy fits pretty nicely into Dust of Dolls appi dresses that I have made and vice versa. So that might be something to look into in Etsy? Here is my Samelia wearing a dress made for appi Kaede on Instagram: “I actually took this pic to show a potential customer that this Appi dress fits Poulpy quite nicely but Samelia looks so good I had to…”

      And here you can see a few pictures I took on my vacation of Samelia when I visited an anboretum Kaede on Instagram: “We visited Hörtsänä Arboretum on my vacation and of course I brought a few dolls with me. I had not taken any pictures of Samelia in a long…”. Sorry I was too lazy to upload them to flickr for this message.
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    11. Thank you! :)
    12. @Solsikke Oh, yeah the struggle! I remember seeing more clothing for Poulpy earlier but when I got myself Poulpy I swear I can't found nothing. And oh my god that little Poulpy! I wonder how small it is.

      @Kaede^ Thank you! It helps a little bit to know what other doll sculpt's clothing it could fit.
    13. I found Cococinnelle on etsy has a few Poulpy outfits. Searching for Poulpy bjd found more.
    14. @Helmi little poulpy is 18,5 cm
    15. This new mini Poulpy we were teased with a couple of days ago seems very interesting!
      I've always liked the Poulpy sculpt a lot but she is hefty in size as well as price, so a tiny version of her would be quite nice ^^
      I can't find the picture anymore though, eas it just posted as an Insta story?
    16. @nancy_schroeder_ca I looked up that shop. I actually really like on of the dress but the color! Anything else than red/orange would suit for blue skin tone.

      @Lino4ka Oh, it's that small!! Even smaller than chibi lana. Interesting.

      @Azra-Elle I think, so far it has been posted to Insta story. Maybe getting clothing would be even easier for that size if it can wear 1/6 doll clothing like Blythe or Azone.
    17. @Helmi You could ask the shop if they can make the dress in another color for you!
    18. @Lino4ka Thank you! That's very helpful ^^

      @Helmi For me personally clothing is no problem, as I usually sew/knit my dollclothing myself, but seeing the measurements on the picture Lino4ka posted she should definately be able to wear Blythe/AzonePureneemo clothing, which is probably a plus for a lot of Poulpy lovers ^^
    19. [​IMG]

      Someone is ready for Halloween.
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