Limhwa 60cm Girl & Heartbreak Boy Discussion

Apr 26, 2006

    1. Heartbreak boy is my dream doll also! I've been drooling over him since he first appeared on the Limwha site. I MUST have him. :-D He looks just like my boyfriend! EEEE~! Please put me on the waiting list for him if you're making one!
    2. The Limhwa girls have such beautifully sculpted hips! [email protected] I, too would love to see this doll sold as one unbroken sculpt... *drool*
    3. Thanks to so many people for sending us your comments on the 60cm couple. If you would like to send a comment, we can get it translated to Korean for the artist to read. She is unable to read English, and really enjoys reading comments about her artwork. When we told her Heartbreak Boy was so famous internationally, she was really shocked and grateful. To add your comments, please email us at [email protected]

      We also really hope she will produce Heartbreak Boy someday. We know she is working on the girl now.
    4. You are right, she is beyond belief gorgeous. Your idea about a seamless one piece torso is interesting. I suspect if she had a body like this, it would be difficult to get her to sit. However, with a body like that, you can imagine her being displayed as a reclining beauty...
    5. Ahhh, the Heartbreak Boy. He has fascinated me for a long time, not just because he is so amazingly realistic & beautiful, but also because he looks like a definite ethnic type, when so few dolls do. I LOVE diversity & realism!

    6. I love the look of the new 60cm Limhwa girl
      and would love to order her when she becomes available.
      I presume you will make a special announcement here when the date is known? :)
    7. when i first saw the pictures i thought it was a life sized doll next to a really cute asian guy O.o the boy is just amazing!
    8. Wow, he looks so realistic!
    9. lol i hope they release him soon
    10. >< She comes out with the 60 cm closed lip girl AFTER I get my Lishe!!! Nooooes! Gah!! All her sculpts are so wonderful.... AImmaculate detailsa and gently gliding forms... Not to mention the interchangable bust sizes!! >< I hope shee keeps that wit the 60 cm doll... And heartbreak boy breaks my heart that there arn't more of him. Twould be cool to see him with different face-ups and interpretations....
    11. must...have...Heartbreak boy...
    12. When I first saw the 'Heartbreak' boy, my first words to a friend was a very shocked "Omg, there's a guy doll that actually looks like a guy!"

      I want him. Really really badly.
    13. Gah... he IS a heartbreaker. I've drooled over him for the longest time. ;_;
    14. The body of the girl is really vivid. Expected to see the doll.