limited sleeping minimay sold with limited may

Feb 24, 2007

    1. I got her - yeah! I was so upset that I had miscalculated the release time. I am sooo excited!

    2. :) so happy for you!
    3. OOOO! I'm excited that there are others here who managed to order the Sweet Day May & Sleeping Mini May set too~!

      I was actually enchanted by the tiny May first, and wasn't all that hot on the mini when news that she was included was released. But the more I look at the pictures the more I fall in love with her.

      These will be my very first bjds ever. I've read nothing but the most flattering reviews of BlueFairy and their dolls, so I have no worries. Just can't wait to actually see my girls in person! :)
    4. Oh you will be happy, the white resin is extra beautiful in person and the faceups are so well done!
    5. Bump for a question to those who have ordered the "My Sweet Day" set:

      Have you heard anything about shipping from BlueFairy yet? I ask because I keep an eye on their Q&A board, and apparently someone has already received theirs. It is rather disheartening, because I had ordered and paid for my dolls the instant they were available, and yet my order hasn't even shipped yet.

      It also seems that the person who received theirs uses the Q&A board a LOT. I hate pestering companies, but if doing so gets you preferential treatment then maybe I should? /sigh

      So anyway... any information at all at this point would be welcome. Thanks :)
    6. I ordered the same set and nothing! still says confirm receipt credit card is that what yours says?

      I read on the blue fairy board there was a delay. Did the person that got theirs have the same set as us?

      Dear Bluefairy customers,

      Hello and thank you for your interest in Bluefairy "And my sweet day".

      Prime line sweet May sleeping minimay bonnet lining color will be presented as
      the original plan.

      There were some misunderstanding during the process.

      We are reproducing the bonnets again so it may cause some delay of delivery.

      We expect your deep understanding.


    7. The people who have received their dolls ordered a different set. It was the set w/May and the suitcase.

    8. This is the post that I was concerned about, by Cathie (no disrespect to that person, if he/she is a poster here):

      From that post (and from some of their other posts, both open and locked) it really does seem like it's the My Sweet Day May set with both the Tiny May and the MiniMay.

      I understood that there would be a delay since the mini bonnets had to be re-done, and I'm trying (really hard) to be patient lol. My order status still says confirm receipt, credit card just like yours TreeLore, so it appears like we are both in the same boat.

      It's just harder to remain patient when it (seems at least) that someone has already gotten their items. Maybe I'm just reading it wrong and it is the Sweet Day May Valentine that that person had received.

      Oh well. When we all do get our orders, we'll have to have a My Sweet Day May coming-out party :D
    9. My order says the same as both of yours. That pm does sound like they received the set w/ the pocket fairy.

    10. I got impatient and used their Q & A board to inquire about the shipping date of my order, and got a response back yesterday. Since there's others here in the same boat, I figured you guys might be interested in their response.

      So, they didn't give a date, but they did address my concern that some people have gotten their dolls while leaving us in the cold. I don't really buy their explanation, but... at least they attempted to come up with a legit excuse. I just want my dolls, dammit!
    11. LOL, I ordered the second they went up for sale as you know the sets of the may sold out in 10 minutes Tops!

      Well I have waited allot longer for some dolls I guess I am trained to wait.
    12. Well, even though using the Q & A board made me feel like a jackass, my order status now says ON SHIPPING (complete with ems tracking number)! /is very excited :D

      Sooo, I guess if anyone is still waiting for their order status to change, I'd recommend giving BF a friendly nudge (using their 'Shipping date inquiry' guidelines) on their Q & A board.
    13. Mine shipped to :) I guess they finally boxed them up. I noticed there was the larger may on YJ for sale.
    14. weeee I want photos when they arrive!!
      a lot of photos! *_*
    15. I want to see pics of Louis! anyone ordered him?
    16. He is really nice. I am holding off for him till I get my may and decide what I think of the large blue fairy up to this point I have only had the pocket fairy which I adore.

      Just hope he doesn't sell out soon. I am planning to sell my tiny may (larger one) if its not instant love cause I really bought the set for the white sleeping pocket fairy!!
    17. Lol, it's a shame we didn't get together BEFORE we each ordered the pair. I basically just wanted the Tiny May, and didn't know what I was going to do with MiniMay. My plan at first was to turn around and sell her to recoup some of the costs, but after looking at her pictures for a month I've completely fallen in love with her too :aheartbea

      I don't think I'd be able to sell either of them now ~
    18. Yeh but it sounds like I did the right thing !! your in love with your sleeping girl hee hee.

      Thats too funy I guess you would have forced yourself not to think about her! You would have an easy time selling her as the white sleeping mini may is rare and has always sold high on YJ. Is this your first blue fairy? I love the makeup they do, its always so cute on the pocket fairies!
    19. These are not only my first BlueFairy dolls, but my first ABJD dolls period. I guess that's why I'm extra hyped about getting them :lol:

      The makeup looks awesome from all the pictures I've seen (both on the website and people's personal photos). They just seem to have great character, and are beautiful to boot~!