limited sleeping minimay sold with limited may

Feb 24, 2007

    1. I think you will be very happy blue fairy does wonderful complete sets. For a first doll they are perfect. Also they are a nice size to hold not too heavy and easy to play with but not too small and fiddly. Just be careful about standing them up and walking away unless they are proped against a wall. Basics are don't touch faceups with your fingers even though they are coated you will leave oil on the face from your hands, don't play with them with dirty hands. LOL sorry couldn't resist! worth saying though ;) forgive me if you WAY past that advise.

      I think this is a great set too as you get the little pocket fairy white sleeping. The sleeping May was released with open eyed may as a set long ago when blue fairy first came out on the web selling the dolls. They wore flowered dresses like twins. And where white resin like this set.

      I remember at the time thinking they cost too much so I passed on them not knowing I would never see another white sleeping may by them! and also not knowing that when I did see them on the second market that they would be selling in the 1,000 dollar region so really too much for me to feel ok spending on for such a tiny doll. Well its been a few years now and finally they came out with another as part of this set.

      The white resin that blue fairy does is really nice! Has a wonderful texture and tone to it. Not all Asian ball jointed dolls have nice resin and especially in white for some reason.
    2. Wickedgood, congratulations! Your new little ones are lovely!
    3. Beautiful pictures! Congrats! They are as pretty as their promo pictures.