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List of tiny dolls

Jan 13, 2017

    1. Hi there everyone, I'm sure there is a list somewhere but I'm still new one DOA and I have a hard time finding things. What are companies that make tiny dolls beside fairyland's pukifee and pukipuki?

    2. Edit: 09/2020. The thread has been necro’d and I keep getting tagged/thanked here for the resource I recommended in 2017. The resource is no longer available. My original comment may still be found in the spoiler cut, but I don’t want my years-old comment to keep sending unsuspecting souls off on a search for something which unfortunately is no longer out there.

      Hi! A quick way to find a nice list from which you can also get visuals is to go to BJD Comparison Heaven (first result if you Google "compare bjds")
      Click Add Dolls, then sort by cm (height) to see many of the smallest first. The list is not totally comprehensive, but it is really good!

      Within Den of Angels, you can search the forums for keywords and threads which discuss, for example, which other dolls fit into pukipuki clothing.

      There might be such a list, perhaps, but the comparison site is how I found and decided on my own teenie-tiny. I hope you have some luck!
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    3. I can think of a few on a top of my head...
      Latidoll (yellow and white)
      Luts (tiny delf)
      My recent favourite for tiny doll is SIO2 bleater lamb.
    4. Unfortunately it's really hard to list all the companies that make/have made tiny dolls, since most companies have at some point or another, really just reading in this section of the forum is your best bet. If you browse through the threads here you will discover many different types of tinies beyond the fairyland ones you've listed.
    5. As some have already written. There are many small dolls on the market. Many companies have brought out one at a certain date.

      However, sometimes the companies are no longer offering this typ of doll or only for certain events.

      It also depends on what type you are looking for. For example Latidoll's (yellow and white) or Puki's are small and round. Or do you rather want a slender elf doll - like the ones from Dollzone.
    6. As others have mentioned the Comparison Heaven site is a good way to get an idea of what's out there, and how similar they are.
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    7. Thanks to everyone! :)

    8. I'm going to go try that now thank you!
    9. I just did a ton of searching recently for companies currently making Pukifee sized dolls and from what I can remember I can come up with this list. I'm sure there's more I missed but I hope this helps!
      -Aquarius Doll
      -Doll Family A
      -Doll Zone
      -Gem of Doll
      -Xaga Doll
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    10. Dear aae3748, thank you for this posting. I realize that it is from a while back but I am new here and I am just reading it.

      I am thinking about getting a small doll, possibly a Latidoll Yellow Lea. This posting will allow me to look at other dolls and to get an idea of clothing makers.
    12. Very helpful.
    13. Very helpful. Thank you. On my way there.
    14. Thanks for this information. Im going to check out this site.
    15. I have been tagged / quoted multiple times recently here, so I kind of feel the need to point out that this thread and my recommendation were made years ago. Comparison Heaven is no longer available and has not been for a long while now. I don’t know if any individual may have access to the information which used to be available there, but you won’t find the site itself if you go searching. It’s a shame. :(

      On many dealer sites, you now may find an option to sort by size range, regardless of brand, and then can browse through a good number of options that way. I will refrain from naming any dealers specifically, simply to avoid the above situation repeating in the event of their sites eventually becoming unavailable. :atremblin
    16. Dikadoll seems to be a lesser known company, but they have a line of 12cm dolls that are cute and have great posability. They're just a bit too big for Puki Puki clothes.