Little Rebel Doll Discussion - pt.2

Nov 2, 2018

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    2. Thank you! I've had a horribly brutal week and your compliment was a really great start to my weekend :hug:
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    3. Don't forget -- Kaylar head release at 1600 hours Spain time (4p) today! :)

      That's 8a Pacific, 10a Central, 11a Eastern for us American heathens. ;)
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    4. Ahh gosh, I wish I could afford Kaylar right now....! I kinda overspent last month though, since I'm starting my Christmas present shopping early. As I type this there's only one normal skin Kaylar left in stock~ I'm really excited to see everyone's Kaylars when they arrive!

      On another note, I have sent out my Jelle head to be fixed up after the accident. I'm very glad that I was able to find someone willing to save him!
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    5. Ahhhhhhh!!! I bought this girl’s doll collection today and there was a Little Rebel Kai II head included!

      I need to get him/her painted now ❤️
    6. So I have been thinking... I'd like to put my Kai II head on a skinny male or androgynous body. (The character is from a goblin-type race, and they don't have a binary sex spectrum.) It's currently on a Resinsoul 1/3 male body, and I like the height (shorter than my other 65-70cm boys), but the color isn't great. I've been researching resin matches but it's hard to find ones with the skinny non muscular body type. Does anyone here have suggestions? :)
    7. My boy arrived today and he is even more beautiful in person! I am in love with those cheek bones :love Now to bring him to life with a face up!
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    8. [​IMG]
      My lovely boy. His lips is driving me crazy! :D I'm looking for a new body.
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    9. Due the new LittleRebel sale I would like to see a comparison picture of LR in tan skin with some skin of DollShe. Thank you^^
    10. hello~
      I've just ordered the Ethan head in normal skin during this Christmas sale. Now I really wanna put him on a 5star doll adult male body. Anyone knows about the resin match? Would it make a good hybrid?
    11. Hello all you beautiful people! I've been lurking around here for a while and admiring all the guys and gals. It's been a dream of mine to own a LitteRebel boy since I first saw them to be honest. But there was always some other doll that I "needed" to bring home first because they had a character I wanted to shell, or I needed to hurry buying because it was a limited or second hand.
      I got my Kaylar in tan skin home yesterday and am totally in love! It was probably fate or something and it was this specific sculpt that was meant to come home.
      But now I need to find a body for him. I saw someone talking about Iplehouse SID. There was no mention about proportions? The SID neck is thicker so I'm worried it wouldn't work. Is there any darling here who could help me?
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    12. Yo, I have an Iplehouse SID guy that I can pop my LR Sarang head on to when I get home from work today if that might help?
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    13. You're an angel! Yes, please that would be wonderful! Thank you! <3
    14. @Nihmo Okay so I'm home and snapped a few photos and you'll have to excuse the poor lighting and color difference because my Sarang is tan skin and my SID is normal skin but uh...



      I'm gonna go ahead and say that it's not a good fit. This little test did, however give me a good laugh. In all seriousness, I couldn't see it working even with extensive modding. The head refuses to hold any position aside from the downward stare of shame, and the body proportions are all kinds of weird.

      That being said, I bought my SID in 2011 so his measurements might be a little different from the latest SID measurements since I think Iplehouse has changed the SID bodies since 2011. Sadly, I don't own a newer SID to find out.
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    15. Thank you so much Zylphia for taking the time to help me out! As disappointed as it might have made me I have to agree I got a bit of a laugh out of it as well. Just like you say I can't see that working even with modding. Darnit!
      Back to the drawing board!
      Your Sarang is gorgeous btw!
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    16. Hey everyone! It's a little quiet in this new thread so far!

      I'm very excited because I've just purchased a Little Rebel Seven hybrid from my friend and he's in transit as we speak. Seven was actually the first LR doll I owned, but at the time I couldn't figure out how I wanted to paint him and I sold him. Getting him back again makes him the first doll I've ever re-purchased, but I'm so glad for the chance. I know it will probably be quite a while until I can give him a face-up (winter and all) but I think this time I'll be able to make him shine and in the meanwhile I just can't wait to start making some clothes for him!

      Anybody else have exciting LR projects going on? :D
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    17. I'm waiting on a Migidoll body for my Kaylar. :D I don't want to give him a faceup until I have the body in case I need to do some resin matching. I'm so in love with him! I look forward to seeing your beauty too! <3
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    18. I need to stop being lame and send Lucia out for a faceup, especially since her body arrived and it would be awesome to have her all together at last
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