Little Rebel - Mini

Jun 1, 2019

    1. Updated his look a bit. Waiting for his own eyes though.

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    2. Can anyone tell me if Impledoll is a good colour match for LR? Tia
    3. Moondale in winter.

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    4. I don’t own any tan Impldolls, only dark tan but I know that they do resin colour matching. So if you like the body you can get it matched to the head.
    5. I think I just picked up the last Kamu head on pre-order! Now I have 3 months to find a body! Thanks for posting photos
      xyuemoto! Does anyone else have a mini Kamu? I have a Little Rebel Hachi, and I love him, so I'm excited to be getting another LR!
    6. wrenbe I pre-ordered a Kamu head, and was looking at a Doll Leaves body, but the neck is 6.5cm and LR recommends a 7.1 to 7.5cm neck. How did the DL neck look with your Kamu head?
    7. I have a video and some pictures up on Instagram of the head on my doll leaves body. I thought it was a decent matched and found a doll leave body cheap on the second hand market so threw my NS head on it. Still looking for a Luts body cheap for the tan head. I'll try to throw the link to the video up here, if it doesn't work (or ends up violating some rule I'm not easily aware of) search Instagram for @jennifer.campbell.lpc thats my user name there. I have a few different photos and videos of trying the head on bodies.

      Jennifer Campbell on Instagram: “Just a straight on head movement test on the doll leaves normal resin body for the little rebel mini kamu I'll try to throw it on some…”
    8. @wrenbe - Looking forward to see how your tan head matches luts.
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    9. Thanks for posting this!!! That looks great to me! I'm going to go ahead and order one, with a head since it's cheap. I'll have a full doll to let hang out and the body will be ready when the LR head arrives!
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    10. Yes, with COVID-19 I'll probably delay this a bit lol Packages are going to be delayed and getting lost so It's easy enough to wait on the body--unless of course I see a good price on a second hand body pop up in the USA. :)
    11. Moondale
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    12. does the kamu head fit well on a souldoll vito body? :D i love both so it would be amazing if they looked good together :) also hoping they make an Andre head 1/4 scale :chibi he’s my favorite sculpt but i’m an MSD girl :sweat
    13. It could be a bit too big of a neck or might need some slight modding. Souldoll site says neck is 9cm. I have mine on a 7.5cm neck and it is a perfect fit with no gapping and full posability. A user above has their head on model delf body, not sure which one but the slim has 7.8cm neck and muscle 8.2cm neck. You'd have to ask them for specifics about their hybrid.
    14. ah thanks!! i’ll look into it more :sumomo:
    15. Well, I was getting antsy and saw the DF-H sale so was considering a body from them for my tan mini Kamu, but then personal issues always occur (not COVID19 related). And since I was just a click away from getting that body I decided to check out Fantasy Doll in the special 17 color. The price was (of course) cheaper than the DF-H body or the Luts body even during sales so I bit the bullet and ordered a body from Fantasy Doll. Now I've learned the original personal stuff is okay again (new personal stuff of course reared it's head but it's at least has a lesser impact on my doll splurging) and I'm still regretting not getting a DF-H body for my Kamu so I may just go buy a DF-H full doll and swap bodies if when I see the heads/bodies in person I really have a strong leaning. I've been wanting to increase my number of tanned and darker colored dolls anyways. Just gotta go browse pictures and determine a sculpt. I believe I am a hopeless doll hoarder. Off to stalk the DF-H threads here lol

      So yeah, in a few months (or more) I'll have a Fantasy Doll body to show on the mini Kamu head and we'll see how that looks (I don't think I've seen any, at least not in tan). I'll throw the pics on Instagram and try to remember to come here and link them. Also, now that I'm typing I'm wondering if I tried the head on my Legrand tan body.. that would be interesting, a plus sized female mini Kamu..
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    16. I’m excited to hear about your Fantasy Doll body! I was considering that as an option as well for my tan Kamu. Right now my collection is only tan resin dolls, including a Doll Family H Qing Lang, so I was going to try him out with a couple to see the match. I’m also considering getting a full doll from Doll Legend in tan. So I might have more colour matches to try out!
    17. @wrenbe - Looking forward to see your hybrid. I am also intereseted to know what other tans aside from fantasy doll match little rebel. Hopefully you post again if you eventually get the DF-H in tan and let us know how the match is.
    18. I would like to see your tan matching results if you try them.