Little Rebel - Mini

Jun 1, 2019

    1. @Kiki Happy @xyuemoto it really is fun to try to match the tans up, I'm a sucker for resin colors (personal goal is to have at least one doll from each BJD company which is huge but my dream goal is to have a doll from each company in each resin tone). I will put a post it on my head with reminder to post pictures when I get the Fantasy Doll body. I am still debating sculpts with DF-H, and we all know until you pull the trigger plans can change (heck they even change after you pull the trigger!). Little Rebel's site shows the DF-H as being a smidge off from the head, but batches can always vary so you may get lucky and have a good match or something a bit of blushing can help transition. I'm also getting antsy for face ups and told myself I wouldn't get a faceup on my blank heads until I had bodies for them so... hence the push to get some bodies in my collection that can at least work for now.
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    3. Can anyone who has a Mini Kamu tell me what size wig is best? 6/7 or 7/8?
    4. I have a monique wig 6-7 on mine. The head is 18cm so if you had a 7-8 wig that was more 8 than 7 it could be loose, or a 6-7 that was more 6 than 7 it could be a bit small. Monique wigs are stretchy so I couldnt say if that specific brand runs small or large.
    5. Thanks so much! I love Leeke wigs, but I think they are not very stretchy! I'll go for a 6-7 and struggle with it if I have to!
    6. My Mini Kamu head left the "Registry Office" 10 days ago and shows no movement since. Shipping is taking longer these days no doubt, but aghhhhhhh!!! Is anyone else waiting for their head to arrive?
    7. I got my mini-Kamu!! He’s beautiful and a pretty good match for the DF-H tan. I’ll try to post a picture on here but I’ll need to finally plug in my laptop for that. I have a picture of him in my Instagram story (insta: ahappycollection).

      I also tried him on my MYou doll ver.2 girl body, she’s in tan so not a good match but it was still cute. Their coffee resin is supposed to be a good match.

      I tried my Impldoll body as well even though he’s in dark tan to see how the proportions look but I didn’t like it. His head is a bit too big for that body. Shoulders were a bit too narrow. I’ll post a picture too. It’s a nice body (though not a good sitter) and they offer colour matching.

      Then I wanted to try my Resinsoul Tang body but the S-hook was WAY too big, so he’d have to be restrung and I’m not experienced enough for that lol! I think it is a match that’ll work though proportion wise since the Resinsoul heads are large and they have broad shoulders. They also do resin matching.
    8. I actually just popped in to ask the same thing. My head shipped May 31st and hasn't moved since.
    9. Mine was shipped the same day and I got it yesterday but the tracking never updated. Even today it still says in-transit. Hopefully it’s just in your country’s customs and will be released soon.
    10. Oh, wow. Yeah, hopefully he makes it home soon. I wouldn't be so worried except two other orders have shipped, updated, and either been delivered or the slip for them has been delivered, all since this one shipped. So I know it's not USPS proper holding it up. It must be customs.
    11. I still have no info, not trackable and am waiting patiently. Sort of. Congrats on your arrival Kiki Happy! I'll hope for my head to show up soon!
    12. My mini Kamu head finally appeared on my doorstep yesterday :o tracking never updated.

      He is sooo gorgeous! I'm currently trying him on different bodies for size/ fit before trying to worry about resin match (He's tan). So far, Iplehouse JID is too thick a neck and Withdoll makes him look like a bobblehead. I want to try a model delf body but I don't have one of those to test with.
    13. Congrats BabySnow! I'm hoping the same will happen for me soon. No updates since the 31st of last month.
      Show some photos when you're ready!!!
    14. My head arrived yesterday, but I stayed at my studio last night so didn't find it until today. Tracking still hasn't updated, so the method of shipping did not allow for USPS to track it once it arrived to the US.
      I bought a Doll Leaves NS boy body to go with my NS head, and the match is pretty darn good. The neck and scale is good also, but I really don't like the Doll Leaves forearms, they are I can live with it though and will post a pic tomorrow if anyone is interested!
    15. I just got mine, too! I'm so excited. here's a picture of him on the Luts Model Delf Slender body. He's a good fit, imo. Maybe the tiniest bit bobble headed, but I don't think you'd notice with clothes on. This is the slimmest of the three bodies.

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    16. That is tremendously helpful, thank you!
    17. I just got my Mini Kamu heads today. Too bad Dollshe takes a life time to ship so he won't get his body anytime soon
    18. The Doll Leaves Normal Skin boy body works quite well with the NS Little Rebel head. Happy with the resin match and proportions! Thanks wrenbe for the info!
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    19. Omggg luts model body!!!.... i think this body is so perfect... maybe i will buy it....