Preorder [LittleRebel] Tenten - May preorder

May 4, 2017

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    1. if i'm planning on getting custom makeup is layaway still available and does it include shipping, or is shipping paid in separate at the end? so excited for this!! ^^
    2. Of course you can do layaway. For custom make-up you only need to add the "custom make-up" option to the cart together with Tenten head, and the shop will calculate the total with the shipping cost during the checkout.
      Thanks ^^
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    3. He's such a cutie! :whee: is the head limited?
    4. Yay! I'm so excited, I've been waiting for ages! :kitty1 A quick question: for a custom faceup, do we just describe what we want, or do we provide references or something? How custom does "custom" entail?

      (What I'd want isn't super complicated or anything, it's mostly just natural, but I was just wondering. :3nodding:)
    5. yes, I only open preorders for each doll once or twice every year, and in limited quantities.

      yes, it passed a lot of time since last preorder for Tenten ^^U 2 years or more maybe? I'm sorry!
      This is the option for custom faceup
      I included a form to make the description of the faceup easier, you can also provide sample pictures or drawings for reference, and I will work with that.