Long shot: mature 1/12 dolls?

Sep 24, 2020

    1. i really want to create some rooms & dioramas but I just can’t with my SDs... they’ll have to try greenscreens. But are there any mature 1/12 scale dolls (5-6 inches, 12-16cm)? Bonus points for male dolls or females that aren’t very exaggerated body types (not really thin or really pear shaped). Do these exist?
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    2. The only really tiny ones like that I know of are those by SvetaDolls. They're a bit on the slim side but honestly I think that's better for such a small doll so when clothed they don't look bulky. (I'm actually not quite sure if these are on topic here though so if anyone knows please let me know. I know I've seen someone post one of them before here though.)
    3. I don't think they've been approved for topically yet, but Metis doll is releasing a 12cm girl soon: Login • Instagram

      Additionally, the RosenGarden girls (iris, fleur, hana, etc) are 19cm-- which is perfectly 1:8th, so only some 1:12 items will work, but i've seen them look quite good in 1:12 dioramas

      EDIT I also reccomend an etsy search. Most will be 3d printed, but i know eve studio has 1:12, and a few other off topic 1:12s come to mind that are sold on etsy
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    4. If you're open to off topic dolls/3D printed dolls you could take a look at DollArtbyJulie on etsy. She has adorable 1/12th dolls and different heads (and fantasy parts) to choose from. You get to pick the color too, and she has the option of ordering the doll as a kit for a discount (you'll get a baggie of parts and instructions to put them together).
      Same goes for obitsus, there are a lot of different heads although most of them are kind of big.

      Another option would be going for 1/6th. There are realistic matures in that scale and plenty of props too. Of course the diorama's would be a lot bigger, but not so big that they can't be handled anymore.
    5. Blue Fairy’s Pocket Fairies have a 19cm variation, there’s male and female versions, one style that’s just taller ( than the basic 10 cm) and one that’s more mature.
      I have a room box just for them, and collect Rement miniatures that are a really nice scale for them.
    6. 1:12 is usually dollhouse scale. That hobby does make their own "occupants", not articulated usually, though.
    7. Logan Dolls is making boy and girl mature tinies. I think they are about 6-7 inches? They will be on preorder sometime soon I think. You can follow his work on instagram to see the dolls! Their bodies are pretty normal looking, but the ears are pointed like elves.
    8. Sleeping Elf dolls come in two sizes, the smaller ones are made to fit in a 1/12 dollhouse.
    9. Dolls houses is my first hobby and yes they do have their own dolls but very non realistic looking and usually made of porcelain and not articulated at all, or only the arms. Many in the hobby don't use dolls as it makes the rooms look less lifelike. That's what led me to discover BJDs as I was doing research on dolls and found FL.
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