Love at first sight?

Jun 13, 2014

    1. I fell in love with Doll Chateau Hugh the first time I saw him, and was convinced for so long that he would be my first doll, but then sadly I sort of fell out of love with the sculpt for a while (mainly because he just wasn't right for the character I wanted to shell at the time), but now he's back on my wishlist and destined for a different character of mine!

      I also instantly fell in love with Dollzone Choco, even though I'm not too interested in collecting tinies, but his face is just too cute! I actually ended up basing a character right off the sculpt itself intending to shell it at some point, but then I stupidly 'grew up' that character and now I like the older version of the character better (even though I still love the Choco sculpt to bits) but since the older version would be an MSD I'm more likely to get that one. >.>;

      Though as much as I'm in love with a sculpt I still need to think over a purchase (a lot) before I'll buy it -w-
    2. I had a few.

      Soul Doll Juhl was my first lve at first sight. I had to have him and he was my first doll and he is definitely my favorite.

      The second time this happened was when I saw Soul Doll Hunoi. I don't have him but I really want him even though I have never thought about owning a MSD sized doll. I love so many Soul Doll sculpts :XD:

      The third time was when I saw IOS Chaos and Jaguar. I ordered from them on March before they were discontinued and I could only afford one of them. I got myself a Chaos head and I love him so much. Now all he needs is a body.
    3. Most of the dolls I have were love at first sight. Dollshe Saint, Migidoll Miho, Soom Amber, Heliot, Dia, Crow and Ender especially. I didn't care if I didn't have an immediate plan for what I wanted to do with them because I fell hard for their sculpts. The others I had to give it some thought first because I really liked them but they weren't immediate "must haves", so I wanted a plan for what I was going to do with them before buying them.
    4. Yes, that happens to me quite often although once in a while one will sneak up on you. If my heart goes thud and the doll inspires a character then I know I can order.
    5. That would be all of my Minifees. xD
      I fell in love with both Chloe and Shushu at first sight. I had to decide which one to get first though since I could only afford one at the time. >.<
      Then I found a 2013 Juri that someone was selling and had to have her even if she would be a floating head for a while. xD
    6. My most successful dolls have been love at first sight, to the point where now I try not to buy unless that's the case.

      Keitaro, my DIM Rain, is my "cold dead hands" doll, i.e. the only way someone will get him is to pry him out of. Sometime after doing a Rain limited release, DiM put him up on their website, and I thought I really wanted to see owner pics first, so I sat back and waited to by him. The window I was willing to wait kept getting shorter -- maybe next birthday, then maybe Christmas before that, then 3 weeks after his release I gave in and bought him. It turned out he had been an unofficial one-off; they were only selling the one at that time. He is still my favorite doll these many years later.

      Then Lysander, my Cherishdoll Chubby Demon LE, I knew I had to get him when I looked at the picture, closed the browser and went to do chores, and started getting all sorts of backstory brainstorming in my head. He's another one I'd have a hard time parting with.

      In contrast, the dolls I deliberated on and chose from among options, they're currently in their boxes while I decide whether to resell them or not.
    7. This happen to me while I'm browsing some BJD photos. I looking to the Unoa Fairy Skin in a magazine and I was really captivated with how graceful and beautiful doll exist. When I discovered what kind of doll she was, I was really discouraged with the price and disappointed knowing it is only preorder in limited time.
      So I can only dreaming and hoping, eventually she is going to be a permanent resident in my wish lisht as my grail doll.
    8. For me, It was Leekeworld mabel were love at first sight. This happen to me while I'm browsing some doll photos for my first doll.
    9. Love at first sight, usually. I fall in love with a sculpt and either I know "that's {OC}!" or I start thinking who they could be, and once I've got a match, they go on the wishlist. If I were to buy every doll I love I'd need a separate room for them, not to mention a fortune to afford them all :sweat So while I love a lot of sculpts, I only buy them if they fit one of my characters.
    10. I fell in love with gong ming dragon doll but didn't run around happy (I have done that with a few anime though). I have however known I must own a few anime figures such as Aoba from dramatical murder. They're rereleasing him at his original non inflated price and by Jove HE WILL BE MINEEEEEEEEEEEEE! MWUAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAH! Really hoping he's a January or later release though.
    11. When I first saw Crobidoll Zion I couldn't believe how much he looked like my favourite OC. I already had a Volks F-20 shelled as that character, but the Zion was just so much more "him" that I had to have him. I still have the F-20, but he's someone else now. :)
    12. I've only ever seen two sculpts where it was love at first sight.

      The first was when I was looking at practically every sculpt that ever existed (it certainly felt that way) and thought that nothing was really a good match to be Deidara. My problem was that I wanted his distinct features represented on a realistic sculpt. I then saw Souldoll's human Chiron and LOVED the face. I didn't have much experience at the time so it didn't even occur to me that it had the possibility of being Deidara and forgot about it. Later I looked around their site again and decided to take a look at their wigs (I can't remember why) and suddenly, BAM. Deidara was staring back at me. I mean like he had the right hair and face and whatnot. I had no idea which sculpt that was! So I compared it to every Zenith size doll on their site and lo and behold, it was the human Chiron.

      The second one was almost the same situation. I noticed Dollclans when they first opened and released their Kien head. It was the only sculpt I ever went back to keep looking at and after about two years, I just let it go because I had no reason to get another doll. Then the Hakuoki games were finally localized in english and I got to play it and I loved Souji so much that I wanted to get him in doll form. This time I decided that the sculpt didn't have to be realistic but not very anime-y either yet with all the sharpness of Hakuoki's art. Once again, I looked everywhere and not a single doll seemed to fit. I actually avoided looking at the Kien sculpt because I didn't want to get it just because I knew I liked it and I thought I might try to MAKE it be Souji even if it didn't really fit. I asked my boyfriend for his opinion on lots of dolls and finally he asked me about the one I liked before and that he thought it would make a really good Souji. :o My jaw dropped, I was so shocked that he even remembered what Kien looked like but looking at the sculpt again, we both confirmed: PERFECT SOUJI. I was so happy even though I was the one doing the stupid thing like avoiding him. OTL
    13. I've gotten to the point where I try and wait a but before buying because I always think I love a doll but many times I move on to a new sculpt a month later! If I've wanted a doll for longer than a month, that's when I know I should get her. I have experienced love at first sight a few times though! Once with my first doll and again with Fairyland Chloe <3
    14. Soom Megagem Shoshon was my love at first sight doll. Well, they all were, really, but his was the only one that I knew I had to have and as soon as possible. All of my other dolls I knew I would end up with eventually because I knew they are perfect for me(it took me two years to finally get a Lu Wen and longer to finally get a Doll-Zone Yuu in tan) but Kle was the one I pined for endlessly until I had him in hand XD Unfortunately when he was first released was when my car decided to tank it and all my money went to a new car. So I picked up a second job and worked as much as I could to save up enough for him by the time he started shipping to people and I could try to find one on the second hand market. I lost two auctions and finally, finally obtained him via lay-a-way for which I would have literally slammed the money on the table had I been in the same room as the buyer XD
      And I still squee everytime I see him even after three and a half years <;w;>
    15. Iplehouse Lonnie was sort of love at first sight. I haven't ordered her yet but only because I have a lot of money tied up with Lati right now so I wanted to wait a bit. But I was just browsing pictures on Flickr and came across a picture of someone's Lonnie and it was a immediate "OMG WHAT DOLL IS THAT?" moment. I think it was largely because of her faceup though. Soom iMda Modigli is then same. I'm thinking of putting her on layaway but I don't she doesn't cost enough to qualify for it and since it's not during a sale period at Soom, a lot of the accessories are sold out =/
    16. Definitely Narae N406, Model Delf Cian and Withdoll Taren. When I saw those three ... I had that moment. THAT moment. It was love &#9829;
    17. Oh yes I have. The head I'm pinning for right now is a prime exaample. I could have gotten any other in the mean time, and I have so the character has now two heads (or will have when the second is released), but I'm still sticking to this one because nothing compaires to it.
      The Luts El was like that too, but it helped having him in my hands and not only seeing a pic.
    18. My Yellow Pipos rainbow cheese mouse was like this. Normally I am a lover of all things blue, so when I seen this Yellow mouse I was stunned to find my self thinking more about the yellow one than the blue one! Just something about her face just grabbed me. I did wait before I bought her, I usually wait when I see a doll I like, if I keep thinking about it I know I love it. But if I get the meh... and find another doll to swoon over I know the other is just a like and not a love.
    19. LOL I love how it sounds like you are finding a lover! That's kinda how it is!
    20. Iplehouse Tedros and Bibiane: seend and fallen in love :-)