Love at first sight?

Jun 13, 2014

    1. Absolutely! There are dolls I instantly fall in love with and know I'll get. Sadly most of the time they're limited releases or hard to acquire dolls. T_T
    2. IoS Valentine...i stalk him so much and i don`t no why i like him, then i discovered Yuri on Ice! and i know i need to buy his head...Victor you know ;)
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    3. Pretty much all my dolls were love at first sight. I have many characters that I want to shell as dolls, so when I see one that catches my eye, like my Oriana or Rourke. Rourke was a character I had decided on a sculpt for and I found him in the marketplace. As soon as I saw his faceup I knew I needed to bring him home!!! And Oriana's head was also found on the market place. I didn't have a particular Character in mind with that sculpt as she's an event head and a popular one at that, but I needed her home too! And of course my tinies we're all that way too. On the other hand, I hated the Celine sculpt from fl, something about it made me just really dislike it. Then Malvinas, in this forum, got her Priya and I ended up loving the sculpt so much I had to get one right then and I got Sloane.
    4. My love at first sight was both the ringdoll Lucifer and the Merrydollround Merry I own both with the merry I own 2
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    5. Twigling doll Gamine. She was my first dollie love! I kept looking at her face and she reminded me so much of my favorite movie character Neytiri from Avatar. I knew that I just had to have her and make my own! Of course I ordered a teal and a regular vivid skin so that I could enjoy not only the avatar Gamine but a regular human one as well. Overall she's just a very beautifully sculpted doll!
    6. Soom MA Sabik was the first doll I loved, he was the third doll I got, and the first doll I kept.
    7. The first sculpt I EVER fell head over heels for was a Switch Seolrok and I swore I wouldn't stop until I had found one! It was such a lucky find on Instagram, the post was about 2 to 3 weeks old, the money was the most I had ever thought to spend on a doll. But, I was so in love with the sculpt and scared I couldn't find him again that I put him on layaway for 4 months.
      I waited about eight months for him because the shipping took another 4 months to get to me, IT WAS SO CRAZY! Even after all those months of waiting and waiting I literally fell even more in love with him when he arrived! It's the first doll that I have ever completely bonded with.
    8. It was both for me and I still do think I want it.
    9. I call this phenomenon of love at first sight for me "the instant grail syndrome".:lol: I've been in this hobby for over a decade and it's actually happened to me twice (the Dollzone Anson in my avatar, and the recent Luts limited winter event forest version Storm.) All my other doll purchases are well thought out and entirely character driven...but these three were smack you in the face, jaw dropping, gotta haves no matter the cost! I didn't care how I had to juggle the funds to bring them home, I was willing to move heaven and earth to make it happen. It required an epic effort on my part to be sure, but I've managed to pull it off thanks to long layaways and tight budgeting skills.:)
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    10. Yes! Chimera doll was my first love from the first sight!
    11. Love at first sight: Luisa's (Looloo) Dollshe Amanda "Ever". She started this whole thing for me.
    12. My f65 Sylvia was love at first sight<3 She's my first and currently only doll, even tho I got 2 more coming in!
      I just love everything about her:aheartbea
    13. Couldn’t sleep after I met my right first yosd Volks , Kakeru . He made me return to take him back home.
    14. When I was looking around on the Ringdoll site, I saw the Aooni sculpt which they released not too long ago, and decided that was the sculpt I need for a comic character of mine I want to shell. When I saw it I changed my mind about shelling a different character and to shell the one that the Aooni is perfect for.
    15. Absolutely Iplehouse Lee and Asa. I was hooked on them as soon as I saw them.
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    16. I was browsing through a BJD sales page on FB and this doll showed up for sale but she was overseas and the prices was in euros...

      So I hesitated because I hate the USD/Euro exchange rate and she was an SD and I had told myself you don't like SD because they're too big...

      Well...I decided to message the seller and ask about her anyway...

      Turns out she is a Milk Chocolate Zuri SD by MerryDollRound...(look at my profile pic)

      And after the seller agreed to convert the price to USD, I sent him a deposit.

      Love at first sight? Yes, most definitely yes..

      I could not take my eyes off of her...

      She has the most stunning Faceup by CocoaDiamond in Spain and he is incredible...

      I could not pass her up...

      (Sigh) I still get woozy when I look at her...:love
    17. Oh yes that definitely has happened to me! Even very recently to be honest since I just ordered a doll I fell in love with at first sight a few days ago and I don’t regret anything :)
    18. Absolutely, I had my fair share of love at first sight moments. I always note down the name of the artist and sculpt in my wishlist when that happens. I can't afford to buy all of them so some of them remain on the wishlist and sometimes I'm fortunate enough to be able to purchase them.

      My first love at first sight was a Pukifee Ante and I am very proud to say she lives at home with me now.
    19. Gone through two situations like that myself. Needless to say I jumped on the opportunity to get them both times.
    20. I can't believe I didn't reply to this thread! I absolutely adore the Elf Ducan, he is gorgeous and as soon as I saw him I really badly wanted him. It is a shame I'll probablyy never get my hands on one though!
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