Love at first sight?

Jun 13, 2014

    1. The first doll I really really wanted immediately was Volks Yugiri. I saw her with customized make up by another owner... And just died for her. Now I prefer other dolls but I still love Yugiri and I would love to have her one day. Such an unique sculpt.
    2. I fell in love with Dollzone's general aesthetic right away, but I pitter-pattered a bit before deciding on their Leon. I had a hell of a time choosing between him and Ivan (I guess I really liked that steampunk aesthetic :P) but in the end I liked Leon's blank sculpt more. The eye bags sold me.
    3. Doll Chateau's Xaviera! Some one I used to be friends with introduced me to DC a few years back and when I saw her I was absolutely in love, but I could never afford her back before she was discontinued. I finally have the money and found some one selling one on fb and was finally able to snag her!
    4. I immediately fell in love with Fairyland's new Rens. At first I figured it'd be a while before I could afford her, but when I saw Denver Dolls' recent free-shipping-on-in-stock-dolls sale, I took the plunge and jumped on one of their in stock full packages (just int time to order a Halloween event head too!). Now I just have to pay of the credit card...

      I also fell in love with their Minifee Chloe when she first cam out, but it took years before I was finally able to get her.
    5. Fell in love with Supia Rosy. Now I finally am getting one! So excited.
    6. I just saw Juliet from Daydream today and ahhhhh I want her/him!!!!!!! But I already told myself I'll never get more than two dolls of the same size... maybe one day when I have more money I will either get a Prince Body or Little Prince Body Juliet!
    7. I really love volks new sdmidi Noa, shes just so cute but she always out of stock ;__;
    8. I keep falling in love with each BJDs I see, but I feel I truly fell in love with 2D Dolls' Cream. He is cute and truly my ideal face sculpt. He isn't in my price range, but he is truly a dream doll I wish I'd have...
    9. The Doll Zone 56cm body was instant love for me! i know i just have to save up for her, shes by far the prettiest sculpt ive seen and suits my dolls personality perfectly!
    10. Love at first sight is the main reason for me to buy a doll. I rarely buy those who I didn't want to get that very moment I saw them. Usually it is sudden love that grows larger and larger.
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    11. Love at first sight was what got me into this hobby.
      I don't remember how I stumbled into Ringdoll's page and I liked their dolls,
      so I would check it from time to time.
      That was when I saw him, "K",
      sadly, I was late three years haha.
      He was beautiful and I searched him up on tumblr and instagram and he was as beautiful as he looked in the Ringdoll page.
      I searched him up to buy him but I couldn't find him anywhere until around a month ago and I knew it was now or never, so I bought him.
      Currently, I'm waiting for him to get home and I'm super excited :aheartbea.
    12. Absolutely! As soon as I saw the 2 I have I knew I was going to get them. Both my dollzone scorpio and Doll Chateau Charon I would go and look at them everyday until I had enough money to get them
    13. It's not quite like love at first sight but it's my fastest buying decision ever...

      I was looking around a second hand shop to find a doll who would suit for my project that time. Actually I aready have some choices that I marked them last time and just come again to re-think about it.

      (Let's see... I'm not one with fast decision... some of my friend even make their choice slower thanme though)

      And I found "Him" at that second hand shop. Not in a very good condition. Just... Acceptable but with a good price I think. He's not in my previous choices... not even close actually (only the size is correct) ... But yes something tell me that it's shall be him, and yep I took him home lol.

      It took me less than 30 minutes to decide.

      This doll is still with me, and I think he will at least untill I crease this hobby.
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    14. Switch Seowo in Mocha Brown! He is still the single most incredible BJD I've ever laid eyes on and he /will/ be mine one day, mark my words haha. La Legende De Temps Roderich was also an instant attraction but not quite as strong as Seowo, and he, too, shall be mine one day :evilplot:
    15. Yes, I do tend to "fall" for my dolls. I know right away if I want the doll. I might not purchase her right away because I don't have the funds but I will know how I feel about her.
    16. Yes and no. I liked Gen X Nile when I saw his sculpt, but I knew he was "the one" as soon as I had him in my hands. I bonded instantly. Now I feel intensely guilty about his lack of body.
    17. I love all my dolls and chose most of them for good reasons. But if I had to say love at first sight, it'd probably be SOOM Volo. I just saw that pouty little face and pointy ears, plus wings, and fell right in love. There's a reason that my Aidrian is one of my absolute favorites.
    18. Quite a few times. Sometimes I have to really look around before I settle, but there are some that speak to me immediately, like KDF Darae. I've always thought Darae was an adorable sculpt, and she's even more stunning in Luts' tan resin. Supia Hamin is another one I was immediately drawn to.
    19. It was love at first sigt for me with Luts' Bliss sculpt. I just love him SO much! I got back into the hobby after a few years recently and one of the first thigs I saw was that hes available in msd size now so I actually have space for him
      . So I'm currently saving up for him! :lol:
    20. volks sdm F-31, fell in love immediately :whee::sorry and sd F-59 :chibi