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Love at first sight?

Jun 13, 2014

    1. I fell in love with SOOM's Cheshire, he is so cute
    2. There are a few dolls that I fell in love with immediately or just couldn't stop thinking about!
      Like: Fairyland FeePle70 Rona, Iplehouse Eric
    3. The first doll I really really wanted immediately was Volks Yugiri. I saw her with customized make up by another owner... And just died for her. Now I prefer other dolls but I still love Yugiri and I would love to have her one day. Such an unique sculpt.
    4. I fell in love with Dollzone's general aesthetic right away, but I pitter-pattered a bit before deciding on their Leon. I had a hell of a time choosing between him and Ivan (I guess I really liked that steampunk aesthetic :P) but in the end I liked Leon's blank sculpt more. The eye bags sold me.
    5. Doll Chateau's Xaviera! Some one I used to be friends with introduced me to DC a few years back and when I saw her I was absolutely in love, but I could never afford her back before she was discontinued. I finally have the money and found some one selling one on fb and was finally able to snag her!
    6. I immediately fell in love with Fairyland's new Rens. At first I figured it'd be a while before I could afford her, but when I saw Denver Dolls' recent free-shipping-on-in-stock-dolls sale, I took the plunge and jumped on one of their in stock full packages (just int time to order a Halloween event head too!). Now I just have to pay of the credit card...

      I also fell in love with their Minifee Chloe when she first cam out, but it took years before I was finally able to get her.
    7. Fell in love with Supia Rosy. Now I finally am getting one! So excited.
    8. I just saw Juliet from Daydream today and ahhhhh I want her/him!!!!!!! But I already told myself I'll never get more than two dolls of the same size... maybe one day when I have more money I will either get a Prince Body or Little Prince Body Juliet!
    9. I really love volks new sdmidi Noa, shes just so cute but she always out of stock ;__;
    10. I keep falling in love with each BJDs I see, but I feel I truly fell in love with 2D Dolls' Cream. He is just...so cute and truly my ideal face sculpt. He isn't in my price range, but he is truly a dream doll I wish I'd have...