Love at first sight?

Jun 13, 2014

    1. Yep! This has happened to me quite a few times. Soom Beryl was my very first (but I discovered her after she was sold out). Then came Soom Cuprit (who I put on layaway within hours of seeing her full sale photos). Soom Migma was another - I'd had a looong dry period of not being wowed by Soom's dolls, and then fell completely head over heels for her in the Light Violet skin tone. I also fell hard for Rosette School of Dolls Delilah, but originally passed on her because she was released on a Muse (43cm) body. When they had a Free Choice Event where I could get her on the Pure (47cm) body - and in Brown Tan! - I jumped on her right away.

      I think that if you have a very limited budget, or are planning on restricting yourself to only a few dolls no matter what, it's better to wait for a doll that you love at first sight. I enjoy all my dolls, but the ones I loved at first sight will always be a bit more special than the rest of my collection.
    2. My first proper love at first sight that really struck a cord was my DOD Homme Ducan, at the mo I'm smitten with TOW's Grey elf boy (too hard remembering his sculpt name xD), I saw a faced up head of him and loved it but couldnt find the doll, then I stumbled across him and I'm in love agen :3 he'd look so good with my Ducan >:3 but otherwise I go more for which doll fits characters I want from my stories
    3. Yup. ;-; Withdoll Aiden. As soon as I saw his face, I fell in love. I'm a bit worried that my love of him means he won't be close enough to looking like Cecil... @[email protected] but he looks Cecil-like enough for me, and that's important.

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    4. Oh yes. Luts SDF Dion Nine Tails. Unfortunately, I only found out about him after the LE had come and gone, so I will probably never obtain one. I keep poking at Marketplace hoping one will show up, though! In the meantime, I guess I can admire the photos. :p
    5. Yes! Doll Chateau Alberta. I ordered her when she first came out because I was afraid she might be limited. I love my quirky moosetaur!
    6. My heart went pitter patter when I first saw Elin. She's what got me into bjds and ironically I still haven't received her yet. I placed my order 2 months ago so she should be here any time now. Since I've placed my Elin order, I've gotten 3 other bjds off of Ebay that I fell in love with. I adore them too and am excited to see where this journey will take me. :)
    7. I'm actually almost done paying off a layaway on the marketplace for my first grail, Soom Picro! After that, I have a few more that I consider grails because it was love at first sight~ They are Dollzone Moon, Soom Koori/Yuki, Soom Shale/Adamelli, Soom Flint/Hawa, Xagadoll Cyrus, Aileendoll limited ice or cherry blossom Ashes (whoops I really like dragons), Bluefairy Robin, MNF Celine/Chloe (either way, I love both), and pretty much any of the LUTS tiny centaurs and oh gosh Yul Satyress I LOVE her. I suppose you could also say that my DC Ada and Soom Dolomi were love at first sight because when I saw they were on the marketplace, I contacted the sellers immediately about getting them nwn;;
    8. BeYours Kikiyou. I saw the female version first then I saw the male and it was game over. It's the reason I'm back in this hobby when I was ready to sell off my entire collection. If I can't get Kikiyou due to its limited run then MiracleDoll Qian head, which I just found, is a definite yes although the body is not.

      Doll Chataeu. They remind me of the disquieting severity that is The Five Star Stories Fatima/Automatic Flowers, and Dolores is 100% perfect as Fatima Icarus. Actually, the Fatima designs are so emaciated that the male DC bodies would have zero problems cosplaying females.

      DollSoom Idealion Hyperon as what looks like an homage to Vampire Hunter D. I'm an old school anime/manga fan, what can I say.
    9. For almost all of the dolls that I've bought I feel in love with when I first saw them, but I still do a little research on them before I start saving for it or just straight up buy it. I may not be able to customize said doll the same way it was in the picture so I always look at multiple owner pictures to see what I could do and if certain things will work or not.
    10. Over a year ago I saw a photograph of the most beautiful doll while browsing the web--an ebony Iplehouse Ashanti. I knew I could never afford such a doll so I pinned her photo onto pinterest and moved on.

      Except I didn't. I would find myself going back to look at her again and again. Then, I decided to join DoA to learn more about BJDs. I was sidetracked in the long wait for membership approval. It's been a long time since I was approved for membership here, but I'm only now really researching BJDs and that's because once more Ashanti is haunting me in the best way possible.

      I cannot get her image out of my head; she completely entranced me since the first time I saw a picture of her. I am now saving up and look forward to the day when I can bring my own Ashanti home--I think if I'm still this dedicated to her after seeing her well over a year ago then she is well worth the expense.
    11. I love like almost all dolls so it's pretty hard for me to tell when I -reallyreally- love one enough to add to my wishlist xD;... There are always multiple possibilities for me, even when I'm shelling a character. So yeah, there's always lots of hem-ing and haw-ing even over the sculpts I love the most :/
    12. Iple Olivia.:love

      I saw her and I had to buy her immediatly even if I told myself to not buy more than a doll a year.
    13. There are several more expensive dolls that I adore, but it's Resinsoul Dan's face sculpt that has me completely smitten. There's something very Mona Lisa-esque about her smile and after having a couple dolls with more dour expression, I appreciate her levity. :)
    14. This happened with my grail doll Soom Phonolus! I had just discovered Soom, and when I googled the company Phonolus was one of the dolls that came up. I instantly fell head over heels in love with him; I knew I just had to get him :D. Unfortunately, shortly after finding him I discovered that his ordering period had already come and gone. Needless to say: pretty bummed :(. I never fell out of love with him, and I didn't give up searching for him; now I finally have him! Still love him, and I will never sell him.
    15. i have seen and fell in love with a few. the doll i have named Aria. she was love at first sight. my Thyme horse i fell for as soon as i saw her.. and i ordered one right away before they were sold out. and a doll from RS i want so bad.. i fell in love with her also when i saw her.. she will be mine soon!!
    16. I had that once with the Doll Chateau Lilith I currently have. I never had any interest in that sculpt, as the pictures on the Doll Chateau website are not that interesting, but I was once browsing for a Doll Chateau Queena in the MP for a friend and I clicked on a listing of a Lilith just for fun and my god, her custom face-up was so adorable! I had plans to get a yoSD size doll in the future, but not that one so I tried to push it away, but I just kept coming back to her so I just had to get it
    17. Pretty much all of them...! :sweat
    18. Only twice so far for me, first was my Unoa Lusis, then my MNF Rheia. Both are secondhand, it was just one of those things, I knew they were mine as soon as I saw them. ^_^
    19. Pukifee Pukisha- originally for my first doll I wanted an MSD Resinsoul Mei, but I got a Pukisha faceplate for my birthday and... IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!
      hehe :)
    20. not really, i need to see many photo of a doll, with and without make up, different styles, getting for information of the head and the company before deciding to buy a doll:)