Love at first sight?

Jun 13, 2014

    1. volks sdm F-31, fell in love immediately :whee::sorry and sd F-59 :chibi
    2. After not being around for a while. I just spotted a Luts Flora and I absolutely adore her. I'm gonna wait till current events to settle before putting an order in though~ I really love her.
    3. I have so many "The One" dolls in my collection that I have conceded to myself that it's more aptly "The One of the Month." :sweat
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    4. Hmm my very first that was the reason I fell in love with BJD was Soom the Wolf Knight. I really wanted him and after months I was finally lucky and got him. Unfortunately even the seller who didn't unpack all the armour didn't know that one armor part was missing and instead of back and front chestplate I had two backs. Soom wasn't supportive in the matter... But I was still happy to get him. Later on I managed to find another really awesome set of armour and replaced it.

      Similar it was with another doll I really set my mind on and got him later on.
      I guess it really depends but if then I prefer to buy it asap having to have patience isn't great when I want something.
      Also usually if I think about it too long it's gone by the time I made up my mind
    5. My latest doll is Doll Leaves Berg. I can't remember how I came across him. I hadn't heard of the company prior to finding him, but when I saw him, I had to have him. He's beautiful, but he does have a very long pointy nose which I hadn't noticed in his photos. I tend towards dolls that I think will fit size wise with what I have already. He fitted the bill. I couldn't believe his price so snapped him up.

      I'm still very much a novice and I don't think that's going to change any time soon. There is just so much to get your head around in this hobby.
    6. The moment I saw PlumeDoll’s Luna, I knew I had to have her. It was intense - I love my other dolls, but it wasn’t the same with her. It was like a total grail doll experience, except over the course of about two minutes for a doll I could actually afford.

      My other dolls, I saw them, I wanted them, I checked the budget, I found room, I bought them. And I love all of them, too!
    7. Yes! When I first saw the smart doll eiji I knew I has to get him! So I bought
    8. Always... but if I don't want to pay for him/her it's a sign that it won't be a longterm love...
    9. I fell in love with the Dollshe Arsene sculpt the first time I saw him. He’s on preorder so one day he’ll be mine. ❤️
    10. every single Dollshe boy is love at first sight for me & has been since I first saw a Husky what feels like a hundred years ago now lol, one beautiful magical day I will actually able to own a doll (every time I save for one something else happens) and eventually I hope I'll have a whole family of variously sulky, lanky goth boys :dance
    11. Sulky lanky goth boys is exactly the aesthetic I’m going for with my boys. Well, either that or the ghosts of Victorian orphans.
    12. Junyao made it home to me. She's the best comfort doll: Artemis Ortygia

      And there's an SD El in the marketplace to maybe be her friend? I hope he comes home to us and helps fulfil the collection of Els I'm daydreaming of.

      Eta: El couldn't leave his home to come to mine. Unfortunate for me, but I understand.
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    13. It is the Dollshe Bermann for me. The original version of him. I still remember the doll that made me fall in love with him all those years ago :D More recently, there's only been one other doll that has affected me the same way and it's the LLT Ballerino Roderich :love
    14. With some dolls I have this 'Love at first sight' feeling. For exampe these are DollZone Hong and Angell Studio Qingyi. :love
      I don't own them, but maybe someday... They are definitely on my wish list.:kitty2
    15. My 'love at first sight' dolls. :love

      Dollzone Carter: The first doll I ordered. It was those sharp little teeth! OMG, I had to have this doll so badly!

      Dollzone Yo-Carter: The winking one. I saw a bid go up for the head on eBay, I had to have it at all cost! I put my limit really high, at the last minute, I am watching people start the bidding fight, but they didn't reach my limit. That one was mine! His body is currently on order from Dollzone.

      Dollzone Grey: The funny thing is, I had saved up my money to get a Crobi Lance. I was already to get him too, but then I saw Dollzone Grey, and all my former plans went out the window. I bought him immediately. I have never regretted that decision.

      Little Monica Irin: I went to the Little Monica Website, and they have these stories there. The second I saw the little maid Irin I had to have her. I fell in love with the story and the doll.

      Ringdoll MoYu: This one just hit me, slammed into me full force. I saw him instock and couldn't hesitate, he is just so beautiful! He is in the mail to me now and I am super excited for him to get here. I am not sure what it was about him, but I couldn't see myself not getting him.

      These were the had to have it dolls. The rest of them, I kind of debated over. A few of them I just kept going back to look at, and looked at them so many times I eventually bought them. Sometimes, I have an idea in mind, and I will go looking for something to fit the idea and then if I think the doll will fit the idea I am looking for I will get the doll. A few dolls, I just knew that I was eventually going to get them, but I didn't have to have them right away, and I didn't slightly obsess over them like the top ones on the list. :3nodding:
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    16. I have suddenly come across the new light tan Supia dolls and have fallen in love with the Juah sculpt. I think my wallet is getting nervous. :XD:
    17. My love at first sight dolls are Dream Valley Vine, and 2D Doll Light. Both of which should be making their way home around fall/winter! :dance

      Recently I've also been eyeing Charm Doll Circe, and Ring Doll Rinku, but my wallet is keeping me from making any rushed decisions. :sweat
    18. Definetely!!! Most of my dolls were love at first sight. :D
      I've spent more time trying to convince myself that I don't like the doll, trying to deny the love at first sight, but I can't fool myself, hahaha.
    19. Fell in love with Guard - LuXuan from Doll Family-H. He's so beautiful, plus his outfit is to die for.
    20. When I first startet with the doll hobby 3 years ago, I didn’t even know bjds existed. By chance I saw the homepage of Fairyland and was quite impressed with the cute dolls but also quite intimidated with the possibilities of change such a doll represents. So I concentrated on vinyl dolls but kept going back to the Fairyland homepage. And then I saw Pukifee Jude and was in love. She’s home with me since December and a sister is coming this year. I'm still a little bit scared when I handle her, she’s so tiny and flexible, but oh so cute:D.