Love at first sight?

Jun 13, 2014

    1. This happened to me with DIM Larina!
    2. Ringdoll Frankenstein was the first one I fell head over heels for. Unfortunately, he was discontinued several years before I knew about BJDs. Since then, I tend to be looking for a doll for character and just ah ha! when I find the right one. However, recently, I have fallen very in love with Miracle Doll Lestat :D
    3. For me, it was Switch Gyoha. Prior to seeing him, I didn't have much interest in Switch sculpts. However, as soon as I came across him on the marketplace, I fell in love with him and knew I had to get him:love
    4. This happened to me with DC Hubery.
      I remember I saw him first time on Flickr and stuck with idea to have home like immediately. That was hard to get him, because he was discontinued sculpt
    5. For some of my dolls, yes. For other dolls, I normally found them pretty at first, but more I look at them, the more I fall in love, so I bought them.
    6. Just once with Lunnula Moonbeams
    7. So some of the Volks LE girls were love at first sight, some the more you looked at, the more you loved and pined.
      My grail girls, the Volks Miruku and Kurumi were the first on that list. Next came Lieselotte, then Luna, then Lucia.
      Now I'm hunting for a Lucia, and find myself pining for a fricking Volks never ends. However, if it did end, I'd be a very bored person. The dolls are my biggest hobby right now...
    8. I hadn't found any male sculpt I liked enough and I was starting to think that maybe I just liked female dolls. But then I saw Rosen Garden's Coilin and I fell in love :aheartbea
    9. Absolutely:)
      My newest SD boy was love at first sight.
      Insane magnetism lol
      He came up for sale last weekend and everything just clicked for me.
      Over the last 2 years returning to the hobby this is the first time this has happened.
      Best feeling ever, better than finding a grail!
      I saw him 4 weeks earlier on Instagram and was impressed he was gorgeous and when he came up for sale I didn't hesitate to buy him. I was saving up for a different doll but my Instagram boy was so much better then the doll I originally wanted. :)
    10. Blueblood Genx Nile still want him still till this day can't find him anywhere sadly
    11. I first saw the limited wei yue jin by telesthesia x dragon doll on a taobao shop, and it was INSTANT love. I didn't connect with any other male sculpt before this so I just knew that he was gonna be the one for me, my grail :love the only thing was I was certain this was a resculpt (it was listed as shuga fairy) so I spent ages trying to identify the sculpt and company, then finally finding it and being crushed to see it was a limited sculpt from last year... my dreams were dashed :...(:...(

      Thankfully a found a legit shop that's miraculously still selling this limited sculpt!! I dithered for about a week before I finally placed the order and I'm SO excited for him to arrive :3nodding: he should come in about 3-4 months!
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    12. i decided to check out wei yue jin fullset since he sounds really pretty, and fell in love with his baby fox version. im dithering if i should get him, i have no plans to bring a kid sculpt home, but so cute.
    13. It's happened twice and I will soon own 9 dolls lol. First time was with my very first doll (OT vinyl doll), second time was with Popovy Sisters Venus Body :love

      I've discovered that I can't just keep a doll around because they're nice to look at, I need to form a personal bond with them. So now I no longer buy dolls that I only just think are cute. I only get them if I start daydreaming about their personalities, stories etc.
    14. That's how I felt just recently about the Dream Valley event going on. I love the creepy aesthetic going on.