Love at first sight?

Jun 13, 2014

    1. When I first got into the hobby, there were so many to choose from I didn't know where to start.
      I happened to come across one girl that caught my eye; but I didn't want to get ahead of myself so I kept looking.
      After a while I noticed I kept going back to that one girl and everyday looking at her pictures.
      She was a FantasyDoll Nina with a custom face up and she was soooooooooooooooo cute!!!
      I guess it really was love at first sight~ <3
    2. When I started with this hobby I looked at many pictures. There where so many dolls out there that at first I didn´t know which one to get. Then I saw Shang Nai of AOD and I knew that she would be the one. I saved some pics and looked out for other dolls, but quickly got back to my chosen doll. And know I´m proud to have my little Ayumi :aheartbea
    3. Yes, it was love at first sight - CP Lishe and Dollzone Tan Yuu. If I had gotten them first when I first started in the BJD hobby, I wouldn't be so broke now.
    4. When I saw Ariel from BBB, I was like, 'ohmygod, I love her ears! I love her face! Mom!!!'
    5. My first doll was love at first site. She is a Kaye Wiggs Miki. I got my second cus she was affordable. It took me a while to bond with her but now I love her.
    6. I fell instantly for my first doll Iplehouse JID Soa. To me, she's perfect, even her imperfections are perfect. I just love her so much. She will always be special to me. While I love my other dolls, none of them had captured me instantly the way Soa did. They all grew on me or fit a character so perfectly I had to purchase them. Just recently, I came across another doll that gave me the same exact feelings as Soa. He's a RSdoll Evan in tan skin. It's kind of regretful because the tan skin was limited. I'd have to buy him secondhand. I know the ns version is available but it does nothing for me!!
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    7. Yes. Both Amir and Ay (my first and my grail).

      i had been looking for my first doll, seen lots of cute ones, but nothing really screamed BUY ME! until I saw AoD Chen. After doing more research and seeing owner pix, I cried. I knew he was perfect.

      I first saw Ay's sales pix (Soom Ender) when he was first released, but at the time, there was absolutely no possibility of me coming up with the money in time. I longed for him for two years, until my husband got me the head for Christmas. I like him even better on a slimmer hybrid body.

      I also did this with Dhani, had been looking for a sculpt for the character but nothing was quite right, then found a SoulDoll Iliya head on the MP and he was just perfect! But he wasn't a grail or something I worked hard for, more like, I saw him, he was perfect and luckily, I had the cash for him.
    8. I fell in love with my first few Minifees and bought them on a whim, but I learned my lesson since those days. I could never bond with them even after they've settled in. They looked nice, but it was like they weren't anything like I saw in owner pictures, obviously, but it was like something was missing. After selling them I got my Delf which I really liked but I searched around a lot before buying her. I really like her now.
    9. I've been looking at getting a doll for a couple years now and I don't have one yet so I can't really say if what I like in pictures will result in me loving the dolls in person (though I'm sure I will). I debated for a long time on what doll company I like and which sculpt etc. But when I saw DollZone carter I knew I had to have him, plus he is within reasonable price range for his quality. I have ordered him but due to the long DollZone wait I'm still waiting to hear when he'll be coming home.
      during this time I haven't stopped looking at other dolls and now I'm in love with ringdoll's lucifer -.-
      the saving begins again...
    10. I remember I just wanted DOD (DOC) Petsha for the longest time, and overtime I grew out her when I saw my first Minifee. Now I'm buying my first doll (Minifee Ala Carte Active Line Chloe)
    11. I was debating for a very long time. Then I saw Dollshe's Ausley Love and I just knew she was going to be the one I bought. I used to stare at lots of pictures of Feeple boys or Doll in Mind girls but I could never decide what I really wanted. I didn't want to bite the bullet because I was afraid of buying a doll I wasn't completely in love with. I ordered my girl in May and I am still in love with her and cannot wait until she arrives.
    12. Each and every one of my BJD's was a "Love at first sight "-- except the last one which was a head for a body that didn't work. Him I got because I hated having a headless -- it seemed such a waste when he could be the exciting stranger come to town. He fits the body perfectly and is now out for a face up.
    13. Yeah, the first three dolls I want are ALL love at first sight. I mean, I'm thinking about it and making sure that I want them, but I know deep down inside, I'll get the first two for sure, hopefully soon. <3
    14. Mine was love at first sight. I had just recently met someone down where I had been living in Arizona who was big into BJD's. I had never even heard of them, but when I saw them I thought they were totally weird and awesome. Eventually we started talking about the different size dolls, and she was showing me a few different ones of them online. I had asked how big they get, and she started telling me about one that was the size of a toddler, but she thought it was epically creepy looking. Now very curious, I asked if we could find it and started googling.
      And that's when I saw the Lusion doll for the first time. I instantly fell in love. I adored everything about the doll (and still do), and love it's ethrealness and it's slightly creepy undertones because of how big and life like it looks. There are a few others I've seen quite recently on the Doll Arrivals forum that I adored on sight too. But those will have to be saved up for. : )
    15. YES. SO MANY TIMES. Three of them I have in my possession, another one is on Layaway. It's horrible that I can't seem to have just one grail- when I fall for a sculpt I fall hard. I always do the responsible thing, though, and wait for a few weeks/months before deciding to order it. Jusst in case.
    16. Dawn was actually an impulse purchase. <3 I had never even heard of Mirodoll until I saw someone on another site link to their site because they were having a sale. I saw that Wind was on sale for an INSANELY low price, and I just jumped. She was so beautiful, and for only $100, I HAD to have her. I have not regretted it since. Dawn is absolutely lovely, and I'm hoping to be able to get a twin for her at some point...
    17. At first it was Bichun of Iplehouse. Until now I have not been able to forget his sexy face ! I really want to have him in my collection but I can't afford him for the moment. But I will buy him ... one day !

      My second "love at the first sight" is Ringdoll's Lucifer-Arios. I promised myself never to buy limited or fullset edition (because of price), but when I saw his beautiful face...I just fall for him. Can't help myself :doh.
    18. The very first doll I saw is still an absolute favorite and one I really hope to get my hands on some day (Soom Clozel). There's been a few other dolls that I've absolutely wanted at first sight and still do, but at least I have better self control to not want them all these days.
    19. Yes... it's happened to me a couple of times in the past but I've never been so smitten at first sight as I have with the FM60 Rin from Fairyland... Another is Doll Chateau's Lance who I plan to bring home sometime in the next year hopefully...
    20. There's definitely some I've seen that I do really like at first glance, however, I don't actually think there's a single doll in my collection right now who didn't need a little internal debate, extra photos, or something else to decide! Some of my favorites in my collection, in fact, I didn't care for at all when I first started in the hobby and first saw them, but either over time or with seeing what others have done with them, I totally fell in love. Even my very first doll, the one who got me to take the plunge, I didn't truly love until I redid his faceup and got him looking different from his default pictures (which I regarded as "good enough for my goals").

      There's a few that I've seen where I do think "Oh, that's lovely!" on first glance, but not one of them has ever made it into my collection, so I don't think I can call those "love," either. :XD: