Love at first sight?

Jun 13, 2014

    1. Hmmm, there's a lot of dolls I like for one reason or another. But only a few made it home.

      Parabox Megu practically smile her way into my heart, She had the right amount of spunkines, livelness and cuteness that was charming.

      Technically Iplehouse Dexter. The bearded cowboy caught my attention for his resemblance to Snake/Big Boss, around that time I just got into the Metal Gear series. But the clean shaven basic edition version charmed me into giving up the chase for Soom Sabik and even outsmile the charming Iplehouse Chase. I would not have gotten my first huge resin bjd if not for Dexter's charms.
    2. It's only worked out once that I saw a doll and bought it as soon as I could, so I try to avoid the "love at first sight" as much as possible. I've sold several dolls because of it. For whatever reason they didn't turn out to be what I thought in person. If there's a doll that I really want, I put it on my wish list and try not to change my current doll plans to buy it right away. If I still want it after a while, months or so, then I'll work it into my buying order that I have semi-planned out. Sometimes even after that, I'll end up changing my mind and removing it.
    3. omg yes.. when i saw my doll Aria i knew i had to buy her.. it took me 3 months to save up for her and as soon as i paid for her.. i was like jumping off the walls. when she showed up i pretty much ran as fast as i could home to open her.
      the doll/horse i ordered 2 months ago i also saw and fell in love.. i paid that day.. i was saving for one other doll i fell for.. but this one i HAD to have before it was sold out.. now im waiting and looking every day to see if its shipped or not lol.

      just also saw a doll 3 days ago i feel in love with.. she will be my next.. hoping to pay for her this week.. i cant wait!!!

      i tend to only buy dolls i MUST have.. that way i know i will always love them and not want them. i did buy 3 Hujoo dolls i ended up selling cuz i didnt like them.. never again will i buy just cuz its cheap.
    4. I fell in love with AOD Qian when I saw her on DOA. She doesn't look impressed on website of company, but in real life, she's so awesome. She will be mine soon :wiggle
    5. Yes for my Souldoll Vito boy Lester.:D
    6. I wanted Loongsoul QingLi right away when I saw her. The other dolls I purchased I bought because they were in stock and I thought they were cute. QingLi was just gorgeous and I had to have her.
    7. I fell in love with ResinSoul's Mei at first sight. So now I have my gorgeous Aoife!:sweat
    8. I had love at first sight twice, sort of ... the first with my Soudoll Vito Sharics. I saw him and BAM I was setting up a layaway plan with Denver Doll without a second thought. While I was waiting for him to arrive I kept looking at the Souldoll Vito Lester and liked his grumpy expression more and more so I ended up ordering him several months later. The second love at first sight (or second sight) came when I got my Lester home. I couldn't believe what a stunning doll he is in person. He's by far my favorite doll.
    9. Oh yes, I had my first hardcore love at first sight recently with Volks SD Coco. Generally, I see a doll and just like them while they grow on me over time to the point I want to buy them. With Coco, I saw her and instantly knew I had to have her!
    10. I fell in love with the company photo's of my first doll pandora, a B&G Hera. But when I got her, I fell even more in love with her :XD:
      For now I am totally in love with Doll Chateau's Elizabeth. She looks so elegant with those thin-looking spiderlegs! I'm saving for her right now ^__^
    11. There's definitely been a few that were 'love at first sight' - my most recent purchase being a perfect example. I never thought I'd want a tiny but as soon as I saw the Honey Delf Pudding on the MP I just *knew* she was mine. There was another girl who was nearly as strong but eventually the Pudding won. :)
    12. forever Iplehouse Eric (tan) <3
    13. Sure did with my first doll. I just fell in love with his face and then his character :D And when he got home, I fell in love with the rest of his body too, he is just perfect
    14. Yes, my first doll: DOC Zen. I was lucky when I saw him and immediately fell in love with him! I knew in my heart he was the one and I was right. Up until now he is still my favorite. Then Rosetta-doll Zio was also love at first sight but he was out of stock...however, thanks to a great user from here, I was able to get him and I'm now very happy with him^^
    15. The first doll I now ordered was actually love at first sight. As was the first two dolls I wanted. The first doll I ever wanted was a DZ Cherry, but since she was discontinued before I got my hands on her, I fell in love with IS XiaoJi and I was really sure he would be my first. Until I got my eyes on a DF-H XiangJi. And since he will soon be discontinued too, I needed to get him because it was really love at first sight. So yeah, I had a lot of these moments already.
    16. Yes, i fell in Love at first sight. That happened with my first doll, Souldoll Shaun. I saw him on the site and i was just like- "oh my god". Then I saw he was in Stock at Think Pink and actually bought him on the same day.
    17. I'm so glad I'm not on my own :D I wasn't even planning on buying a new doll, I convinced myself that three was enough - but when I went onto the Migidoll website one evening when I was bored, I stumbled across their Ryo sculpt and brought him a few hours later. I just had that feeling that he was the ONE, you know? I'm still waiting for him to arrive and I can't wait because he is the first doll I have brought that hasn't been through a long process of elimination ^^
    18. Yes. Oh, gracious, yes. I was hemming and hawing about a 1/3 boy and I had browsed several companies and asked opinions from friends and family. I made the mistake of going to Iplehouse and saw Edan ;-; I instantly fell in love and knew he was the one (which only makes the wait for him that much more agonizing XD)
    19. So many! But the really ones i fell in love was minifee chloe vampire head
    20. It was my first doll, Souldoll Arina.
      She was so beautiful, I couldn't stand to buy her.