Love at first sight?

Jun 13, 2014

    1. I'm also very much in love with her! She's beautifully ethereal and like no other doll I know.

      I fell in love with La Legende de Temps' Roderich at first sight. It must be how regal and elegant he looks, but when I saw the company photos I knew I had to have him. (And mine's on the way~)

      Though my doll plans are usually not made based upon love at first sight.
    2. Soom Gluino vampire... goddammit I have been in love for years now but I only discovered this doll after he was out of stock... to this day I haven't found one for sale (only recasts, but they don't count) and I can't believe how I'm unable to get over it :...( I.just.can't.get.over.him!
      Another love at first sight were Unoa dolls <3 My favorite (girl) sculpts to this day!
    3. A few years ago I fell in love with the cute yosd I met at my very first doll meet. It was a volks yosd chinatsu :) I still want to have my own until now its just too cute!! But right now I'm waiting for my current love, Beyours Chestnut :)
    4. My first doll Dikadoll Finn was love at first sight I knew he was the one so I brought him 2 times because I love him so much I even brought him in different face-ups and colors.
    5. Doll Chateau Barbara was love at first sight 100%. I completely impulse bought her.
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    6. Volks Ryoya Konoe. He was the most beautiful doll I had ever seen. It took me many years to track him and his fullset outfit down but now he is sitting right beside me.
    7. When I first saw Bimong's Dandelion I fell hopeless in love. This would be my first doll that can truly be classified as a BJD.....There was only one other doll I have felt that way about......I have yet to get either.
    8. I know subjects similar to this have been discussed before, but what they hey, we like talking about this stuff, right? I doubt I would be in this hobby if it weren't for the strong emotional connection I felt when I first saw Volks SD16 Ami Ayase. I had been collecting Anime Figures, so I had seen Dollfie Dreams on some associated sites. But for me to buy a doll for myself?? Seemed quite a bit out of character by my own reckoning.

      Ami's smile hit me like a hammer. *_* :aheartbea Finding one at a price I was willing pay took a bit of time & an acceptance adjustment on my part of what market valuations were. Ami was my first. My SDM Girls Chloe & Liz come very close to that same intensity of attachment. If the need arises, many other possessions will be disposed of before the dolls will be parted with.
    9. Love at first sight was what finally pushed me into the hobby after debating the cost and point of it with a friend who had a few off topic dolls but was shopping for her first BJD. I'd agreed that they were lovely and cute but couldn't wrap my head around the price tag that came with dolls.

      During one of our talks, she showed me Luts' webpage so she could show me the doll she really wanted and we ended up browsing a bit.

      That's when I saw the Ani sculpt for the first time. I've head people say since that Ani dolls aren't that unique or are over-rated, typical pretty faces but it doesn't change the fact that I just love my Ani boy. I fell in love with him and he ended up being my wedding gift from my husband and he's still my absolute favorite.
    10. Definitely love at first sight for me. I fell for Mirwen straight away a year ago (and now she's mine). More recently i looked through hundreds of dolls online and there was only one that i fell instantly in love with... Iplehouse Bianca (the addiction, grey skin) <3
      And then again with Souldoll Isla - i never wanted a 1/6 BJD but i fell so in love with her face that i just had to!
      Thankfully i don't fall in love with BJD dolls too often - so far :D

    11. Me too! I first saw Elizabeth in a BJD panel at an anime convention. Everyone was freaked out by her but I was absolutely captivated! That got me looking into Doll Chateau and now I have fallen in love again with Stacy. She's so beautiful and she is who I am currently saving up for (vet bills take so much out of doll money ;_; ) it might be a long while before I get her but I'm already planning her outfits and a dreadlocked wig....*sigh* Doll Chateau is so expensive but they seem worth it. :)
    12. There are a few...the first bjd I fell hard for DOD Si but that faded when I saw MNF Shiwoo I own a vamp shiwoo head but I still want the standard version someday (those chubby cheeks!) And then theres my grail dolls the Volks Hewitt the very first volks doll I saw and Unoa lusis & sist. I love unoa dolls they're so graceful & ethreal looking.

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    13. Did you mean Soom Koori? Did you mean Minifee Rin? I didn't even care I didn't the money at the time, I would sacrifice other pleasures just to those 2 at the time. But yes, I have numerous times fallen in love with a doll that I couldn't resist, where as other times I left it to the last minute to go forth and buy them.
    14. It happened to me very recently. I was looking on the Souldoll site for something totally different, but I came across their Vito line dolls. Instant love, even more so because I was thinking about shelling certain OC's at that point. And he was perfect for that. Bought him a couple of days later although I swore to never do an impule buy again in my life.
    15. I've had it both ways, where I've fallen in love immediately, and then the other way around where I was looking for a doll to fit a character and found a doll that was perfect, but it wasn't that "love at first sight" feeling. I would say the majority of my dolls are love at first sight, some more extreme than others.

      Luts KDF Summery 10: Love at first sight
      Luts KDF Lolly (untold story): Love at first sight

      Luts KDF Cherry: Fit my character
      Soom Wave: Love at first sight (to a lesser degree)
      Luts TDF Dorothy: Fit my character
      Luts SDF Noelia: Love at first sight
      Angell Studio Kara (sp): Love at first sight
      Soom Feny: Love at first sight
      Luts TDF Gretel Elf: Love at first sight (to a lesser degree)
      Luts KDF Maska: Fit my character
      Luts KDF Berry: Fit my character
      Soom Quartz: Love at first Sight
      Soom Beyla: Love at first sight

      I think I got everyone!!
    16. Yes! I live in a small town and I didn't know absolutely nothing about bjd's, until one day I saw a homemade bjd... in that moment I began to research about this beauties, but there is so many of them that is overwhelming... so I began to collect images of them. Eventually I realize there was a special doll who caught my attention, I had a lot of different photos of the same model, but didn't know which one was... until a week before, when I read a post of a girl asking for the name of that model in a dolls collector facebook page, and in that moment I discover that the dolls was a minifee, specially, Chloe! Maybe is not that fancy or uncommon, but like I said, didn't know anything about that. Since then, I join every forum, page and whatever researching about her, and now I'm actually saving to buy her!!!
      (Sorry if I write something wrong..)
    17. That happened with my Chiwoo boy. Originally I had no plans to buy a CP Delf whatsoever, until a friend of mine introduced me to her Shiwoo. Something about seeing one in person just flipped a switch, so I went searching in several places to buy one. I never found a Shiwoo, but I did find someone selling a complete Chiwoo special on a FB bjd selling group and the instant I saw him I was just done for, I had to have him. = w=;
    18. When I first started looking at BJDs with intent to buy one, Volks SD13 Mimi is the one I fell in love with at first sight, and knew I would have her someday. She was the fifth one I brought home, and the first girl. I still love her to this day.

      I have fallen in love at first sight with many of my BJDs from their sales pictures, and if I buy them, I always end up keeping them. If I feel doubts while looking at sales pictures, I have started to be wary, because I have ended up reselling nearly all those that I felt doubts about from the pictures.

      Sounds like it could have been disastrous, but THAT worked out really well!!

      Linda S.
    19. Doll Leaves Ethan. uvu
      Because I couldn't him in one full doll body, I took advantage of Doll Leaves' event this summer and ordered one doll and got the Ethan head as a gift. I think I am more in love with Ethan's face than his body because I've been thinking that he would look nice with a Little Monica body. <333
    20. I'm a very careful shopper, so I pitter and patter loads before settling on a doll, even if I love how it looks. I could forget about it in an hour or two.