Luts Delf Discussion - thread 2

Jul 16, 2014

    1. I actually did email Luts a few days back to ask if they were going to release any of the bigger CH molds, specifically Choa and Choye, because I would be delighted to have those girls on the Luts bodies. Both my Choas are on the old Custom House body and... honestly I disliked the body when it was new. Now that double-jointed bodies are common, along with things like heel feet and option hands, the old CH body is basically intolerable to me. However, my Choas are so mellowed that trying to find resin matches is a recipe for crazy (I tried for several years before just giving up). So a new Choa on a new Luts body would be my ideal solution.
    2. I also dislike the CH body! I have my Choa and Cebee on the CH body and I really don't care for it. I also have a CH Hyun girl hybrided onto the old delf girl body (the body from pre-fairyland split) and I really love the look of it. Did you get a response from Luts? I would love more CH dolls on the type 3 girl body simply because I prefer the aesthetic of the type 3 over the type 5 (though the type 5 has grown on me since I first got it).
    3. @Cinnamon Crystal your yeon is so cute i love the color!!!!

      I actually had mine repainted by @rianne recently!
      (We did some optical illusion and gave her painted teeth this time!)

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    4. Oh wow, she is stunning! congrats, @keisu !
    5. We're on year 2 of owning her! She's been such a wonderful doll and obsession of mine.
      Although I have so many other dolls I always focus on her.
    6. She is so lovely, I can see why.
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    7. @keisu your Yeon is truly stunning!
    8. Thank you so much ; u ;
      I love her so much. Not many people own the sculpt so I'm glad I can bring her to life!!!
    9. Wow! She's stunning! Her pose is super adorable! :blush
    10. Here's a new photo of my Vincent. :blush


      I've posted more photos on his profile page. :whee:
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    11. @Snow White He is gorgeous! :D

      Here's a new photo of my Tokuji! :blush

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    12. Thank you! Your Tokuji is looking gorgeous too! :whee:
    13. Can someone give me a review of the posing ability of Delf type5 girl ( lutsdoll co.,ltd. ) ? I like the fact that she has double joints in the elbows and knees, is a multipart torso, and has a thigh joint that lets her bring her knees up to her chest, but I'm curious to see how well she hold poses since she doesn't have the buttons in the shoulders or thigh joints like the Senior Delf 65 boy body (which I have).
    14. I don't think I've had any problems with them holding poses?
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    15. I really don't know what happened with some of the photos, I'll have to do some research...
    16. I have a technical question for all you delf larger doll people. I just pre-ordered a delf Arwen with normal skin in the type 5 body. Are these delf dolls considered Senior Delfs. From what I can see they are in a different class so I don’t know where to read/write about her in this Forum. There is a large thread about delf seniors but not one about these dolls except here. Is this it? My searches didn’t help because “delf” picks up everything!
    17. @Dollquest You are in the right place!
      The Delf line is just Delf.
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    18. Yay!!! Thanks! It took me a while to figure out that Arwen is not a Senior Delf and that there was a “Delf” designation!
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