Luts Delf Discussion - thread 2

Jul 16, 2014

    1. So, I put the question out to the general community here and peeked in my doll. There is separate stringing for the legs so I wouldn't have to completely restring her. Her leg stringing ends at pegs up in her hips. For the heel legs, I would need some shorter elastic bands since they would connect from the hips to the knees instead of from the hips to the foot. This is doable. I am going to order the heel legs.
    2. Really? I'll have too take a closer look at my Isabella @Dollquest
    3. If anyone's interested, here's a body comparison of:
      Left: Fairyland Feeple60 Moe Lishe high heel (left) NS, wig size 8/9
      Middle: Old Luts CP Delf Soony NS, wig size 9/10
      Right: New Luts Delf Annamarie type 3 body pureskin normal 2021, wig size 9/10

      Large size image:

      The new delf type 3 body is nearly identical old CP delf, and a good replacement for the CP delf body if you can do something about the resin match.
      Very slightly longer legs and arms. Slightly larger hip joint and more graceful where shoulder and knee joints connect. Obviously paler, Pureskin Normal is not a resin match to CP NS. Resin is quite toothy, feels like a fine grit sandpaper. Old delf is plasticy smooth.
      They all fit SD10/13 girl shoes and clothes from Tree Design, Nine9style, and TTYA.
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    4. Got a new pic of my Anya (Delf Annamarie) now that I'm figuring her look out a bit more ^^
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    5. Oh my favorite 2 colors.... OK, one of my favorites since youth, are pink and grey, and she looks so beautiful in it @juumou
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    6. @juumou she's so cute! The delf girls need more attention! Thank you for sharing her!

      Here is a picture of Siduri, my Ann.

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    7. Your Ann is so cute! Where is her top from if you don't mind? :)
    8. Thank you! Of course I don't mind! It's by TTYA :)

      It's much longer than it looks in that picture. You can get a better idea of the length in this one:

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    9. @juumou , She's beautiful! I agree with @IngieBee , I love gray and pink together.
      @malvinas Siduri is really pretty too and I agree, our Delf girls do need more attention. I need to get some new pictures of my Arwen.
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    10. @Dollquest yes please share your Arwen! I've been toying with the idea of adding one to my collection for awhile now and would love to see more owner photos!
    11. Arwen is my favorite I think, so much personality. I ended up getting Isabella because nobody seemed to have her back then and I really wanted to see what she's like. Turns out she is really cute, but Arwen is more interesting I think :D

      and with that, I'll post a bit of spam :D
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    12. @IngieBee your Isabella is adorable! She's far cuter than the luts photos make her seem! Your girl reminds me of Anne of Green Gables if her story was set in the modern day.
    13. @IngieBee I like your Isabella a lot. She has personality! Funny story about my Arwen - She was the first Resin BJD I ordered and I didn't know what I was doing and I thought I was ordering her in brown skin but instead I ordered her in normal skin which for Luts is very pale. So the character I was shelling doesn't really work now. The other day I was switching wigs around and traded her red-brown wig out for a dark brown (almost black) wig and I think I like the look. Maybe she'll go Goth. I did not get to photograph her today though unfortunately. I was out running errands and they took much more time than originally planned so hopefully tomorrow.
    14. Aw, thanks, you know... Just gave me an idea, LOL ... Except it involves buying yet another wig:doh

      @Dollquest yes, it's pretty pale! My Isabella is NS too. The one look I love as much as redheads with freckles is pale with black hair, both types of people are abundant in the British isles :love:love
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    15. Wow She is really cute.
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    16. @malvinas , I missed commenting on your gorgeous girl, I love her beautiful eyes!!
    17. Here is my Delf Arwen. I am really nicely surprised at the look this wig gives her. It is very Scottish or Irish.

      [​IMG]IMG_3068 by Jane K, on Flickr
    18. Oh she is so lovely @Dollquest I love that wig, it's beautiful! And a sweet long cardigan :D
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    19. @malvinas Where did you get jeans to fit your Delf? My 1/3 jeans are not wide enough at the hip/waist for her. I would love her to have a pair of jeans.

      @IngieBee Thank you! I like the cardigan too. It always seems to be on one of my dolls:lol:
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    20. The jeans are by Mio who unfortunately hasn't been around for many many years at this point. They also don't actually snap closed haha. The shirt is just long enough to hide that fact!

      What body do you have? Type 3 or type 5? If it's the type 3 sd13 girl jeans from ttya should fit okay. They'll be tight and will need to be unbuttoned for her to sit but standing they will close. Type 5 they won't even go up all the way though.
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