Luts Delf Discussion - thread 2

Jul 16, 2014

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    1. My Joe, Etienne, arrived last week and, after rejecting all other wigs and eyes (to the point where I was beginning to worry that he wasn't going to like... any... of them...), decided that he'd quite like to be a green eyed redhead. :)


      I'm seeing... attitude! ;)
    2. Hello, I'm new here and I would like to present my first doll LUTS Delf Arwen. I hope I have correctly placed the photo
    3. kalhirst Your Nina's faceup is amazing!
      talithax Your Joe looks super sassy! It's nice to see these guys hitting the board!
      brunettka Your Arwen is adorable! Good choice! ;)

      Haven't stopped by in a while, but Portia's still doing her thing. Today she got new sparkly eyes and had a tea party. XD

    4. Arwen party! I never see enough of them or any of the new Delfs around!

      Here's my girl Astrid <3

    5. omg I just saw they are releasing 4 new dolls from their new 65 line, Luts finally! you are overdue for a 65cm body when most of the companies have this range for a long time. I'm glad that now I have another company to get 65cm bodies from!
    6. Holy crap. Cyan is gorgeous. I'm in love. If Luts offers him on the Delf My Choice I may not be able to resist. ;-;

      I can't wait to see what Ash and Ginger look like!
    7. karrigankat, Astrid is so nice!
      with new eyes, she is vivid and mysterious!:thumbup
    8. Ginger is up. I love all the 65 boy sculpts so far especially Carmine!! I have this feeling that my wallet is going to bleed... *cries Why don't they offer individual heads.... ;; v ;;
    9. I've been watching the new Senior 65 boys... I'm wondering if Luts ended up getting the rights to the Infiniti Doll SID boy body design. So far, I see that the hands are identical. ..
      I've already asked Luts to post body photos. The nicely asked that i "wait for a moment". :P
    10. I had that thought too. Honestly, something similar would thrill me. *crosses fingers
    11. Yeah. .. part of me hopes that Luts might revive this great boy body design. . And part of me is still sad for Infiniti Doll.
    12. I hope those heads are compatible with delf bodies and similar sized bodies. I don't like how big the hands are vs the heads ;v;
    13. The hands kinda seem proportionate to me, maybe a little big, but seeing as Luts is trying to sell the Junior Delfs on Senior Delf bodies…I think this ratio is a lot closer to true than that one :XD:. I love this design by the way, the head sculpts and the bodies, everything about these guys is great, and I think a little unique to this line so far. I'm not getting an uber Luts vibe from the face designs, which I think this time around is a good thing, though they clearly still have a little of it in there. Carmine and Ginger I think are my favorites, but I can't wait to see owner photos, I hope a good amount of people take advantage of this promotion!
    14. Ok The new boy body pics are up.
    15. Oh, those body pics are nice, but I'm a little sad. The body is far too muscular for the character I want to shell. I hope Luts has plans to offer the heads separately because I absolutely love Cyan. ;-;
    16. I am ALL for this! Because you know the engineering on the joints (unless they just won custody of the body and are reprinting it) is going to be a thousand times better. That body looked fab and had trouble standing that the SSDF which looked exactly like it did not. I hope they tweak it a bit like they did with the Delf-Delf bodies, because that would be rad!

      Meanwhile, DAT BODY. With those lovely hands, too! I love the SDFs, but their hands haven't been the same for me since LUTS inexplicably erased the vein details from them. Aaah so excited! (Is this the right thread to discuss this, or is there a DF65 thread? I don't wanna be that guy.)

      On new new Delf topic, Portia got a new dress in a trade. And I pinned up her hair because it's down to her knees and explode-y. She's so cranky and cute!

    17. Ooo! I love this new photo of Portia! That dress on her and the background colours! Why is she so beautiful?! :O

      And... yeah, maybe we need to start an new discussion thread? I'm off to do stuff now, but if anyone starts it, let me know! <3
    18. Aaaah ! I just saw the future release of Senior65 Delf, I'm so happy to see this ! Finally an intermediary size between Delfs/SDF and SSDF ! I hope they'll do a MyChoice with these bodies, it's exactly what I wanted to embody a new character ?
    19. Yeah! That's an excellent size for boys. It works with the petite Delf girls and and the taller SDF girls too, I think.

      I've asked Luts about My Choice for the Senior65 Delf boys, and they said they don't have plans for that yet. I'd say, if other people showed interest (ie: asked them on the Q&A), I'd be they would make it available soon. :)