Luts Delf Discussion - thread 2

Jul 16, 2014

    1. Hum, it would be nice ! Well, I'm going to ask them too, hoping they'll release them one day :)
    2. I just asked them about it, too. It's my hope to get Carmine's head on a Delf body. They haven't responded yet, though... I would be so happy if they could get them onto the My Choice list for the winter event. :3
    3. Does anyone have an Ann (maybe it tan skin!)? I've been looking everywhere for photos
    4. Salmon, if you do a search for Delf Ann on Flickr a couple pop up! She's cute!
    5. Oh yes, I didn't thought about winter event, it would be so nice if they could do so ! *^*
    6. brunettka, your Arwen is gorgeous! I love the pose you put her in.
      karrigankat, I love Astrid! She has such gorgeous eyes, and looks all ready for winter! :3
      Amet, I'm just going to stand over here and fangirl Portia as usual XD That dress is LOVELY on her, and the colors suit her really well.

      I'm late to the Arwen party, but here's my girl, Aster, nonetheless! She's modeling a hat my wife knit <3 And I'm so happy with the lighting in this picture, finally!

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    7. Hi, everyone~ Does anyone know if there are any owner pictures of Delf Isabella? I really like her mold and would love to see more pictures of her. Thanks! :aheartbea
    8. Hello everyone. c:
      I just got my Delf Joe less than a week ago and thought I'd share a picture.


      His name is Chico and he's in brown skin. (Not that you can tell with the black and white picture. OTL)
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    9. RainbowCheckers - He's adorable! Please post more of him :D
    10. RainbowCheckers, Chico is so cute! I love those floppy bangs.

      My Aster got some new clothes for Christmas! Both the coat and top are from Dollmore. I think she rocks them.

    11. Hi all! New to the thread here. I got my Delf Claus, Koto, on New Year's Eve :D At this point he's just a head on an old cloth body, but hopefully here soon I can get him a nice resin one.


      I'm also hoping to get Aragorn and Arwen sometime this year. They're beautiful sculpts!
    12. KisakiSama ~ congrats!! I am totally partial to Claus/biased but yours looks great! I am very curious about this cloth body you speak of....

      I actually (FINALLY) got around to getting pictures of my Claus - Jean / Phoenix - in her fabulous new wig she got in like, August XD
      Better late than never?? Maybe?


      I love it. If it wasn't such a pain she'd wear it all the time! I do wish it had a little more red in it tho. But what can you do?
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    13. VampireAngel13 - I love that wig! Definitely makes me think of a Phoenix. I also really like those eyes!

      As for the cloth body, it's this one from Luts. Many years ago I bought it off a member here on DoA who sewed some "joints", removed some stuffing, and attached some resin hands to it instead of the plain cloth ones. It works in a pinch if you have a floating head laying around!
    14. Omg that just went into my wish list. It's just fantastic!! I don't even know why I need it...I just do.

      And thanks! I've been thinking of changing her eyes to some green Mako's I got in a trade, but I'm afraid I'd miss these if I did....maybe I'll do it for a little while and see how I like it.
    15. I am excited I get to hang out in the old and new Delf threads since I'm bringing home a previously loved Arwen. She's been a secret crush of mine forever but hadn't been a priority since she was always available. I decided it was time to upsize my only kdf and Arwen has the perfect matching face to do so. <3
    16. Has anyone noticed any yellowing/greening in their tan dolls since you go them (especially if you've had them for over a year)?
    17. Congrats! I hope you'll share pics when you get her!

      I haven't. I've had Jean for over a year, and she(/he) was technically she's older than that. I also have an OT Fabric Delf in RSB who I've had over a year....I have him in front of me now and he looks just like he did new.

      Another of Jean in her fire wig!


      She does look yellow here XDD but everything is yellow. Cause of the fire. Yeah.
    18. That's good to hear... I'm hoping to get a light tan Delf soon, so I'd love to hear how the tan holds up for other people over time ^^
      I also have a tan skin SDF and his dark tan looks just fine after 1.5 years.
    19. Recently, I just received senior delf boy body type 4.
      And I think, it's balance is very good.
    20. Oh boyh.. :sweat I really like the William sculpt. I also really like the Delf body. But last time I bought a SD sized doll were in 2012, and haven't since because I now prefer the MSD size. My size limit would be Vito boys and ID51 boys.

      But it sure is tempting though to own at least one delf boy and one SSDF boy. My SD girl could really need some friends!

      I'm not so sure I can forget about about William. And SSDF Cane are just so handsome<3 Both of them have been on my mind for a while. Really miss having a Delf boy to..

      Such a difficult choice :| I still enjoy very much the SD size. But I don't want to have to many of them around because of the size :sweat