Luts Delf Tan Dark Elf Soo Discussion

May 17, 2006

    1. Heheh... Now she's REALLY a Dark Elf Soo!!! :cool:

      Very, very tempting....!!!

      (hmmm--chatting in the news section! so sorry, I can't help it!!!)
    2. She's not very dark, boo. XD

      And, uh, isn't it a little early to complain about how horrible this new waist joint is? O_o I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that nobody has played with it yet. :roll:
    3. So far the luts pics have been VERY light compared to the actual thing - check out tanning lishe pics - so I'm ASSUMING (and of course, I may be wrong) that she will be just as dark as tanning lishe.

      And I do know what you mean about us griping - however, my ryung has that kind of a joint, and I do NOT like it. I'm thinking of swapping her for a small bust if I could in fact... so, I think people aren't just complaining randomly, some of us have experience with this kind of joint and don't like it. :(
    4. I either don't like it much on boys. It's true the torsos look great to bodyblush and to make naked pictures, but they loose articulation... I really like when the dolls bend forwards, as if 'arching' the back, and with that waist joint, they barely can do it .
    5. I could care less about how poseable or not poseable the new body is. I don't think it *looks* as good. I think having the joint there really breaks up the line of the body in nude pictures and then you don't have sexy hip bones. It just seems more logical to have the joint right under the rib cage than at the hips. Also, is it just me or is her chest different too? She seems to have more of a push up bra thing going on creating more cleavage than even the older mature body had.
    6. OMG! she's pretty! *____*
      but I want, I want a tan Miyu! XD
    7. I haven't had a chance to look at the new pictures, so I have no opinion on the body, but:

      Somebody get her and make her into Leetah so I don't have to! ;P
    8. Let's not forget that Luts goes nuts with the lighting in their promo pics. Tanned El and Lishe both look really, really dark in owner pics than in the "official" ones.

      It's not just you. Her chest looks different to me too. It has the same shape as the boobs on the mini fee girls, if you ask me. (Which also has that lower waist joint...)
    9. OMG! I love you! :D
    10. Where are pictures? The link links right back here.
    11. The first several posts were moved here from the "News" thread, so that might be why.
    12. Yeah I thought the new body looked a lot like a larger version of the mini fée one too.

      I wonder why they decided to change it. I mean it doesn't seem like there are really any improvements, it's just different. It would be nice if they let people chose which body version they liked better. I hope they still offer the old body at least in optional parts if they do start using this low waist joint one for thier dolls.
    13. Ah, cool. Lovely, but not my taste.
    14. Pretty~
      I was wondering when she would come out I mean they had that one picture of the tan Dark elf soo on the one site oh I cant rem the name.(is brain dead atm)
      The new body is nice but I like orginal one ^^
      If they do start start selling those new bodies on the norm skin and Bw, maybe they should have a choice between new and old bodies when buying a doll.
    15. Considering that they've said they're keeping the old-style-head-attachment bodies in stock as optional parts, I'd consider it a good bet that they'll keep the torso-jointed girl bodies in stock as well.
    16. I think the dark appearance of Luts tans in owner photos is all a lighting issue. My Tanning El was soooooo light. I hated it soooooo much that I sold the poor boy. Luts Tans are really not dark at all!
    17. OMG I want her so much!!! I didn't care for any of the other tan dolls so far, but Dark Elf Soo is absolutely amazing. OMG... damn you Luts! *shakes fist*
    18. Too bad I need a tanning boy and not a girl... for some reason, she's very captivating!

      I'm not sure I'm a fan of the new body either. From that angle, it makes her hips look kind of small. Most of the reason I love the luts girl bodies is because of their curvy hips <3

      But shoot, Luts has like released 5 dolls in a row! Has anyone else noticed this :'D?
    19. :/ not too fond of the new body. It's what steered me away from the MNF. Buut... I might have to give if they did a tanning elf lishe.... >< I wishe I could get her in a small bust though. *went through a lot of trouble to get her lishe to have a small bust*