Luts Delf Tan Dark Elf Soo Discussion

May 17, 2006

    1. That would be awesome, wouldnt it?
    2. o.0

      Must. Have. Tanned. Soo!

      Okay... SO not cool. SO SO SOOOOO not cool. I really want her, and my credit cards are all dolled out ;( you think her noodle is smaller than the regualr DES like tanned Lishe's is smaller than regular Lishe..?


    3. I don't remember who, but someone painted a regular DES head up as a boy, and while he looked effeminate, he also looks pretty damn masculine! :)
    4. I was actually going to do that with tan lishe at some point :P no elf ears, but perfect eyes/lips ^^
    5. Oh Tsuminaki! I'd love to see that! She's one of my favorite characters! :D
    6. Yeah, the new body makes me cringe... I didn't like the MNF much for that very reason. About the only kind of clothes I've seen that those body types really pull off wonderfully are ones that have a low neckline and are tight fitting. Like bikini tops and such.

      I was actually very fond of the older body type. >_>
    7. riversoblood, you must have gotten one that was off! The CP tan El I had was insanely dark! He was as dark as an African American friend of mine (who is in the medium to dark skintones!) X3

      Soo looks amazing in the darker skin, I'll be doomed if they make a tanned Miyu.
    8. I hope the pelvic piece on the new body doesn't make her wobbly like Hound. Other than that, I don't think the two bodies are much different. The new boobs are cuter though =D.
    9. I keep telling myself that no I don't want another girl ever, but damn if she isn't the bee's knees!
    10. I'm warming to the new bodytype... but I would love to see a non-jointed CP girl body as well. If thisone ever comes out in normal skin, I might mod one to have no torso joint?
    11. I would like to know if somebody succeeded in having Soo tanning, and if it were already put on sale or not still
      "@. @" thank you
    12. I would like to know if somebody succeeded in having Soo tanning, and if it were already put on sale or not still
      "@. @" thank you
    13. afflicted problem of computer. and I do not know how to remove a post
      "@. @"
    14. I don't think it's been up for sale yet. usually Luts announces the sale time on their website.
      Either that or I'm just terribly slow heheh...
    15. Yes, but for the Shiwoo MNF they did not do it and it is what frightens me. I hope that they did not make similar for Soo ¨. ¨
    16. The difference being the Shiwoo MNF is NOT being limited in any way. They tend to have a limited number of the tan dolls because of their difficulties with producing them. This does not mean the tan dolls are limited, they do eventually come back in stock. I do not believe that Tan Dark Elf Soo has in fact gone on sale yet, but she at least has price information up now. I really am grooving on her body. I want to make neckline plunging corsets for it. *starry eyed* No.... must not purchase another girl..... AAARGH!

      riversoblood I'm surprised you thought tan El was too light. When mine arrived he was so much darker than I thought he'd be. Plus, his grabby hands and eyes creeped me out. He moved on quickly...
    17. If you look at the "Luts Doll Re-stock" thread she is mentioned as being in and then out of stock again about 5 hours ago :roll:
    18. Yeah i saw her in stock
    19. I am SO JEALOUS! Yeah, I think you're right. I had to wait 12 weeks for my doll because Luts said he got scratched and they had to remake him. So maybe only the older batches had that lovely dark skin and I got shafted. I was SO MAD!