Luts Delf Tan Dark Elf Soo Discussion

May 17, 2006

    1. I was looking at Liria's site and saw that she has 10 Tanning Dark Soo and Tanning Shiwoo available until June 10.
    2. But it's better that they stop production than waste a whole bunch of materials trying to cast tanned dolls when it's just not feasible due to the weather. There's nothing they can do about that. It's just like how it's hard to use MSC/Dullcote/etc when the humidity is extremely high.
    3. Okay just so this newbie is perfectly clear. The summer break in producing tan dolls is just a hiatus right? They aren't gone forever right? Someone please calm my nerves and say they will return in late fall or winter!

    4. They will be back- just as soon as summer is over! :)
    5. Apparently they are stopping June 10?

      From Liria's site-

    6. Thanks for talking me off my ledge!
    7. Going back a little to the discussion on the new body, I don't think I'm a huge fan of it either. It looks fairly odd, and, if the posability is like the boy dolls, not as posable as the old body. If the minifees had bodies like the old mature one, I would die to get one. But alas, they seem to be switching to the hip joint style. I hope we can still get the torso jointed ones somehow... *crosses fingers*
    8. I'm thinking about making payments on a tan doll. Since it's not going to be paid off anywhere near June 10th, I wonder if I will have to wait until Fall for them to make my doll?
    9. I totally agree. I didn't like the luts normal mature body either at first but I warmed for it as time passed and now I love it because of those gorgeous hips. And in this body they're just... gone.

      And what is it with those boobs!? I mean seriously. I've hated the MNF boobs from the moment I first saw them. There's absolutely nothing natural about them as they look like they're help up by a very tight shirt ( or a push up bra, as said ) =__=;; Plus they look just weird in nude photos (and I'm a big fan or artistic nudity) so it's a real turn-off.

      When I first saw that body I started wondering whether the Tan Lishe has this version too? Or does she have the older one? Because I was actually considering getting her, but if she has this body as well, I will definitely not buy her x_x
    10. The older ones didn't. Here's a quick link to Tsuminaki's lj where she has pics of Mayu:

      But there's always the chance that the new tan Lishes being produced do.