Luts Senior Delf Discussion Part IV

Apr 26, 2016

    1. Does anyone here have the SDF type 5 body, or has been able to handle one? I've been trying to find a posing review of some sort, but have turned up nothing so far. I would really appreciate the help!
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    2. This is by far, the BEST Harley rendition I ever saw!! She looks amazing!!
    3. [​IMG]

      My '13 event head, Alastair~
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    4. anyone bought Sdf irene? or received the head?
    5. I feel like someone posted...something recently for an Irene. If I can find the post, I'll refer them here!
    6. Hello all,

      Sorry to jump in here so randomly, but I was wondering if I could hear some opinions on the posing of the Type 2/3/4 girl bodies or get a point in the direction of some that already exist? :kitty2 Thank you in advance!
    7. @Kattunge
      I took some posing pic some years ago - I will try and post it in a bit.
      I no longer have the doll, so I may not be able to answer any specifics though.

      Edit: Here
      (Type 2 body) The photos probably won't show up in any proper order either.
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    8. @Yumeiro - Thank you much--that was very helpful! :) Would you perhaps remember how easy it was to move her joints in general and to have her sit/stand?
    9. @Kattunge Very smoothly - LUTS are very good at making sturdy dolls, so I have not had any problems with any of their dolls.
      So except for the limited movements, she posed as well as she could!
    10. @Yumeiro - That's very good to hear--as long as she can do what she can do with little fuss, I'll be pretty happy I think. Thanks again for all your help! :whee:
    11. I have a type 3 body on my girl and she can NOT sit down at all without help. That body has the leg peg feature so the legs are attached with the string to a peg on each side of the hip with no notch or traction. She stands great and can pose well but sitting is a no. I remember a couple of people in the past commenting to me about it when I asked awhile back. Add some hot glue or kips and she poses great though. I have no complaints since I added hot glue to her joints. That's just my opinion on the body type i would get it again but type 5 is interesting.
    12. @Kimmichi - Ah, I'm not terribly surprised to hear that. I have a doll with a similar leg system and sitting issue. It's good to hear about the hot glue sueding though--I think I can handle that. :kitty2 Thanks much for your input!
    13. I would like to add that I did not do any modifications to my type 2. She could sit without issue too.
    14. I wonder what causes one to pose differently from another--perhaps stringing tension or ? :huh?: I'll just have to see how she is when she arrives, I guess. Thanks again everyone! I'll be back to post here after my girl arrives and settles in! :dance
    15. Does anyone have jointed hands on their SDF girls? I have a type 2 if it actually makes a difference....I think Harley is overdue for some weapon-holding. And she's jealous since Joker has them now.

      I've never had jointed hands for a girl, I don't even know where to look!

      I somehow missed this ages ago, but thank you!!
    16. @VampireAngel13 My first go-to would be dikadoll.
      I had a pair for my Kid Delf, way back. They were a perfect fit and the resin match was ok.
      But now... I do not know how their resin matches today, or how their hands would fit a senior delf.

      A good place to get an overlook on jointed hands, I would have to say is AC.
      From there maybe you could conduct some research into what fits and resin matching..? (if someone else does not have an answer)
    17. Yeah I have a lot of DK doll boy hands, but I've never even seen one of their girl hands before (in person. Also online really since I don't pay much attention to the female dolls D: ). I am kind of hoping that Soom will be a good fit (maybe I should go to that disscussion thread?) as that's what he has


      and they are literally my best behaved jointed hands. But so pricey D:
      And the wait omg. But worth it....
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    18. I just realized that my head, purchased as a Winter 2013, has 09-6 carved inside the headcap.
      I did hear that Summer 2009 and Winter 2013 are the same head, does this mean they actually used the same mold complete with date carving or I was just sold something for another?

      It's not like I'd be disappointed anyway because the 2009 head was the one I wanted, I'm just curious, did it happen to someone else?

      Also I was thinking of turning it into a boy, does anyone here have experience with matching with Dikadoll? Their bodies are those I like the most at the moment.
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    19. Does anyone know the neck measurements for the Luts Senior Delf Girl bodies?
    20. @lavalunar - I just measured my Type 3 body's neck and it was about 7.5 cm. :) Sorry in advance if that's not the body you were looking for.