Luts Senior Delf Discussion Part IV

Apr 26, 2016

    1. No, no that's very helpful!!! Thank you!! :3nodding: I thought their necks looked pretty slender, but couldn't find any measurements on the actual site hehe.
    2. @lavalunar - Glad to hear that and you're very welcome! :kitty2 They are definitely rather thin especially for the doll's height/overall size. Are you planning to make a hybrid of some kind?
    3. She's got a sweet little face :D she reminds me of my Minifee Woosoo a little.

      Drive-by Eden pic since it's been a while:


      I really need to get him a new wig that's less of an absolute terror to deal with lmao.
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    4. Me too! I was thinking I could use her as a normal version of Harley (pre-joker). I kind of want one to go with my non-Joker Joker...
      She's just so pretty!
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    5. can somebody please fix the links to the previous threads?thanks in advance.
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    6. Time to highjack this rather desolate thread! :XD: haha~

      Senior Delf Karis has caught my attention of late, he's got a really gentle boyish face which I love. I was wondering if anyone has pictures they can share of him with his default face up? It's pretty but looks like it could potentially be a little flat so I'm not 100% sold on it. I'm having so much trouble finding owner photos of him :eek:
    7. -gasp- I have a Karis!
      Now the question is do I have handy photos of him...

      Edit: [​IMG]senior delf karis preview pics :) by jenna schmied, on Flickr

      Here's what my Karis looked like when I first got him-- it was all temporary as He was supposed to be blind with gray hair. He's going a transofrmation again currently.
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    8. Yay~! Thanks for the photo @Fate. He definitely is a cutie, I might just have to put him on the wish list after all~ :)
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    9. Are there any other Senior Delf Waynes around? I've got a look for mine in progress but would love to see what other folks have done.
    10. Still in love with my luts Abadon GIRL on the impldoll idol large bust body - not sure about this wig though... And darn it I just noticed her eyelashes still need glueing on one eye - thankfully I found them buried in a microfibre cloth I used to wipe the dolls with! Head is from the MP here - sorry I forget who from :aheartbea

      [​IMG]Sarah's new wig? by elve, on Flickr
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    11. she is soooooooo beautiful !!!!!


      do anyone have any picture of black ?
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    12. Hi everyone :) I got my first full Senior Delf girl in today.

      Edit: It would help if I named her sculpt :sweat She is a Judith Frost Annette.

      I don't like her eyes so I'll be changing them.
      Her shoes literally fell apart as I opened them; the heels came unglued, the soles peeled off and they were extremely yellow.
      In the picture she's wearing a pair of Loongsoul's transparent resin shoes so she will be sticking with those.
      No name for her yet. I am dying to dress her in Souldoll's Bella's dress but I haven't dug it out yet.

      Does anyone know how Souldoll Zenith clothing fits on Senior Delfs?

    13. Hi everyone! Just popping in to say hello now that I've ordered my first senior delf girl. I fell in love with the senior delf Ann and knew I'd regret letting her pass by. I'd liked the delf Ann for a long time, but there was something very Miyu like about her face that worried me since I already own a delf Miyu. But the senior delf Ann with the default faceup was perfection. I got the type 5 body because it has the under bust joint. I've had a single piece torso girl before and she was always tricky to restring and pose so I though I'd try to avoid that.
    14. Who else has been... surprised... by a sculpt that, to be perfectly honest, they once never wanted anything to do with?

      At the time, the official Luts photos for their 2016 Winter Event Senior Delf head left me completely unimpressed.

      Then, a couple of weeks ago, one - complete with official face-up, and still wrapped as it would have left Luts, so no 'styling' to colour your impression of it - popped up on eBay for a great price and, suddenly, I found myself quite liking it. So, after a week of dithering, I hit 'buy' and it arrived this week. :)

      I have no 'look' in mind and am just playing at the moment, and he has no name, but all in all I'm quite pleased...

      (He's on a Delf Type 4 body...)

      [​IMG]8AFECDBE-B5CD-47FF-A255-69A6E4BA88C1 by Talicat7, on Flickr
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    15. @talithax, I love your 2016 Winter Event head! Such a cute face. I have one too. :D I still need to paint him but since he doesn't have his own body yet its not really a priority.

      However, I did finally paint my 2015 Winter Event head! He's the same sculpt as the 2016 version but with fully opened eyes. I found this particular head for very cheap on the marketplace. He's on a Fantasy Doll 60cm boy body.

      [​IMG]Introducing Sylvan by Northwest Faery, on Flickr
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    16. [​IMG]
      Seth, my senior delf karis, hanging out next to me in his pajamas! :whee: I am moving soon and getting a new desk that will have a secure place for him to sit next to me all the time while I'm at my computer!
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    17. Solely because nothing motivates me quite like Halloween, here's Ethan, my Senior Delf Quintus (on a Type 4 body) dressed as P.T. Barnum from the Greatest Showman and sitting in his own, temporary diorama.

      [​IMG]F6468F3E-F44E-4C9F-8807-83E1B25C1CE1 by Talicat7, on Flickr
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    18. Hes so gorgeous. nnggg I love quintus ;-;
    19. If anyone was wondering about the sudden sold-out status of Kathy: