Luts Senior Delf Discussion Part IV

Apr 26, 2016

    1. @Mareepu, your girl is looking amazing and really rocking those dark eyes! And congrats on your upcoming brown skin Bliss. I love brown’s positively yummy. I have my own SD65 Limited elf Storm in brown skin.

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    2. I ordered Xylon in brown skin, he will be my first Luts doll! I'm glad they did a special release for him too, I was tempted to buy a SD65 boy when they had their 18% off sale but I really wanted a Xylon and couldn't validate buying a boy I might not love 100%.
      I hope I can get a body for him soon, I kinda wish they'd offered it with the head as an option, but oh well. I could have ordered it separately, but it's $70 more so I'll just stalk the MP.

      About Diez, I haven't seen a romance version before, so I think it is a new sculpt. So exciting you're getting both!! Have you asked if they would be willing to combine shipping for you yet?
    3. I really wish they offered a body as well. Buying a body separately turned out to be pretty expensive like you said, so he's going to be a floating head for a while lol. I am SUPER excited about your brown Xylon though!! Please post pictures of him, I wanted to see him in brown so bad but I think I and everyone else got him in normal xD Are you going to put him on a Luts body or another company?

      Yay I think so too!! I'm so excited I haven't even thought about asking them for combined shipping. I should try thank you for bringing that up :D
    4. @Littlebirdzoom - I hope they do combine it for you, I feel like they should since it's the same event. They may not allow the 50% off both orders though, but I hope they do. :-)
      I'm a softie for tanned dolls so I knew I had to get him in brown especially since they are so generous as to not charge extra for it. He is so cute the way they styled him so I hope the faceup translates well on the darker skintone, I think it will though. Leap of faith! I'll be sure to post photos of him, I ordered an outfit and shoes for him already! :XD:
      I plan to put him on the new slim body from Luts if I'm lucky enough to find one in brown, I like the body and I want it to match the skintone exactly.
    5. @taykung Thank you! It'll be interesting to see how the resin changed in the last 9 years.

      @PoeticSoul !!! Your Elf Storm looks so gorgeous and regal.

      Last night I got a shipping notice for my Bliss, so I should be getting him soon! I'll be happy to show everyone when he comes. :dance
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    6. Congrats!! I ordered romance Diez with faceup in brown skin, but he will be in a SSDF because I have this body here in that skin color
      Xylon is gogeous too!
    7. Luts had my full love every since I saw the Diez floating around the internet. Finally was able to grab him for myself during the 18th sale and he is just gorgeous in so many ways.

      I don't know what I'm doing having him holding my phone but... oh well..

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    8. Ordered the romance version! Very underwhelming pictures for a new version of one of their most popular. Huh. But now my two most loved are finally coming home. I adore Luts, but amazingly don't own any sculpts right now. So super excited I got the ones I wanted. Ended up ordering Diez in brown too! :D
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    9. @Sachiko14 , what a beautiful phone stand. :lol:

      @Littlebirdzoom , congrats! I can't wait to see them when they come. :)


      My Bliss came last night! I put up the box opening just now. Here's a preview:

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    10. How sweeeet~ Is that the new 65 body? I can't quite tell, but it suits him. Are you going to do his faceup or commission someone?
    11. @Mareepu, wow! He’s a stunner in that skin color! So handsome!:)
    12. @Littlebirdzoom I think this is the old 65cm body? The new body looks much more muscular :o

      @Mareepu he looks amazing in brown :whee:
    13. Actually this is the newer SD65 body. This is one of the rare instances in BJDs where the company reissued the body with fewer muscles for a younger, slimmer look. The original SD65 body was more muscular.:)
    14. Ah you're right. I was confused about the new body type 1 (muscle) and type 2 (slim) instead of new body vs old body :XD:
    15. @Littlebirdzoom , @PoeticSoul , @Sachiko14 , Right, it's the new Slim version of the body. :) I thought the slimmer body might suit his more androgynous face.

      I might commission someone for him. It's going to take a while, because I'm not done working on Sima, but as soon as she's done, he'll be ready to start being worked on. I've got many ideas.... :mwahaha
    16. I have this luts abadon head coming but am unsure of what size to order for a custom wig .I saw the size on DOA says 8.7, but girl I bought from as a 2008 abadon head and said hes 23cm. My head is from 2012 though if that makes a difference. I've never had a luts doll and am really trying to order an awesome wig for him so I ordered 8.75 this morning but now I'm concerned that might be to small. Can anyone tell me if I should up the size. The wig is going to be done by frapzilla studios if that helps.
    17. If I recall correctly 23cm is still only 9inches, matching other Senior Delfs who usually fit 8-9inch wigs and LUTS tend to be pretty true to their listed measurements from my experience. The wig should definitely fit your head even if it has a tiny amount of elasticity! :>
    18. I think it's none elastic. More of a hard shell wig. They did say it can loosen by about .5 cm if heated up from inside n molded to head.
    19. I now have my very first BJD, a Senior Delf Chloe. I had so many reservations about her size and weight but she’s not unwieldy. Her body is I guess a little “kicky” but I will do some more research to figure out what I can do about it. But I am terrified of breaking her!

      So far, she doesn’t have many clothes at all. But I do have many clothes from other off topic dolls so I tried on a few. They don’t fit perfectly but some are ok enough to pass as casual clothing for a spring day! I got this dress and little knit top from Etsy just for her though.

      I don’t understand why this particular doll isn’t more popular. She’s gorgeous! Company face up and the eyes she was sent with that I’m not going to change because grey eyes just... fit. I still haven’t figured out a story for her but she’s definitely keeping the name Chloe.
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    20. @Moonsugar Congratulations on your first BJD! Chloe is gorgeous. She is one of my favorite Luts girls. I'm so happy to see her here <3
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