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Luts Senior Delf Discussion Part IV

Apr 26, 2016

    1. @Moonsugar OMG she looks stunning. Congrats on having her :love
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    2. I haven't had much money for quite a while to buy BJDs and I have currently had to prioritize my more realistic BJD family. But I haven't stopped thinking about getting a few SDs from Luts oneday. Although I still can not order anything from Luts yet I've been googling for owner pictures to check out which sculpts I might want to get in the future.

      The Mathew face sculpt never were one that caught my interest the most. But you do not always know just from looking at the official pictures whether or not you actually like the face sculpt. So I googled for owner pictures and found this picture here.

      Super Senior Delf - Matthew

      I really love the doll in this picture, but is this really Mathew? His eyes seem more open in this picture than on the company pictures. Below is the company picture for comparison.

      Senior Delf MATTHEW

      Oh, and if anybody do have Mathew I'd really love to see some pictures if that's ok :)
    3. Ah never mind... :sweat I googled for SDF Mathew and found that picture above. I just missed the part that says it's a SSDF Regen :doh Wouldn't mind some Mathew owner pictures though as a half closed eyes sculpt would be nice to have as well.

      But a Regen on a SDF or SD65 body however have been on my wish list for quite a while anyways. At least I found another reason why he'd be a good choice :)
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    4. @Moonsugar Oh my gosh!! She's wonderful, congrats on your lovely Chloe!
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    5. My Xylon came in today and it was instant love! I'm thinking about naming him Duncan, he hasn't decided if he wants to be a sandy blonde or a brunette yet, what do you think? He is on the Peak's Woods Dandy body in Suntan skin and it's not a bad match IMO. Although, I might upgrade him to the new slim Luts body if they do a special anniversary discount again.

      It usually takes a few days to a couple weeks to connect with my dolls but with Xylon I was excited to get him dressed and take photos right away. I went with a refreshing sporty style like they had on the Luts website in preparation for his homecoming.


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    6. @faireva, what a gorgeous sculpt! And I’m really digging that sporty sun-kissed blonde look he has going on. His faceup is awesome! No wonder you fell in love with him so quickly.:)
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    7. @PoeticSoul - Thank you! I love your Storm as well, he has a very regal face, and the faun release was so magical.
    8. @faireva Oh wow! Your Xylon is super gorgeous! I really like how you style him with the second wig. :D I think his body is a good match! I thought it was a Luts body at first glance. :3nodding:
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    9. @taykung - Thank you! Yes, the body and the head look pretty similar, the Peak's Woods suntan is slightly peachy and the Luts real skin brown is more olive. There is a comparison photo in my flickr if you're interested, for those looking for a lanky body type it might be worth checking out.
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