Luts Senior Delf Discussion Part IV

Apr 26, 2016

    1. Congratulations! @DollieLovex3 He looks cool with the faceup. :3nodding:
    2. Thank you! The original owner requested a slightly different faceup from the the one offered with Loid, but I love it! I will most likely get it redone in the far future along with a lot of body blushing and some tattoos :D It'll be slow getting him together but once he is, I think it'll be great.
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    3. Hi! Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere or is in the wrong size.. ;u; ))

      I saw Luts is releasing Diez Amaro and Dolce for Shanghai DollyParadise. I’m wondering if anyone knows what size the sculpt is?

      Thank you!
    4. I think is the new Diez model size (msd)
    5. A proportional photo incase anyone is wanting to hybrid their Abadon head onto a girl's body. Well it works for me LOL - I really love this hybrid now I've found the perfect wig for her - a fa-tiao wig from ebay years ago I finally thought to try it on her and YES :aheartbea Faceup by Angel Toast - head from @snowgray on the MP a while ago. This is on the impldoll idol large bust female body, which I also bought from MP about 4 or 5 years ago. They are both in pink/normal resin but the impldoll body was from a particularly pale batch they did way back then - I've had pinker bodies from them more recently. As it is the resin match is brilliant though.

      [​IMG]Sarah's dress by elve, on Flickr
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    6. The new Diez(es) on SDF65 look amazing! And the faceups are $100! /pain
    7. Ah sorry for the late reply!! Thank you.

      Diez(es) are so tempting, I want all of his versions..
    8. Hi there! I was wondering if anyone owned the Senior delf type 1 body?? I'm looking into it for a hybrid and wanted to see what people thought of it. Thank-you!
    9. I'm curious as to what is different with this Diez vs the others? I have a romantic Diez, which is self explanatory, but I must be missing something. Is it a new faceup or a new version?

      Regardless Dolce is HANDSOME. I kind of want to use it as an excuse to get him in brown and share a body with the romantic version. I wonder if the faceup would disappear on the brown skin as it's very brown on its own
    10. I am so happy! All of Bash's outfit pieces and wig have come in the mail at last; now he is complete! If you're interested you can check out more of his photos here in this gallery post. I can't wait to add his doll profile :D

      Sebastian "Bash" Yoshiro

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    11. Thank you so much!! I am completely head over heels in love with him.
    12. Hello everyone! I've been taking a doll break for over a year now and I'm finally getting that feeling where I want to see my dolls again. uwu I was looking through my flickr and seeing the photos I took (that I completely forgot about) made me feel a surge of excitement. So I just wanted to share a photo with the rest of you, too.

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    13. Welcome back! I love getting that refreshed feeling when it comes to the hobby. I'm always inspired when I see others be excited about their resin babies. Your doll is so beautiful!
    14. Thank you! I've been taking it super slow since I burn out easily. It's been really great seeing my dolls out again (albeit one at a time). Also I clicked on your website in your signature. It really screamed happy dolly energy and made me smile. uwu
    15. I have a type 1 body. It's fully single jointed. I don't mind the legs but the arms do not have very many posing options as they are so you'd need to suede or wire them if you want more options. It's otherwise a cute body. Looks a bit feminine with some of the natural stances it makes but not so much when clothed.
    16. Thanks for checking out my website! I am glad it gave you happy vibes :D It makes me happy to share the photos and blog posts, even if I don't have any readers <3
    17. Wanna say hello and share my diez with you :XD: He is my first Luts doll


      His body in the photo was td68... I decide to change it to the sdf or sdf65 body but I’m still hesitant between them*_*
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    18. I love him! His faceup is fantastic and I love all the details on his outfit!

      I came here to see if anyone can give me Jean or Juniper spam. I am hunting for a good sculpt for an OC of mine and want to see more of these two girls to see if one of them would work.