Luts Super Senior Delf Discussion - Pt. 2

Jul 12, 2013

    1. Oooo, FridaLi, what a handsome boy! :aheartbea
    2. Thanks. It is very pleasant to me that Yan was pleasant to you.
    3. I'm so sorry I didn't spot this post before! I have a line-up of my dolls and the first two on the left are my SSDF Regen and a 60cm Dolkot Leaf. She is wearing big shoes though so you could probably take a couple of centimetres off.
    4. I could also help, zomjirate! I have a picture of my 58cm Ringdoll Julia with my Luts SSDF Cane. He looks much taller than her by comparison, but I liked this because it suited their relationship dynamic. xD Hope this is something along the lines of what you're looking for~

    5. I can't wait for the day I'll own my own Cane... TT3TT I swear guys, all your beautiful boys are just so wonderful!


      And here is my SSDF Avalanche, C, with my friend's Infiniti Ricky on a Crobidoll R-Line Evolve body -which I believe is 62-63cm? He's no girl, but still. My Avalanche's knees are slightly bent as he's leaning backwards though so it's not a clean comparison. Standing up straight his shoulder should be a couple of centimeters higher.
    6. I just got an SSDF body and sent a photo to my friend to show her the other SD boys in relation.


      Left to right is a 60cm, 57cm, 70cm SSDF, and 65cm. He is so much bigger than I was expecting!
    7. Hi everybody, this is my boy, his name is Yuya (13 summer event heat) and waiting my second ssdf Dion XDD
    8. Wow, Sakaki, Yuya is so beautiful!!! Great photo! :aheartbea
    9. Thank you, so happy to hear that XD
    10. Hi!! I'm new. Just wanted to ask if anyone could give me a photo of a sdf head on an ssdf body? Im planning to buy abadon, but I neer liked sdf body. So can nyone show me how they look when it comes to proportions? Specifically an sdf abadon head :)
    11. SDF heads are exactly the same in size as the SSDF heads ILikeSushi39, the Summery 13 above that belongs to Sakaki is considered an SDF head :)

      And while I'm here, here's a picture of Cadence >3< This thread and our big boys need more love!! >A<

    12. Hi everybody! ^w^ I'm currently waiting for a SSDF Flood in RSLT and I can't wait to be able to share him in this thread. It's probably gonna be a long while before he gets home, though. So in the meantime, I'm just drooling over everybody else's gorgeous big boys. ;)

      , Cadence is sooo handsome :D I love his wig.
    13. Oooh thanks! Now, Im never letting him go! :D yourcadence is sooo handsome! <3
    14. Congrats ChronicallySpaced!!! Flood is sooo gorgeous UAU;;;;; (and the Luts light tan and tan are so nice too ;v; )

      Thank you for your kind words for my C as well! xD (it's funny but I was just playing around with wigs and eyes when this happened... and he's claimed them since >A<; ) In a sense, he's one of the most special dolls in my household ;u;
    15. Thanks. ^^ Ahaha, it's funny how they take on a mind of their own like that. &#9829;
    16. I know it's been quiet in here for ages, but I just gave Orion (Abadon) a new face up and tried out a different wig on him. I really like this combo. He looks really sweet here. ^.^
      [​IMG]100_2776 by Lucky XIII, on Flickr

      Now I just need to get him those eyes in a size smaller. a bit too big, but they are the ones he's used since I got him <3
      In other news, I'd love to get the romantic Avalance in the brown skin tone! I've always liked him but thought his eyes were a bit too big for my tastes, then the romantic version came out and he's perfect. I need money, lol.
    17. Anyone see the new Super Senior Delf "Breeze" that Luts just put up as coming soon? :D He looks dang good! I want to order him when he's out so badly but alas, I am $200 short for a SS Delf right now. :(
    18. Thanks for interest Breeze, It's OK, he is not limited Doll so you don't need to rush. :D
    19. Guys? Guys.
      I would very much like to gush about this new beautiful elf boy with his ridiculous bat ears, please.
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