Luts Super Senior Delf Discussion - Pt. 2

Jul 12, 2013

    1. Oh my God, Storm is freaking beautiful!:...( His ears are amazing and so is his fullset outfit.:love Personally, I think his face is more suited to the gentler Delf body, and I'm betting those SSD hands will look like bear paws next to his face. That said, hands can always be swapped out!
    2. FYI, I've put in a Q&A with Luts to ask if Storm could be ordered on the SDF65 body (since they show him on this body in some of their newest clothing listings). I don't expect them to say yes, but thought it was at least worth asking!

      Edit: Yeah, no-go from Luts.:sweat Ah well, worth a try.
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    3. Hello, do any of you have pictures of the Breeze model? I find it beautiful and will like to see a little more of its potential. Thanks :)
    4. Does anyone here have pictures of SSDF GRIT? I've only seen a few pictures of him on Flickr and was hoping someone might have this guy. I'm thinking of putting him on the Delf body. Do the SSDF heads look funny on regular Delf bodies?
    5. SSDF and Delf bodies have different neck girth. I think it won't be good.
      The IGNIS head on the sd-body looks like a tadpole.
    6. @Mughi Are there pictures? Luts has SSDF head options for the Delf My Choice so I figured it wouldn't look too bad. ):
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    7. I see this thread is pretty dead. I'm hoping anyway that if anyone has a Breeze that they can post pictures of him. I've searched other places on the site but have not found anything for him.
    8. I've just bought a SSD Abadon head from @snowgray here on the marketplace and I do hope she doesn't mind what I've done with her beautiful boy - I'm not sure if he minds or not! Yes he's had a sex change :ablink: same neck size as the impldoll idol girl body I've had a few years now, although topping that generous bust, the Abadon head still looks stubbornly boyish I think! Well 'he' will have to get used to being called Sarah now - I do really love the sculpt (faceup by Angel Toast):aheartbea The neck mobility isn't brilliant but it is quite good - a bit stiff and I just hope the head hook doesn't crack it, as the slot is very wide!

      [​IMG]Sarah by elve, on Flickr
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    9. Just got a ssd secondhand and am trying to figure out any possible mods for better posing. I have yet to put him together but i'm hoping someone has any ideas.
    10. I'm gonna bring this thread back!

      Currently have a Breeze head on a SSDF Abadon Blue Knight body. It's actually the body to @elve 's head, I bought it from the same seller. xD The head was originally from a MyChoice SD65, but I like him better on the body size he was made for. Also am currently paying off a Flood that I will be picking up mid-next month, so I'll have two big boys soon. I'll post pics when I get my Flood. :3nodding: I can do comparison pics between a SD65, SSDF, and KD if anyone needs them!
    11. I got my Flood! Here he is with my SD65 boy (he has an event head). ^^ Flood is named Asher and the other one is Fynn. :>

      I'm a little disappointed in the mouth part of his faceup. It doesn't seem as detailed as the company photo. He is about 6 years old, so maybe it's changed since then. I'll probably add a bit too it eventually.
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    12. Do SSDF guys have magnetic hands?
    13. @VampireAngel13 As far as I know, they don't. Some have hands that are a single piece (joint and hand are fused, with an s-hook in the ball joint) - mine is like that and he is from 2011; but I've also seen photos where the ball joint is a separate piece similar to an ankle joint, with the ball separate from the hand's hook location.
    14. In very much old version. I saw such once.
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    15. Crazy...I had no idea! Thank you!

      @Crimson-Catalyst I somehow missed your post D:
      I didn't think they did, which is why I asked. I guess only really old ones do? I didn't know that at all.
    16. the version of 2008 seems
    17. @VampireAngel13 you're all good ;D

      evidently theyve changed the hands a few times! kinda weird to think about haha
      idk how well magnets would work on such a big guy but i guess i wouldn't know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    18. Magnets badly kept.
      I have the second version of hands, with a latch. Very conveniently.
      Now hands just whole
    19. Ha no wonder I never saw one...that's as old as my first doll XD

      I hate them on my Soom SG body! Like really hate. they fall off at inconvenient times.
      It's not too bad for dressing, but that's about it.

      I gotta say I like my hands whole. It's so much easier....but then easily removable is nice for dressing. Then again again, so are jointed hands XD

      Thanks guys, I appreciate the help :)
    20. I have a SSDF body from the Abandon blue knights release. He's from around 2008-2009 I think. He doesn't have two magnetic hands, he has one that twists on and has a magnet in to keep it in place (which honestly doesn't do a very good job at holding the hand on and constantly falls off) and one that slides on. The slide hand is gripped to hold a sword too. I love the slide mechanism in the one hand and hate the magnetic hand.

      My SSDF from 2015 has the hands/wrist as a solid piece, however.