Luts Super Senior Delf Discussion - Pt. 2

Jul 12, 2013

    1. So, after all the lovely info you guys provided me with (thanks again btw) I went on and purchased the body I was eyeballing and it arrived over the weekend....

      Omg. His feet. HIS FEET!!

      Are enormous. He has no shoes lol. I have Dollmore Model and Glamor models and an EID so I'm use to giant feet, but his problem is the shoes need to be white. Like, I can't have anything other than white. So where do you guys find shoes??

      I haven't tried the Glamor Model shoes on him yet (I just assume they'll fit ok, GM feet are EID sized) but I don't actually have any DM Model shoes, just the doll. They have a pair that would work for me but I don't know if they will actually fit him? Anyone know if actual Dollmore Model shoes will fit?
    2. I'll see what will fit on my boy when I get home (if I remember). I have a pair of white boots but I don't know who they fit, so I'll check for you! The SSDF feet are hard to buy for because they are narrow but long. I think Angel-Stuido might work but you have to be careful of sizes because they have a few different ones in each category.
    3. Thank you!! Narrow but long describes Dollmore feet as well, so I'm hopeful. I really should have tried some of my bigger shoes on him. Or compared his feet to John's at least. I'm assuming Dollmore Model shoes should fit their feet XD

      I had some great white shoes in what I think of as Dollshe sizes as they fit all my classic and Pure feet.....they're way too small for him now D:
    4. SSDF feet, ugggh. I have a pair of Luts SSDF sized boots that don't even fit my SSDF boys! TTYA SD17 boater shoes fit (snug) if you can find them.

      Edit: Don't buy these Luts shoes for SSDF feet! Welcome to LUTS - Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company They do fit SD65 feet, however.
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    5. Not much help on my end, since I was gifted shoes with him when he arrived, and they're the classic colorful converse anyway :'P

      Hilariously, though, SSDF's feet are actually more proportionate than others i've seen!! the toes themselves are a little short, but the foot overall is close to the correct length - feet are generally the same length as one's forearm, elbow-pit to the heel of the palm. fun fact ;D
    6. I have angil studio, sid iplehouse boots for my SSD
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    7. So the pair of boots my guy is wearing right now are Luts so that doesn't count. I tried on a pair of white sneakers/high tops that my Granado guy is wearing and they fit him perfectly. They are from Tata's Paradise but I just checked on the website but this pair is not on there. I know they make SSDF sized stuff though so I'd look into that. They don't have much in the way of shoes right now though unless you want high heels. Their clothes are good too. I think the Soom Idelian shoes would fit him but may be on the bigger side? Sorry, not much help :(
    8. Lol! I’m happy to know this, because I looked at Luts!

      Also why I think all doll feet (but Dollmore and now apparently Luts) have tiny feet! XD

      Oh!! SID is what my DM model wears! So Dollmore model should fit! Great news! Thank you! I haven’t tried tried my one pair on him because I’m paranoid that they’ll get ruined and only one doll is allowed to wear them. I am that person.

      Aw thank you for doing all this though, I appreciate it so much!
    9. All my big Luts boys got new clothes yesterday, so here they are hanging out. They all are from the same world. Left is a SSDF Breeze, right is a SSDF Flood. Middle guy is an SD65 body with an event head. Say hello to Teru, Fynn, and Asher. :>
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    10. well this thread is... quiet :ablink: But it's not quite the anniversary of the last post - hooray - there is time! :sumomo:

      lovely boys @Cap'n <3

      Meanwhile my Luts Abadon head (hyprid impldoll idol female body) from @snowgray has stolen a far more suitable wig from one of my other dolls. A serious face needs a serious wig! In spite of the wonky fringe (I cut it years ago - not that I'd do it any better now) I do love this wig on her - Sarah has a whole new mysterious personality going on now, which I need to figure out :aheartbea

      [​IMG]Sarah - new wig by elve, on Flickr
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    11. Oh wow, @elve, Abadon as a female is gorgeous!

      Guess it has been a while since this was last posted in! I don't even have one of those SSDF anymore, and the other one is completely different now.
      Here's my Flood these days.

      And I just gave him tatoos.
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    12. thanks @Cap'n - Wow that is great work :D especially the bunny LOL
      I wish I had the courage to do something a bit more 'edgy' and interesting with my dolls but.... maybe one day
    13. Hi guys, it's been ages since my last post on my boy Sirius (SSDF Ignis) but he's been hibernating in my grandma's closet until I can retrieve him haha.

      On the topic of large feet is it just me or LUTS pants doesn't fit their SSDF either? I ordered my boy as a set and even in his own tailored pants, the buttons just popped out whenever I sit him down because the pants are just so dang tight.

      Because of that my grandma made a bunch of clothes so he won't go naked or uncomfy so thank you grandma! :love Here's one of them (she called it his Alibaba outfit :lol:)
      Summer Daydream
      by Hara Tran, on Flickr ​
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    14. @Haravanda
      Your boy is handsome! I love the face tat. Blueblooddolls has some jeans that are made specifically to fit SSDF! I have one pair and they're great. Otherwise I don't know the brands of my other pants I have that fit. Blueblood also has shoes in their size, or Alices Collections has a few pairs of shoes made for 70cm dolls that fit SSDF because they're in the 9.8/10cm range.
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    15. I really love the luts super senior delf sculpts! The body is amazing too! So beautifully sculpted :)
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    16. Holy cow, have you guys seen the new Super Senior Delf boys? :ablink::o:love SHINE especially, although HALO is gorgeous too! I'd never been into Luts' sculpts but I happened to go to their site to look for some accessories today and my jaw was just like, *hits floor*. :XD:
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    17. @sno4wy
      Omg, I hadn't even noticed them! And that new body! I'm so freaking tempted. I have some complains with the first SSDF body but I love my SD65, and the new updated SSDF looks more like the SD65. :love
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    18. The B makeup on Halo reminds me of Tom Hiddleston...
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    19. Wow! I just saw the new boys. I hope I'm not too late for screaming party here :XD::dance
      They are so handsome omg! I love Shine in brown skin so much! :love Halo has such a cute face :whee:
      I love the look of this body, it's slender and tall, but I don't really like the neck...maybe it's too slender for my taste.

      @snowgray I agree!

      Anyone getting them? :D
    20. It's never too late for a screaming party about how gorgeous a doll is! :XD:

      I think I might! But it'll be a while, wallet needs time to recover. :lol:
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