Luts Tiny Delf Discussion Part 7

Feb 3, 2017

    1. Omg so adorable!!! I want a gray doll one day. And those ears are so awesome!!!
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    2. @Siara hopefully this weekend I can make a profile and gallery for her. I finished her face-up the second day I had her so she would be ready for pictures.
      Pukifee are sooo cute! I love the body shapes.
    3. @Cecibelle Oh wow :3 I can't wait to see her all ready for her big reveal. I look forward to it.
    4. My first Tiny Delf arrived today:

      [​IMG]Hansel by spih_2, on Flickr

      Hansel is looking for the gingerbread house. I think I must get Gretel, too, so they can go looking together.
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    5. So cute! Hansel must be hoping the gingerbread house is right off a sunny beach, too. :)
    6. I received my very first Tiny Delf yesterday! She is the Alice sculpt.
      She knows how spoiled she is going to be, and immediately began lounging around. :)
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    7. Hansel looks absolutely adorable. That cheeky face... I second the Gretel, she is one of my favorite sculpts in the Tiny Delf line-up.

      Congrats on your little girl. I love the Alice sculpt. She looks adorable in that outfit and I see she already found a little friend? :3

      My very first Tiny Delf is currently stuck in customs who are demanding more than half of what she costed as ransom. I can either suck it up and pay or she'll be destroyed and I lose the money I spent on her. I really want to meet her though. She's going to be the most expensive tiny I own so far...
    8. that's too bad @Siara customs can suck sometimes! hope you ransom her in time. which sculpt are you getting?
    9. I hope this isn't off topic. :)
      I want to get my new Tiny Delf Alice a swimsuit, but what I really want is a little kid style with lots of ruffles on the bum. I thought it would be easy to search for/find on eBay and Etsy, but I'm just not finding anything close.
      Any suggestions on sellers? Even better if I can find her a cute swim cap, too. ;)
    10. He's so cuuuuuuuuute! How long did it take for him to ship? I ordered my rsb tdf Hansel boy on the 28th of June with a faceup. I'm going stir crazy trying not to interrupt the process to ask where they are at in his making. :(

      Oh and hi! It's been ages since I have been on DOA and while Kiwi (the incoming cutie) isn't my first luts doll or first tiny, he is my first company purchase and my first doll that is a skin tone other than real skin or white skin. I'm super excited! He's a very cutsy pastel boy! I would love to see many Hansel spams!!!
    11. Hansel took about 3 months.
    12. Thank you! I guess my estimate of end of September early October might be on the money.
    13. Anyone have any cute pictures of TDF Dorothys or centaurs? ^^
    14. [​IMG]

      My littlies with their ma and pa. :)
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    15. Ahhhhhhh! So adorable!
    16. Sorry for the double post! What are your favorite shops for tdf clothes and shoes? Or do you make them yourselves? I've been mostly making my boy clothes, because it's hard to find anything in his style that isn't a dress or skirt (he wears pastels and is kinda girly in taste)
    17. @Xanadu Dolls
      Love that mermaid dress and my goodness what an adorable wee family!
    18. @Xanadu

      Your doll family is just gorgeous! The mermaid dress is amazing.
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