Maskcat 26cm Line Discussion part 1

Jul 13, 2017

    1. Congrats on the order, @Idoru :cheer
      I hope you will post some pictures when you get her because I have been curious about how Feline looks in tan. :evilplot:
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    2. Congrats @Idoru :kitty1 I second the hoping you take pictures! Did you get her blank or with faceup?
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    3. I will post SO many pictures, never fear...!

      And @shinibun I got her blank! I always get blank dolls haha. I'm excited!
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    4. [​IMG]

      My spouse gave me Gladys for xmas (well, a shipping notice--and she arrived a few days later :) & here she is. Good to know the Blythe shoes fit her, I've sent for some stockings and shoes & I like her in this vintage Madame Alexander 8" Gretel dress. I was actually really surprised when I opened the box because I'd asked for Feline! She is lovely though & I adore her elf ears and big eyes.
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    5. [​IMG]Maskcat Feline by QuietYurei, on Flickr

      Here is my Feline. She shipped super fast and I am so happy to have her, everything about her is enchanting. I love this small size so so so much. :)

      She is wearing a layered Blythe dress. It fits fine, but doubling up on layers it is a tad on the tight side. Wig is by Maskcat doll, it is 3/4 size. Her shoes are Barbie FR shoes, they fit pretty well except are a bit loose, with socks they would probably be perfect, I still need to purchase some. I am waiting on a pair of Blythe shoes to compare with. Maskcat lists her eye size as 8mm, but I have many pairs of 6mm on hand and prefer the look of those, as her eye opening are a tad narrow. You can see more detail of the eye and iris with the 6mm size. If you like a big iris size though, 8mm is fine.

      [​IMG]Maskcat Doll Feline by QuietYurei, on Flickr
      A close up of her face, wearing default wig and Kokdoll 6mm eyes.
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    6. My precious girl came today!! Not a bad wait at all. You can see pictures of her in her box opening thread. But here's one for the road. ♥

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    7. Idoru, she is beautiful in that tan skin. :) Where did you get that lovely dress btw?
    8. I got it from a Taobao store.. I will have to check my order history to remember which one though! It's for Momoko. It's a bit too big for her, actually-- it slips off of her shoulders. But it works for now!
    9. I ordered a tan Feline as well! I can’t wait for her!
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    10. I just ordered her!!! I'm sooooo excited!
      She's gonna be the last doll of my collection!!
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    11. [​IMG]

      Another shot of my Feline, showing how small she is. She wears all Blythe stuff, though her torso is longer than Blythe's.
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    12. She's lovely @QuietYurei ! I love how you've styled her. :) I'm part of the Waiting on a Tan Feline club at the moment. :lol:
    13. What an adorable girl @QuietYurei !! I love that wig color on her. And cute outfit too!
    14. [​IMG]

      My full set Heidi arrived today! It's been windy and grey (thus her little flyaway hairs blowing all over....) but I wanted to take at least a couple of semi-decent pictures of this precious girl. I'm so impressed by her and I love her sweet, thoughtful expression. :chibi
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    15. I was hoping to see owner pics of Heidi! She does look sweet and thoughtful and her full set is lovely!
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    16. Hey, this is my first post here! I just thought I'd say I'm excited to get my Feline and I'll be sure to post pictures!
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    17. She is really pretty - thanks for sharing!
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    18. She's soooo cute--I am in love! ♥
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    19. @shinibun , she is such a sweetheart!

      I was looking to getting an Inez and I didnt think her fullset was available because I didnt see it on Banyo's etsy, but it was on her website! So the pink skin fullset Inez is coming home to me :dance
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