Maskcat 26cm Line Discussion part 1

Jul 13, 2017

    1. Congrats @Cydril ! Inez is such a cutie. :D Her fullset is lovely too; I'm in love with her dress. I've been soooo tempted to pick up her basic version during Maskcat's sale but I have so many other dolls on layaway I'm still paying off rn. At least she's not limited, so she'll come home to me eventually. :chibi
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    2. Inez is here! Unfortunately her leg broke during shipping (I blame DHL :| ) But MaskCat already agreed to send me a new leg part, thank goodness. Otherwise shes really lovely! I feel so lucky to have her :)
      Also I think her dress is on backwards in this photo, whoops...

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    3. She's beautiful! Shame about the leg, but at least it's being replaced!
    4. Oh my gosh! I'm sorry to hear about the leg but at least she'll be getting a new one quickly. And she's gorgeous, I love her faceup!

    5. Cydril: Do you mean the Maskcat etsy shop or another one?
    6. Yes, maskcat"s etsy ^^ Banyo is the artists name.
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    7. She's gorgeous! It's so cute how tiny she is compared to your other dolls. I'm glad to hear her leg will be replaced. I got my Feline in August and forgot to post her here, whoops. I haven't set up a doll profile because I don't have a name for her yet, but I love her to death!
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    8. Shes really cute! I love that wig :)
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    9. Oh, she's lovely and those shoes are incredible! I have an Inez on order though Alice's Collection but alas, fullsets are sold out....
    10. Inez's new leg arrived today so she is as good as new :D
      @icicle, I hope you get your girl soon!

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    11. [​IMG]
      Feline dressed up during Christmas in her Blythe clothes.

      Those pics of Inez are tempting me to get her so Feline has a companion, she looks really cute
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    12. I love that outfit! Is her wig from MaskCat?
    13. Hi guys!

      Just put in an order for Inez in their tan resin. Originally I was looking for a "weird" yosd sculpt that would match a gothic/macabre story for my character to be re-shelled into. The msd size is a bit hard for me to find the wanted diorama crafts and space. Then I came across Inez and her solemn face. It was perfect since I was looking for a mature sculpt with teeny eyes and she'll be the perfect size for creating a diorama for. Blythes seem to have such great clothes too- I'm excited!!
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    14. Oo, congratulations! We'd love to see her when she's settled in
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    15. Thanks Icicle! I saw wait time looks like 4 months in the waiting room, hopefully she makes it a little faster since she's blank. I really love the look of the company box too.
    16. [​IMG]
      My Selene says "hi"! When I first opened the box, I was surprised how small she is. But she is so amazingly detailed at the same time! I'm in love.
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    17. @forbannelse , shes adorable! What skin tone is that?

      Took Inez out and tried on a new outfit today ^^
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    18. @Cydril, thank you! It's a white skintone, it maybe looks a bit yellow-ish because of poor lighting.
      Your Inez is so pretty! And her mori clothes are just adorable! *-*
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    19. [​IMG]

      I have rarely seen this girl around so I am contributing to a Gladys post~
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    20. Has everyone seen the new body sculpt double joint for the new 26cm line and the additional ballet hand and feet? I'm so looking forward to seeing them on etsy :love I'm thinking of maybe getting a Feline in Tan or wait to see if they're thinking of doing new head sculpt but they look so amazing! :XD: