Maskcat 26cm Line Discussion part 1

Jul 13, 2017

    1. @Haravanda
      I've seen it! And I can't wait for it! Maskcatdoll's Feline is actually in my wish list and I'm quite sure I adopt her as soon as the new body will be released!
      The additional ballet hand and feet are also very beautiful, I'm sorry I don't collect SD size dolls :sweat
    2. @Flaxen Hair Girl ahhh I can't wait for a release time announcement! I do hope that the ballet hand and feet will come in the 26cm and MSD size as well though it might be difficult for the 26cm size since it's such a small piece.
    3. So Inez can wear Blythe clothes too ? Anyone found anything else that fits her ?
    4. Yes she can wear some Blythe clothes. This is a Blythe dress. I will post another photo wearing Blythe leggings and top.
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    5. She is so cute.:D Love this dress and those shoes too.
    6. Thank you! I had the dress for years. Shoes from Etsy seller..Krataicraft
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    7. I saw on Instagram that Maskcat posted a 3.0 version of their larger 57cm body. Is the 26cm body newer too or is their a newer version in the works? Again on Instagram, I saw a post listed 15 weeks ago that the new 26cm body will be double-jointed. Is this the body that Inez, Feline, Heidi, and Gladys have now? Or are there older and newer versions out there? Sorry for all the questions. I have tried to read through the post and their website but I am not clear on it.
      Also, saw they had posted an update on their website and Instagram that only two resin colors are available, is that for the larger new bodies only or all sizes? Because on Etsy their shop has the tan still available.
      Thanks :)
    8. I do not know a lot about these dolls. I like the version 3 for bigger dolls. I know there is a new version 26cm in the works. I asked if they had an idea of when it will be available. They just stated it is in the works. I like this body, but my guess is the new one will have a torso joint. I may or may not wait. It takes 4 months to ship.
      Hope that helps. :)
    9. Thanks that is helpful. I ended up ordering Inez in tan from a dealer shop that had her in stock. So after I receive Inez I can make a decision about Gladys. Because I really think I want her in tan and if that is not available right now with new orders I would have to wait anyway.
    10. Great! I look forward to hear what you think. You must have gotten her from Fabric Friends. :) please post photos when she arrives.
    11. My Inez arrived today. She is so very cute and tiny.

      [​IMG]Inez by Laurie W, on Flickr
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    12. Inez in tan is very pretty. Such a difference in size. Funny to see them together. The dress looks good. A little altering and it will be perfect. Congratulations!
    13. Thanks, I think I was editing my message to exchange it for an updated photo as I finished working on the dress from the earlier photo. I did shorten the bodice, which I think helps. Next time I need to narrow the bodice down a bit as well as make the neck opening a little larger, LOL. I really love this tiny little cutie and makes me want to have Gladys too.

      So here is the photo I had previously posted, which is relevant to your post...sorry about that.
      [​IMG]Inez (Maskcat) & Iplehouse BID by Laurie W, on Flickr
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    14. She's so cute! It's funny because I was having trouble identifying the specific differences between Inez and Feline, but seeing her in tan makes it more clear to me... hahaha. An adorable girl!
    15. She really is cute in tan. Yes, I want Gladys too. I may wait for the new body.
    16. A sweet Gladys arrived home today. She will need a face-up but even without one, she is so darling. So excited to have these two in my collection. They are still finding their own look. I hope to get that worked out and share them again soon.

      [​IMG]Inez & Gladys by Laurie W, on Flickr
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    17. Congratulations! I am excited to see Gladys with new face up!
    18. I am so excited to find this perfect wig for Gladys!! I gave Gladys her face-up, just not wanting to send her away over the holidays. Maybe next year I will send her to a professional or even attempt to improve but too planned between now and the end of the year. I stopped counting but I think this is around my 5th attempt at a face-up. Unfortunately, she took a tumble during the photo session and has a rub already...argh! Well at least it was my freebie face-up, LOL

      Shopping alert -- these boots are on the Kemper website and fit really well. I did shorten the laces.

      [​IMG]Gladys by Laurie W, on Flickr
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    19. Laurie, I looked at your close up photos of Gladys on did a great job. I love her tiny freckles and soft lip color!
      Maskcat is offering a new body maybe at the end of month. I will have to order Gladys then. She is really cute! You need Heidi now!
      Your photos are enabling.
    20. Does Gladys stand well with her big head? I just purchased Gladys. :)