Maskcat 26cm Line Discussion part 1

Jul 13, 2017

    1. I ended up glue sueding her neck because her head would not hold in place, as I wanted it to. I am not sure her head is effecting her posing otherwise. I have not really played with her enough to say for sure. I should pose her and Inez to see how well they compare. Maybe next week I will have an update, sort of a busy week and weekend with some family expected to visit this weekend.
    2. Okay! Thanks! I should be getting Gladys this weekend. I will report to you.
      Enjoy family!
    3. I am so glad to finally get Gladys. She is a lot of fun. I love it when a doll can look great in any wig or eyes. :)
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    4. Congrats! She is so darling! I love her wig and outfit.
    5. Congrats, she's darling! I love her whole look. Very cute!
    6. Thank you! She is way more than I expected. :)
    7. Can I just say that I love the new doll Joy?? She is absolutely gorgeous!:D

      I am a tiny bit bummed out that we cant get the old body anymore. I am a huge fan of the one piece torso aesthetic, but I know I am in the minority. At least the new body will be better at posing.
    8. I love Joy too! She's so cute! I do think the old body is quite pretty, but I am hopeful that the new one will pose better... Much as I love my Feline, she is rather limited in that department.
    9. Entering the bjd hobby I wanted to stay within the 1/6 scale because I had one 1/6 soon bjd and wanted to make a scale dollhouse to fit my OC story, however I was frustrated with the babyish proportions in this scale.
      In the end it was a toss up between MaskcatDoll Inez and myou Gina, I ended up deciding on myou because it had the chest articulation (and more busy sizes) but now I’ve ordered two on the event now so I’ll be able to properly compare! I wish MaskcatDoll did a comparitive scale male doll like myou did.
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    10. I liked Inez enough to put her on my "maybe" wish list, but Joy is now on my "definitely" wish list!
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    11. My Gladys with a new face-up and eyes. :love
      Now, for just the perfect outfit to match her personality.

      [​IMG]Gladys by Laurie W, on Flickr
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    12. @LaurieESW , she is lovely! I love how soft she seems :)

      The littlest MaskCat's in the house got new outfits last week ^^
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    13. @LaurieESW Gladys is lovely. I have been snooping on Dolly Planet for the eyes. :)

      @Cydril Pretty girls! Did you make the outfits? Very nice!
    14. They are so cute! Love the setting and their outfits too, so colorful.

      Yeah, I was glad Michelle sold those eyes to me for Gladys. I think this might be them (link here). It looks like the same color comes in a smaller iris if you prefer it, link here.
    15. Thank you! I was looking at the wrong group. There are so many eyes on that site. Good price too.
    16. Aaaaah, I just purchased Joy! I'm dead excited, she's so beautiful! Can't wait till August when she (hopefully) arrives!
      I've had a lot of trouble bonding with my msd girls, so I hope I'll have that instant connection with Joy like I had with my 1/6 Obitsus.
      By the way, does anyone know where to get wigs for such a tiny girl? Which dolls have similar head size?
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    17. sells size 4 wigs, and the ones with "Monique Gold Collection" are the best for BJDs. I have other dolls with similar head sizes, and that's where I got most of their wigs. Joy's on my wish list, so I look forward to seeing yours!
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    18. What shoes fit these girls? I’ve tried Blythe shoes— too small, and YoSD, which are too big. My Gina wants out of her fullset dress and to try on some more casual, quarantine appropriare attire.
    19. I have Blythe and Lati Yellow shoes that work. :)