Maskcat 26cm Line Discussion part 1

Jul 13, 2017

    1. I've had some Blythe shoes work! And petite Barbie shoes, as well. It's a little hit-or-miss, because the amount of room in the sizing is dependent on the style, but overall I think they tend to work. Maybe the ones you tried before were just very tight? I've also had less good luck with styles that are fitted at the ankle sometimes, because there's not enough space for the calf/to wiggle the foot in, even if the foot part is roomy enough. (Hard plastic boots that cover the ankle are usually a no-go, for instance.)
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    2. Does anyone have the new body and can verify that she still fits Blythe clothing pretty well? The new body looks just a smidge larger in the side by side comparisons.
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    3. My Joy came yesterday, and I have a Bythe outfit being delivered Monday. I'll let you know then. :) The new body is wonderful!
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    4. Help me decide between Feline and Inez... The character, in so far as there is one, is a half magical being living in the past. Ideally aged in her 30s, but rather younger could work - anything over 17 or so. Which of the two looks more mature, do you think? Or should I plump for Joy? Oh, decisions, decisions...
    5. I just ordered a Gladys! I'm super new to the hobby and I've been interested in this sculpt since I got into it, basically. I put off buying one when it was announced they were working on a new body for the 26cm line. She'll be my third BJD but she'll be the easiest one to find clothes for so I'm pretty excited. Curious what the lead time is on these dolls currently, if anyone is willing to share.
    6. @bluepita I hope you post photos soon. My Joy has been delayed. Hopefully she will ship out on Monday. I am anxious to see her.

      @fjm123 Tough decision. I have Inez. I can post a photo of Joy and Inez together when Joy arrives.

      @trollbus Congratulations! I have Gladys and love her! Thought about ordering Heidi in the future. I ordered Joy December 28th. The virus caused some delay but would say 3-4 months.
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    7. I can't wait to see owner photos of Joy. I'm having trouble deciding between Joy, Inez, and Feline. They're all amazing sculpts. Very excited about the new body, too. To those people waiting on Joy, here's hoping that your dolls arrive very soon :)
    8. Oh, I love this doll. I only have one outfit made for Blythe (from jumejume on Etsy) but I think it fits well. It's a loose fit, so I can't swear for anything tight. The shoes she is wearing are from Parabox, I think for the 27 cm body. They fit pretty well even with the socks on.

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    9. Oh wow! She is adorable. Mine keeps getting delayed on shipping. It is nice to see yours.
      Cute outfit!
    10. How long did it take to deliver once they shipped?
    11. Wow, she looks fantastic, Bluepita. She looks so different from her promo photos. I love her with dark hair. Is that the default face-up or did you do it? I ended up ordering Feline yesterday but now I also want Joy :love
    12. Thank you! This is her default face up. I was a little nervous about ordering tan, since I fell in love with her promo pic. I think she came out wonderful. Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with any of these girls. It's tempting just to have a Maskcat army. Lol.

      @Oliveoil I hope you get yours soon! The actual shipping was crazy quick. I got a text from DHL on April 11 saying she would arrive on the 20th. Instead she got here on the 16th! I'm in the US. I could not believe it.
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    13. I got the tan Gladys specifically to wear Blythe things which I've always coveted. I received her in 2018 so I'm assuming that's the old body. When did they change it?

      [​IMG]Bonny by Nadine, on Flickr
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    14. @bluepita Thank you! Good to know arrival is quick once shipped. When did you order Joy? I am in the US too.

      @phanuel Wow! She is beautiful. I have Gladys in normal resin. I love the wig and outfit. The new body was introduced with Joy, last December.
    15. @Oliveoil Lol, I think I ordered her the first day she opened. It was December 3rd. I think she took a bit longer than expected to produce because of the virus, but even outside if that, it seemed like a reasonable wait.

      @phanuel I love your Gladys. She is styled so beautifully! The new body was released at the same time as Joy in December. I should have time to take pictures of it in the next couple of days. :)
    16. @bluepita Thank you! She is shipped but does not have DHL tracking number. Usually DHL sends tracking as soon as it is entered in system. Hopefully she will arrive soon.
    17. I've already gotten a tracking number for the Gladys I ordered on the 18th! I'm pretty stunned, but I'm not going to complain! Maybe they had some additional stock dolls from the last batch they produced (I'm making assumptions here, I really have no idea). I'm a little nervous because I know lots of people are seeing delays in post from overseas in general right now, so fingers crossed she gets through Customs and into the states smoothly!
    18. Wow! Congratulations! You are probably right...overstock. I did get my DHL tracking number. Expect some delays but all should be fine.
    19. Thanks for asking. April 24th DHL Tracking states they were notified of package. That is the last update. I was told it is due to fewer flights. :( I have never had this happen before.