Maskcat 26cm Line Discussion part 1

Jul 13, 2017

    1. Thank you! <3
      It's a yarn wig I made! My first ever, but I think it came out decent. :)
      I didn't really like the wig and eyes she came with, so I already ordered a mystery bag from Shrike.
      Dress is a slightly modified pattern from Tirrin and Katten, which I highly recommend.:XD:
    2. A yarn wig? Wow, that is amazing! Where did you learn how to make it? I have the Tirin pattern too. I have not used it yet. I adapted and reduced Simply summer by Grace Fairie patterns. It is a very similar style. I will post photos later.
    3. I watched tutorials on this channel:
      They have videos for variety of different styles. I also bought this tutorial: A Magnetic Doll's Wig tutorial | Etsy but I haven't tried it yet because I'm still waiting for the alpaca locks I ordered. =)
    4. Thank you for replying. I think so too. I am currently working on my own BJD in roughly the same size as these dolls and I fell completely in love with the scale. I mostly have MSD-sized dolls and as fun as they are, the possibilities for what props and setting one can make for these smaler dolls are amazing! :D

      Edit to add and avoid double posting:
      I ordered her last night!
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    5. I"m getting so tempted by this doll and Maskat in general. The aesthetic is growing on me so much.
    6. Last month I bought Feline and this month I bought Joy. They will be my first BJDs, I've never even seen one irl so I'm very excited for when they arrive. I already bought some Blythe shoes & clothes, wigs and am in the process of learning how to make my own outfits. Tomorrow I'm buying an Ikea glass cabinet for them (and also for my vintage figurines collection.) I'm really glad that Maskcat has decided to make a tiny line, not only are they more affordable but it's good to have a size variety for this market. I wish more doll companies made under 30cm mature BJDs.

      Also quick question, the wigs I bought are 4-5'', I hope that they won't look too big/awkward on their heads. I think their head circumference is 4.1'', so it should work?
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    7. @Calust
      Congratulations on your first BJDs!
      Maskcat dolls are truly beautiful, as you wrote, it's great they have also a 1/6 size dolls line! I bought Joy in May too, can't wait she arrives!

      Natrume on Etsy [Memory Time Dolls Collection by natrume on Etsy] take pre-orders for tiny wigs. I ordered mine there, they provide wigs for a large variety of small dolls.
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    8. @Flaxen Hair Girl
      Thank you for the link, wow I love how many colors there are to chose from! Did you get the 10.5cm or the 11cm size? It says that there's no elastic? Would 10.5 cm be too snug since It's the exact measurement? I don't know if I'll get silicon wig caps, I read that wigs can stain the resine, so if I get that, I'll need a larger wig size? Also I've seen a youtube video of someone styling a wig with mod podge, I don't know but that scares me!

      Also looking forwards to some pics of your Joy when you get her and customize her since she's a newer doll, there's not that many images of her. Also loving how she looks with different skin tones/hair colors. Mine is normal skin and I want medium/dark/very dark brown hair for her.
    9. I tried my luck :lol: and I ordered the 10,5 cm wig. If Joy can't wear it, I will try it on my other small dolls.
      Unfortunately it may happen that dark wigs stain the resin. That's what happened with one of my brown wigs. So, I prefer using a silicon cap to protect the resin from marks. Mod podge? Hmmm, that sounds a little crazy...maybe it works can't remove the wig after, can you?

      I also ordered Joy in normal skin with a dusty pink wig. I'd like to see more photos of her online and box opening too! I'm a fan of unboxing videos :3nodding: Hopefully we all soon start receiving our dolls and we can post pictures here :love
    10. @Flaxen Hair Girl
      I'm pretty sure you can remove the wig, you glue only hair strands together but it can still get on the resin if you're not careful. This is the wig styling video I was referring to, granted the Mod podge is diluted with water, but still!

      The end result looks really nice but If I were to do that method, I wouldn't do it directly on my dolls.

      I like unboxing videos too, I find them strangely relaxing, kinda like ASMR but louder. The more pics that are posted on here, the more eager I am to get my dolls. I hope that we don't get any issues with shipping due to the pandemic and everything arrives intact. The good thing about a long waiting period is that I don't feel so bad about spending too much money at once because that amount of money is dragged for many months.
    11. @Viridiansummer Wow I never thought about using yarn. It looks like so much work but fun. Please post more wigs you make. :)

      @Lillith Congratulations on ordering Joy. It is a great size. It is nice she can wear some Blythe clothes and shoes. Yes there are so many great props in this size...and it does not take a lot of room! I admire you making your own doll.

      @Calust Congratulations on ordering both dolls. I have Inez and Joy. They are fun to display together. 4/5 wig will be too big. I bought wigs from Debs (ebay) made for Kish Riley size...I believe size 4. Also Mimi on flickr, she may be on her still makes amazing small Tib wigs. I have several of hers.

      @Flaxen Hair Girl Thank you for sharing wig site. I will check them out. It is always nice to have several wig sources.

      @iamibo The new body is so much fun to pose. You won't regret ordering her. I heard Maskcat had some extras, not sure if she sold out but wait time is not bad.
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    12. I bought a wig from TashkasBears on etsy. I bought the one that fits Enoki Irrealdoll. It is very nice.
      Etsy wig
    13. @Oliveoil Yeah, I was worried about that. I don’t know if I should resell them on eBay Canada or keep them for future dolls (I only ordered two 4-5” wigs from AliExpress.) I do have MYOU Bettina on my wish list and she has a bigger head lol but they weren’t the colours that I planned for her. I decided to order 2 wigs from natrume (thanks for the link, fhg!) I took a chance and ordered the 11cm size, if they’re too big, the silicon wig caps I ordered have some spikes on top that will prevent them from falling hopefully, and they’re much smaller than 5” and .5 cm is not that big of a difference. Inez is next on my wish list, I plan to make her an elf or fairy (I have some ideas to attach pointy ears to her without glueing them on be followed.) But now I have to control my spending habits and take a break from spending for my BJD hobby; I ordered so much fabric, buttons and lace for clothes making and ordered 4 Blythe shoes on Etsy/eBay (they’re so crazy expensive! I have no idea if they will fit) and much more. I’m giving my bank account a pause until September.
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    14. She is gorgeous! I would love to have Inez, but that would mean getting a whole new range of clothes and accessories...
    15. I'd say hold on to the wigs. Even if they are a bit big for the dolls you have you can at least try them on and get and idea of if the colour and style is right. The resale prize for wigs isn't very good and besides you never know what dolls you or your friends will get in the future. Having a stash of wigs and eyes in variour styles and sizes is great when trying to figure out a new doll.
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    16. @Calust You should just keep the wigs..Inez would make a great fairy or elf. Blythe shoes should fit. I are expensive.
      I agree with @Lillith it is good to have a variety of wigs and eyes.
      Joy is wearing 6mm Oscar eyes, and Inez is wearing 8mm Oscar eyes. I prefer the 8mm on these dolls.

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    17. @Oliveoil Aw indeed, they look so good together, you can really see the difference in their face sculpts when they're next to each other because to be honest, when I saw them at first, all 3 tinies looked the same to me with some slight differences (it also didn't help that they all had similar blonde/light colored wigs in the promo pics) but now I can see that they all have very different features.

      I'm so envious haha. they're so precious. I like both eyes; to me, the bigger ones give a more youthful/cutesy appearance and the smaller ones give a more mature/natural look. Makes me think that I should start looking for eyes, but I'll wait and see what Maskcat gives me and whether I like them or not.

      @Lillith Well both wigs came this week and I'll be keeping them but only because I like them, and they somehow look even better than the promo pics / what I expected, so that's a plus. You're right, I might have use for them in the future but for now they are just resting in my glass cabinet and it looks really unsettling, I think I should store them somewhere else.:shudder I think I'm gonna get some small storage boxes and hide them in a drawer,
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    18. Hello.

      On the site Height: is 25.4/26.5cm

      Why? What the real height? 25.4 or 26.5?
    19. @Calust Thank you! I do like them together. I also like Heidi and Gladys together. :)
      I will take a picture of regular 6mm eyes on Joy. I think Oscar eyes are slightly bigger than most 6mm. I have been happy with 8mm
      Good to know the wigs are nice. I am interested in ordering one or two.

      @Lillith Thank you! They do have a different look. Oscar eyes tend to be bigger. I will take a photo later with other 6mm eyes.

      @Gerda_89 I will measure when I return this afternoon. :)