Update [Maskcatdoll] 57cm line Body 3.0 version and Skin colour change

Sep 30, 2019

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      Hi dears! This is Maskcatdoll!

      From October, the new 57cm line body of 3.0 version can be purchased.

      Attention, important change!
      From now on Normal skin colour will not be available anymore!

      Only two skin colour options of Normal (pink) and White (new white) will be available on all dolls and parts.

      Sooner we will try to add Tan skin option on our 42cm line and 57cm line dolls too.

      Body measurements:
      Height: 57cm (with head)
      Neck circumference: 9cm
      Shoulder width: 11.5cm
      Chest circumference: 23cm
      Waistline: 17.3cm
      Hipline: 24.5cm
      Leg length: 28.5cm
      Brachium: 18cm
      Thigh circumference: 15cm
      Calf girth: 11cm
      Foot length: 6.7cm

      - Nude Body
      - Heel feets
      - Fist hands

      Production time: 3-4 months


      For more pictures and informations please visit the official website: Maskcatdoll

      Also you can purchase the new ballet feet and hands separately now.
      Please take a look at the Parts section: Parts

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here on DoA!

      Thank you very much for your love and interest. :kitty2


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