New Doll [Maskcatdoll] New Doll Line & Event

Oct 27, 2016

    1. Hi dears! This is Maskcatdoll! ^__^

      Thanks so much for your love to our dolls!

      We would love to celebrate our 3nd year Anniversary with a new Doll line release and big Event.

      ~*~NEW DOLL LINE~*~
      First 42cm girl Anemone




      Shop: MaskcatDoll
      (she will be released Nov.10th)

      ~*~ABOUT THE EVENT~*~

      Event will held from November 10th until December 15th.
      There will be 6 limited fullsets of our new 42cm girl Anemone for sale.
      Orders over 500$ will get one 21cm line doll for free.
      After this event our 21cm doll line will be discontinued, so this is the last chance for you to get one of our tiny girls!

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here on DoA! ^^

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    2. Hello!! Do you have pictures of the body?? and measures of body and head circumference??
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    4. Posting in the off chance that someone will have the info - is there any word as to the pricing of the doll?
    5. Hello dear,sooner these info will post on,i still working on it :)
    6. so you will be releasing other 42cm dolls in the future?? I'm very excited!! I think she's gorgeous and I love the sculpts you have in your range - looking forward to seeing more!! :^))!
    7. Yes,thank you dear.Now i post her body and wig photos on website please take a look:)