New Doll [Maskcatdoll] New girl Feline has released

Aug 21, 2017

    1. ~*~

      Hi dears! This is Maskcatdoll! ^__^

      Finally our second girl of the new 26cm Line has released.

      There are also 5 limited Feline Fullsets available including Face-Up, Outfit, 8mm Eyes and handmade wig as shown in the photos.


      Body size:
      Head circumference: 10.4cm
      Height: 24.8cm
      Neck circumference: 4.4cm
      Chest circumference: 10.2cm
      Waistline: 8 cm
      Hipline: 11.3 cm
      Leg length: 11.5 cm
      Thigh circumference: 6.3 cm
      Calf girth: 4.4 cm
      Arm length: 7.3 cm
      Upper-arm circumference: 2.8 cm
      Foot length: 2.2cm
      Skin colors: normal, white, pink, tan


      Link to Feline: Feline

      Because she's a very small doll of our 26cm line you can choose some 8mm eyes and a handmade mohair wig for her if you like :)

      Our little girls can wear clothes in Azone, Pullip and Blythe size.
      Here are two comparison photos:

      Comparison 1
      Comparison 2


      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here on DoA!
      Thank you :kitty2

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    3. Is it possible to get Feline without the fullset option but with exactly the same wig as shown on the photos above (I mean the general style as no handmade wig can be reproduced perfectly, of course!)? If so, should I choose the "Please leave a product code on note" option while buying? Sorry for such silly questions and thanks for letting me know in advance! :D
    4. Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask,
      but is it possible to buy the fullset, just without the faceup?
      Thanks in advance!
    5. Sorry, one more question:
      where can I find the pictures of the skin tones?
    6. Yes you can leave a comment and we will refund that part of $ to you :)
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    7. Yes that was m34w01 wig,you can leave a comment then :)
    8. Wow, she is super cute lil' kitty. *__*
      The full set price - 300$ and the basic set price (doll, wig, eyes, no clothes and no make up) - 200$, am I right?
      Do you have layaway?