Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 3

Mar 3, 2020

    1. I just discovered this thread, seems like a good place to post about my Shelma Dolls April!
      [​IMG]New Wig by Skyealloway, on Flickr

      I posted her box opening here if anyone is interested:

      After her box opening I made her a wig and switched out her eyes. Still trying to work on an outfit that suites my fantasy roleplaying theme of my other dolls. I saw Dollheart was running a sale, and found an outfit made for Obitsu24 that I decided to try. I think it will fit (well, not the shoes) OD000005 Devil Caster [OB24]

      I'm pretty excited for the outfit, its not what I originally had in mind, but the top and jacket seem like cool accessories for my impish gal :lol:

      This is my first mature 1/6 doll, I enjoy stealing accessories from my husband's action figure collection haha. Hopefully sometime in the next few weeks I will work on her faceup.
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    2. She is cute! I like happy dolls and she looks VERY happy!
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    3. Oh she has such a smile!! I hope the outfit works for her, because that seems like such a fun combo!

      Also, I am LOSING IT over this new version of Cordelia!! I have two dolls on order already but... Wow, she's so cute. So many Azone outfits I could buy for her... Ahhh. Tempting!
    4. I saw the news about Jamieshow Muses coming up. Anyone have one,
    5. Not personally interested in the Jamieshow Muses dolls, but some of the outfits... :drool I have a blue fairy who would look awesome in Look 2. Not sure if I'm willing to spend that much money though.
    6. Squinting veeeeeery closely at the preview images, it looks like they have painted eyes instead of changeable eyes, so the dolls themselves will probably end up off-topic, alas.

      I have some Jamieshow clothes and shoes for my larger dolls, and I like those a lot! The Muses have such nipped-in waists that I'd worry about these clothes fitting most of my mature tinies, though - I'm not sure any of them have such an extreme hourglass figure.
    7. They have the blank unassembled photos of the body and head already up on their website. They do have sculpted eyes. (:

      I really like the body proportions, and faces I wish they weren't strung, resin BJD.
    8. I was casually digging through Legenddoll, and I came across a 31cm guy I'd never seen before: Mr. Bunny Z from ArkDoll! He's super handsome... He looks like he's a scaled-down version of a 70cm boy from ArkDoll. I love that companies are doing this more, because I love that 70cm boy look but absolutely not the space they take up. (I have one Dollshe boy and he's all the leggy man I think I can have in my current living configuration, haha.)

      I probably won't get him (unless he's available for a while) because I have two dolls I'm waiting for right now, but... I just love that face and his body lines! He looks like he'd fit right in with the Granado boys.

      And! I also come bearing comparison photos. The other day I dug out every mature tiny currently in my possession and lined them up (more or less) in height order. They're in various stages of completion (and wig-wearing...) but I thought it might be good to see anyway:


      From left to right, we've got: Granado Napoleon and Lucifer, Soom Mini Gem Rick, Xagadoll Ken, Compassiondoll Elvis, Limhwa ToYou Mari, Xagadoll Mini Ann, Xagadoll Sylvia (boy), Unoa Azurite, and Maskcat Feline. (Plus an off-topic girl, a Mudoll/Glib Apple Biki on the Obitsu 24cm body—for comparison.) There are some more close up versions on my Instagram, if you want to see them.
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    9. Love Mr. Bunny Z. Thank you for the great comparison photo, you have awesome dolls! My favorite small size BJD is the 19 - 21 cm doll, but I've been eyeing the mature 30 cm for awhile.
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    10. Drive by photo, two Ninths one on Zen body and other on Myou body.
      [​IMG]Blair and Rune 2 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
      I want to get a body for my Shadow but I'm not sure whether I like the Zen body better than the Adagio. :sweat
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    11. Oh, man, I like Mr. Bunny Z. (And what a name!) Maybe I'll add him to my someday list - after all, mature tinies don't take up much shelf space, right? Ahaha. :sweat
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    12. I sent BJDivas a polite inquiry about the tiny Dollshe I've waited over two years for. Apparently making them is harder than expected, so they won't be offered again. Those that are already ordered will get made and sent, though. I roll my eyes and laugh when I think about how ridiculous this wait time is. I want my tiny Hound, so I'm willing to wait.
    13. Ahhh oh no. Well at this point, I'm not SHOCKED to hear that they won't be offered again, but I am sad. I was sort of hoping they might be, if Dollshe ever got his act together... I did have vague ambition of a tiny Bernard, but alas. A dream that shall remain just a dream. (It's not like I don't have plenty of other dolls to keep me occupied, haha.)
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    14. Ha, yeah, I have one of those 33cm Dollshe Bernards on endless order myself. I guess it's... actually it's not all that much of a relief to be told that they'll eventually be made. I mean, it's Dollshe. How much do I believe that? Will they just keep endlessly promising me the doll and hoping that I forget about it?

      Still, I've long since written off the money, so I'll just... let it ride. Maybe some day I'll get a nice surprise.
    15. I got tired of waiting for the 33cm Dollshe Arsene. I cancelled the order and got a refund.
    16. Did you order through BJ Divas? It’s been over two years for my Aramis, and at this point I would rather have a refund, but I don’t know if that’s possible.
    17. How did you contact them? I’ve emailed every two months, but never get a reply.
    18. I sent them an email using the email address from the order confirmation email they sent me. I usually get a response within a few days.
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