Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 3

Mar 3, 2020

    1. does anyone has a doll by Murvenart?
      i just found their Fables series (28cm) and i really like the body sculpting with Alice head, pretty elbow and knee sculpting...oh i wish it's 40cm range :eusa_pray
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    2. took a pic of all my tinies, and even if they're not all supposed to be 1/6 I figured I might as well post them here?
      left to right:
      off topic 3D printed doll (the shop sadly appears to have closed) - Myoudoll Bettina - Dollmore Banji - Vitamagica Lusion - Granado Ninth - Xagadoll Sylvia boy vers
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    3. Ahhh what a great lineup! And you got a Sylvia boy too! 83c Hooray! This is fun to see, thanks for posting. ♥
    4. Sorry for the double post, but I just HAD to show off my two newest! I wasn't expecting my Sylvia to come so quickly, but a week after I got Des (the Granado Garden), she showed up at the door! I... was not ready! But I can't complain, they look SO cute together. I'm just over the moon, I can't shut up about them!


      (Des continues to be extremely handsome...)

      I almost am never even TEMPTED to get two of the same head, but Sylvia broke my resolve. Not only is it the perfect mold for this character, it's just... Too cute. I love it so much. She needs new eyes though—these make her look a little too sleepy. I'm planning on trying my hand at making resin eyes soonish, since my spouse bought epoxy for a different project.


      They're both wearing Clear-Lan clothes--I believe Aurelie's are OB24 size? (I can't remember, but I'm fairly certain that's what I got.) They fit PERFECTLY on her, which is amazing! (Of course, I haven't tried pants...) Even the bust darts in the jumper! I also got her another dress and a sweater, not pictured.

      Des' clothes also fit him really well (he's on the Adagio body), although the pants gap very slightly around the waist and they look absurd when he sits. But he looks wonderful when standing, the length and fit through the leg is just ideal. The shirt is great too--fits him wonderfully through the shoulders and I will sing Clear-Lan's praises forever for the way the sleeves are made!
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    5. Sorry for super late reply, but I actually emailed Limhwa in April? via their website and got no response. I ended up buying second hand.
    6. Gray and Cirrus on the patio.
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    7. I got a little roombox from Laserlines on Etsy, and while I'm not 100% satisfied with it yet, I just had to take some photos of Des (Granado 30Garden) and Aura (Xaga Sylvia).


      I just love how easy it is to do dioramas and stuff for this scale! * v * It's so much fun.
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    8. Oh my gosh thank you @Tagath for sharing! I've always wanted a morningstar girl, but the timing might not be right for me this time...still, I've got time to think about it
    9. They are so cute! So pretty! So sassy!
    10. Wow she's so pretty! :D
    11. Amanita is so cute! I wonder how she'd look with my others.... Gosh that's tempting. I probably shouldn't but what a face!
    12. I also got a little roombox from laserlines and finished it today. Dare got to model in it because I bribed him with food. It works well but you do have to angle the camera if they are standing. Though I will probably add a couple of cms of wall to the top.
      [​IMG]Dare by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    13. I got my first slim 1/6 (an Asleep Eidelon Cordelia in the 27cm size) and am having fun finding clothes for her since she can wear Blythe clothes and Createable World clothes and shoes. But I'm having a really hard time finding her a wig. Where do you guys buy such tiny wigs? I believe my girl needs a 4" and with Monique now closed, that went my usual wig supplier. :/
    14. Dollmore and Parabox - Dollmore has good sales, and Parabox has excellent size options. We're talking 3.5", 4", 4.5"... all the way up to 9.5".
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    15. Finally got a shipping notice for the Dollmore hands I ordered two months ago for my now nearly 8 year old DIM Alana. I hope the resin color isn't too different.
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    16. If someone is looking for an even smaller girl, Doll Leaves has decided to re-release Laura, their 20cm girl:
      Laura,DS Special Edition,DS Special Edition-doll leaves
      (The website doesn't have the new order period listed, but they posted about it in News!)

      She also appears to be available on Alice's Collections and Dolkus, if you prefer those. :)
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    17. Poor Rune looks like a kid wearing his father's suit, the outfit is so big on his skinny Zen body. I think it's cute and so does his brother Dare.
      [​IMG]Dare and Rune by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    18. I just looked up Doll Leaves Laura, thanks to @Gallye, and man she's cute. But I just ordered another Granado guy, and Pipos has the frog I regretted missing before available just this month too! Why must all the cute dolls I want be available at the same time?!

      I had other plans about what doll I wanted to order at the end of the year, but other doll companies are always changing my plans.
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    19. The frog is adorable but Laura is irresistible!