Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 3

Mar 3, 2020

    1. Laura is super cute! I find her posing a bit poor, like what's shown in the promo images is about all that's easily acheivable- standing straight or general lounging. I still love her though and recommend her anyways.

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    2. I am new to Doll Leaves. What is their normal skin like? Is it yellowish or more pink?
    3. @nancy_schroeder_ca
      It's been a couple years since I had Doll Leaves but their new NS was more pink toned. I don't know how it mellows (only had that doll for about 6 months before he was rehomed) so I'm also curious to know how it looks after a year or so time.
    4. Alice's Collection's offers Laura in grey as well as normal and white, and that would work best for the sort of surreal look I have in mind. I don't think I'm going to be able to resist the temptation to get one.
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    5. Oh their grey is so pretty!
    6. It sure looks pretty in pictures @eldi , and I hope I like in person, since I just ordered a grey Laura! :)
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    7. Please share photos when you have her! :D
    8. Of course I'll share her!

      In the mean time the Dollmore hands I ordered for my DIM Alana have yet to arrive. I replied to the shipment email I got to let them know I haven't gotten it yet. The tracking site shows my package got to an American airport, but the tracking number provided isn't recognized by the USPS website. I've been waiting nearly three months for these hands, and I don't even know if they'll work.
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    9. I had a doll that the shipping showed that it was on a flight and it was a month before USPS admitted they had the package.
    10. Naturally my package showed up today. Unfortunately the Dollmore hands are slightly smaller than the ones my DIM girl came with, much pinker than her current resin tone, being new. I'm going to see if I have some extra S-hooks and try putting them on her anyway. Her default hands have hooks imbedded in the resin.
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    11. Laura looks so adorable :whee::love
      And the price is very accessible. I was so close to ordering her, but I need a good posing doll so if Laura isn't the best then I am afraid I will have to pass...
      It is so rare to find a nice posing 1/6 :doh
    12. I have just ordered a Maskcat Inez - they have some in stock dolls on the new website. Very excited to receive her, and I love the fact she can wear Barbie/Blythe clothes.
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    13. @forged_in_mess you might want to check out Myou's 1/6 dolls. Three of their girls have a mature body/head size and they have double jointed knees and elbows. I have one on my wish listed but limit time dolls keep popping up and making me order them first!
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    14. I second the recommendation for Myou dolls! Their 1/6 girls are beautiful and very nice posing. And quite affordable too!
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    15. I love seeing everyone's mature tinies here~

      I fell a little in love with Xagadoll's tinies of New Clover Singing, but I haven't found one that's made me make the leap yet. I also looked at Myoudoll, Soom, and Dollmore, but who else is out there?
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    16. Granado... And I WANTS them. The precioussssss....
    17. Granado makes very nice men and they have started releasing girls. I have one on order to join the boys.

      Asleep Eidolon makes various sizes also from 20cm to 32cm. They are a sister company of Xaga.

      There was a re-release of Doll Leaves Laura but the order period is over.

      I recently got an ARK Doll;Mr. Bunny Z.

      Little Monica has several.

      There seem to be more and more 1/6 mature dolls!

      Here's a comparison shot of a few of my guys! I need to do another one with new arrivals!
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    18. Thank you for the recommendation :hug:
      I just checked and myou have their "special girl" line that is 1/6, but they look very... Childlike to me :frownyblush: with option with big boobs they look a bit like kid with implants :lol: I think I would like something like minifee or youpla, but... 23-28 cm :chibi
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    19. Fall is the perfect time to show off some pretty orange tights.(Nabi, Quiethouse_dolls)
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