Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 3

Mar 3, 2020

    1. She is amazing @abris - I would love a Quiet House doll. How did you come to purchase her?
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    2. Thanks! I'm not the first owner of this cute doll. Actually, my friend sold her to me.
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    3. Xagadoll/Asleep Eidolon do have 27cm girls as well! There are 2 body types available. The heads sold for the 32cm girl bodies (that are relatively new) are actually not available on those bodies though, unfortunately... (I know because I asked, haha.)
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    4. I'm considering ordering Xagadoll hands for my DIM lady who's hands I severely dislike. The problem is I've only seen them available on the Asleep Eidolon website, and shipping costs more than the hands.:|
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    5. You might ask Alice's Collections if they would order them for you. They currently have free airmail shipping on orders over $35. You should check if the hands would get the free shipping. They do charge paypal fees but that's not much.
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    6. Hello all
      I am currently waiting for my Maskcat Inez and already looking for who to get to keep her company :-).
      I'm very tempted by the Myou tinies, but I've also stumbled across Little Cosmos dolls.
      It looks like the Birdie size dolls (Mini Bastian, Camille) are 21cm tall and wear Blythe size clothing.
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      They are quite childlike looking but thinking they might work well with Inez.
      Does anyone have one?
    7. I have both Little Cosmos Camille and Maskcat Ceci, kimlouiseb. Here they are with one of my Ipelhouse BIDs. Camille and Ceci are similar in size but Ceci is a bit stockier in the body. Their feet are about the same size.

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    8. Thank you so much. I love your Camille, and they look great together.
      Is Ceci shorter than the new Maskcat girls? They are 26cm I believe.
    9. Yes, Ceci is 21cm tall. I'd forgotten the new girls were a bit taller, so your Inez will be about my BID's height, which is still good, methinks. :)
    10. I took everyone's advice and looked at Granado, Doll Leaves, AE, and Little Monica, but honestly, I keep coming back and mentally comparing them all to Xaga's Yilia ... which is probably telling, isn't it?! :D

      Where do you guys typically buy eyes for such small dolls? I can make my own clothes and wigs for them, but I have yet to try making any eyes, and Cloversinging doesn't list what eye size they take.
    11. Most of my mature tinies take 6mm eyes, including my Xaga boy. These days I usually just type '6mm bjd eyes' into Etsy and browse around until I find something I like!
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    12. I've gotten some eyes from crafteyes, both for tinies and for other sizes. My myoudoll Bettina wears eyes from them and they fit nicely.
      Their eyes have a very round dome so it might not fit for every doll, but they're pretty cheap and they have a nice variety of realistic styles, so it can be worth checking. Do note also that their eyes have a "follow" effect that can make taking pictures more challenging sometimes
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    13. @Gallye and @Tagath thank you both for your recommendations! I'm going to look around some more before I take the leap.
    14. Several of my mature tinies wear 6mm glass eyes from Denver Doll Emporium. They don't have a huge selection, but I like the ones I've gotten from them.
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    15. @abris What a beautiful picutre.
    16. My Maskcat Inez arrived yesterday and I love her. :love
      I've also ordered a Myou Bettina on layaway as the 15% discount was too good to miss - they are such good value dolls.
      I am on my way to starting a mature tiny crew!
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    17. Has anyone received a mature tiny from Dollshe yet? I know some people decided it wasn't worth the wait and canceled their orders. I'm still waiting and hoping.
    18. Ha HAAA, no. I ordered one in September of 2018 and here I am, still waiting, three years later.

      I thought about getting a refund, but honestly it suits the spiteful side of my nature to hang in there and keep asking after it and not let Mr. Dollshe off the hook just yet. I doubt it'll do me any good, but...
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    19. I've got a Laura on order in grey from Alice's Collections. I'm hoping she can pose better than my single jointed Soom dolls.
      It's been three years this month that I've been waiting on my Dollshe order. I'm patient or stubborn enough not to give up on my Hound yet. But I want him to get here already!
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