Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 3

Mar 3, 2020

    1. Thank you!
      Not every company offers this service, and this is something I can’t do.
      Myou does a lovely job, I think, and it’s so nice to get a doll that is “done up” already, so that I can begin wigging and dressing her right away.
      And this is affordable, compared to some of the faceup artists whose work I love.
    2. Yeah that's really nice to have her good to go! I ordered mine blank cause I had a hard time visualizing how it would look on the coffee color, I regret it a little cause she looks really great with the company faceup but now I have a different look in mind for mine
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    3. I got a new boy. He is a Storm Sprite Auber from 2011. I'm trying out some eyes I made but he may get his other ones back.
      [​IMG]Kolby new guy old Auber by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    4. I made some new eyes for my old guy, 2011 Storm Sprite Auber, and gave him a name. This is Kolby in the new garden diorama I made for my mature tiny guys.
      [​IMG]Kolby 051221 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
      My Granado tiny Shadow arrived also!!!
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    5. They both look great! I love that set, too.
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    6. Thank you @Idoru. I'm a bit worried how I'll do on Shadow's faceup, but I can always redo it until I get it right.
    7. Can someone please list the mature tinies that are still available to order now 2021? Ive read that most mature tinies are limited.
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    8. Xaga is always available. If you want an anthro type Vita Magica has some mature tinies although I'm not sure if they're OT for DoA or not. You can purchase through her Etsy shop or Instagram. Obitsu has mature tinies but they are OT for DoA due to not being strung (they have an internal skeleton). Miracle Doll has (I think) 2 mature tinies available right now. These are all mature boys, BTW.

      I'm not up on what mature girls are available as I don't collect girls. However, it seems like there's more offerings for them than boys.
    9. Theoretically the Limhwa ToYou girls are still available. You're supposed to email the company to place your order, and it sounds like they only accept bank transfers - it might be worth emailing the company and asking about your options, though. I suppose JunkySpot is technically a Limhwa/EOS dealer, too, so they might be able to order something for you. (I don't know how they work.)

      Also, while the dolls are not currently available, Granado is still actively pursuing their tiny line and releases new dolls regularly. Mostly boys, but there's at least one girl.
    10. Miracle Doll has one tiny sculpt, available as a full human or with a dragon tail

      Myou Doll has a bunch of tinies, male and female, which can pose very well. Full sets available for all of them, I think (and if you email them, the fullsets can also be purchased separately)

      Xaga Doll has some male and female, but wait times are apparently long (I'm currently waiting on one anyway because they do look nice)

      GRANADO has a mature tiny line, mostly men. On their website they operate through pre-orders, but on Legend Dolls their tinies seem to be permanently available (I vaguely remember reading that they're also permanently available on taobao, but don't quote me on that)

      Maskat has some very lovely girls. I think they're on the smaller end of the 1/6th spectrum, but since they do look young it's fitting. They also sell on their own website I think, and on etsy

      Dollmore has a Kidult line, female only I think, but I really don't know anything about those

      I can try to edit this post later on. I know I'm forgetting some...
      (also, sorry most of the links are to alice's collection, that's where I most often go to cry over everything I want)
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    11. I did this comparison a while ago and should redo it . I need to do one of the girls! Some boys only but it may help:

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    12. That is incredibly helpful! Thanks for sharing it.
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    13. I should get off my butt and add my guys into the comparison shots. Might need to see about doing that this week.
    14. Here is my tiny hoard of tiny boys. Granado Shadow is eyeless and faceupless (and ugly wig) sitting on an Obitsu body for this photo. He is front and center.
      [​IMG]mature tiny boys by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    15. It's so nice to see so many dolls! And this comparison is very useful!
      @ResinRapture, great suit, I like the patchwork style. Willow looks like a little garden elf. "Ancient Tales" is one of my favorite doll lines! I have not played mine for a long time, she urgently needs a re-stringing and she is sad in the box.
      @SteamWitch, I'm impressed by this huge collection of dolls!

      However I managed to make a new look of Yesenia inspired by the noble family estates (Toka dolls, 35 cm)
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    16. I'd like to get my D.I.M. Alana different hands. The ones she came with are undersized and flat looking. Anyone know of a company that sells them separately that would be a decent resin match? Granado's NS is significantly darker then my pale girl. Here's an old pic of her in a white dress.
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    17. Hi everyone! I'm popping in because I got an email from Asleep Eidolon that they released a new limited mature tiny. Cordelia 21cm

      I'm not sure if I will order her because I already have an order in with them for some mature tinies already.

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