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mature 1/8 dolls

Jul 21, 2019

    1. i couldn't find a thread about these yet! i know there aren't too many, and there's a bit of a gray area between 1/8 and 1/6 scale tinies, but i thought it'd be nice to get a thread going specifically for mature 1/8 scale tinies.

      1/8 scale dolls are ~20cm or so, and i think it'd be great if we could get a wiki list going on the mature ones (it's up and attached to the thread :daisy). dollzone's special dolls and mini bactro are the first one that comes to mind! mature 20-30cm (1/6) dolls already have a chat, so i wanted to make a little home for our slightly smaller dolls too!
      #1 daftpatience, Jul 21, 2019
      Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
    2. i'll start: i recently converted a 1/6 scale roombox into a 1/8 scale loft apartment for a dollzone eugenia that i'm waiting for!



      i don't have a lot of furniture yet, but i'm impressed with how much i was able to salvage from the existing larger stuff!
      i'm gonna have to deal with the giant door at some point, but for now i'm hoping it looks like a big ole window.

      i'm really excited to be able to make a little kitchen instead of just one big cramped bedroom, i have so much more freedom in this smaller scale!
      (also fun trick: put up business cards from convention artist alleys as wall art!)
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    3. Melian Dolls (artist bjd) has some lovely tiny ladies -- I have one preordered atm. I don't think they've been cleared to be on topic yet, tho when I get mine I will apply for it.
    4. How teensy!!!! And so elegant! I hope they get to be on topic! :cheer
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    5. I. Love. This. :love amazing job!!!
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    6. SiO2's Nianghao doll is 1/8 size and is available on their Etsy shop :)
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    7. what a cute sculpt! i love the stylized body shape - it's nice to see that not all non-baby tinies are twigs.

      i think that irrealdoll's enoki and annic might fit 1/8 scale, too! they're so pretty~
    8. I just preordered 5StarDolls Miss S! Is she considered a 1/8 or a 1/6? I believe she is 23cm.
    9. I think she looks like a great 1/8 scale doll! :3nodding:
      Maybe on the taller end, but her measurements look like they fit : )
    10. I'm so excited for her! I actually have wanted her ever since I first got into BJDs, I considered her for my first but figured it was better to start in a more common scale. I need to figure out what clothes to get for her. Apparently some Barbie clothes fit but are baggy. Maybe Petite Barbie clothes?
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    11. Aw congrats! Thats awesome! Blythe clothes might be worth looking into as well :)
    12. Seed.arts seedlings are 18.5 cm. I'm not sure how many are out there though.

      Melian dolls are so fantastic. :kitty2
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    13. Rosengarden's tiny girls are perfectly 1/8th and mature! I love their size, and the engineering is superb. :) I believe they're discontinued now, but they have a discussion thread here.
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    14. I need to double check on the sizing but I think Depth's Doll Giorria and Deilf are 1/8 size (maybe? haha)
    15. I think NotDoll Lucy would count? Shes discontinued, but she was slim 18cm.

      Doll Leaves also released an event doll called Laura thats 20cm. I snagged an instock one from Alice's Collections :D Shes so adorable!
    16. these are all awesome!! i did put a wiki page together that i'm getting help attaching to this thread - im so glad there are so many dolls so far!! this might be bad for my wallet, though. hehehe.
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    17. @daftpatience , the little home is so cute! Did you use a kit or did you make it from scratch?

      Bad photo, but I made a little comparison of the slim tinies I have. The dolls on either end are about 26cm
      L to R: MaskCat Inez, Cocoriang Sumi (OT), Maskcat Aruna and Ester, Doll Leaves Laura, Notdoll Lucy, Bardo Research Peme (OT), and LittleMonica Ani (OT)

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    18. I just bought $25 worth of patterns sized for Monster High from an etsy seller, to expand my DZ girl's wardrobe. I think she'll need a friend to share clothes with, so I can make more dresses!
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    19. I just got one of her girls about a month ago! She's a moonling, I'll post pics of her cute face later but basically she looks like this :<